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Authors Posts by Robert Chambers

Robert Chambers

Robert Chambers
Robert Chambers is a self-described "policy wonk" and has been writing for online news publications for the last several years. He and his wife live in Alexandria, VA.

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Police Officer
If you can't laugh at yourself, you are taking yourself waaaay to seriously...

NYPD Police Commissioner James O’Neill shamed activist groups such as Black Life Matters for their blatant hypocrisy, and for promoting violence against the police.

In his eulogy for Officer Miosotis Familia, O’Neill stated, “Let me tell you something.” “Regular people sign up to be cops. They sign up for this job of protecting strangers, knowing there are inherent risks. But not one of us ever agreed to be murdered in an act of indefensible hate. Not one of us signed up to never return to our family or loved ones.”

O’Neill taunted the assembled activists, asking, “So, where are the demonstrations for this single mom, who cared for her elderly mother and her own three children?”

One of the activists, DeRay Mckesson had recently stirred racial controversy by denouncing the upcoming movie “War for the Planet of the Apes” for allegedly associating black people with apes. In his tweet, Mckesson stated, “Given the history of rendering black people as apes, I’m offended & appalled by the lack of consciousness in Hollywood. #PlanetOfTheApes. “In associating black people w/ apes, active work is being done to perpetuate the dehumanization of black ppl in mass media.” His tweet was able to attract several Twitter users that jumped in to voice their opinions against the creators of the movie.

Recently, Black Lives Matter activist group released a video criticizing news hosts that have called the Black Lives Matter movement “aggressive” and “fear-mongering.”

The narrator in the video states, “They use their guns to assassinate black people. They use their schools to funnel black students through a school-to-prison pipeline. They use their state institutions, bought politicians, business conglomerates and white-supremacist domestic terrorists to incite violence over and over again.” And then they use their new president to enact a law-and-order administration.”

The inflammatory video goes on to declare, “And then they use their new president to enact a law-and-order administration. All to make them shoot first, to make them ask questions later, make them scream, “I thought he had a gun in his hand” and ‘I feared for my life’ and ‘he matched the description of a suspect’ and ‘she was threatening us.’ To shoot and kill Philando Castile, Charleena Lyles, Kisha Michael, Keith Bursey and Wakiesha Wilson until the only option left is for black people to disrupt the systems that keep us oppressed and build the kinds of communities in which we want to live. And when that happens, they’ll use it as an excuse to kill more of us. The only way we stop this, the only way we save our communities and our struggle for freedom is to fight this violence with the raised, clenched, black fist of resistance. We are Black Lives Matter, and we are freedom’s future place.”

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Extreme Vetting
Hopefully these measures will be more useful - and less perverted - than what the TSA does!

The U.S. State Department is proposing to require all nations to supply extensive amounts of data on their citizens to allow them to properly vet all visa applicants and to be able to successfully determine whether a traveler may pose a serious threat to the United States.

An official for the U.S. State Department stated, “The U.S. government’s national security screening and vetting procedures for visitors are constantly reviewed and refined to improve security and more effectively identify individuals who could pose a threat to the United States.”

According to sources, the United States is looking for all nations to release information about those with a criminal background in particular and on those that could possibly be having ties with terrorist groups.

A cable that has reportedly been sent out to all U.S. diplomats says, “This is the first time that the U.S. Government is setting standards for the information that is required from all countries specifically in support of immigration and traveler vetting.”

The cable requested U.S. diplomats to “underscore that while it is not our goal to impose a ban on immigration benefits, including visas, for citizens of any country, these standards are designed to mitigate risk, and failure to make progress could lead to security measures by the USG, including a presidential proclamation that would prohibit the entry of certain categories of foreign nationals of non-compliant countries.”

It is to be noted that with the new protocol being set in place, all nations shall have fifty days to comply with the request made by the United States, and failing to do so could initiate a travel ban against the nation. “Failure to provide this information in a timely manner will require us to assume your country does not meet the standards,” the stated.

John Sandweg, a former senior Homeland Security Department highlighted that this new request by the Trump administration could strain ties with nations that refuse to provide information beyond what has already been shared with the United States. “I don’t think you can ignore the political aspects of the unpopularity of the current administration. That puts political pressure to stand up to the administration,” said John Sandweg, a former senior Homeland Security Department official.

The memo further mentioned a series of new requirement that the United States shall be expecting form countries in order to further improvise their vetting procedures. It indicated some standards that the U.S. seeks from all countries to issue or show the intent of issuing to ensure that certain individuals “are not and do not have the potential to become a terrorist safe haven.”

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Veterans Victory
Our veterans have helped this country win so much, it's about time we do some winning FOR them too...

President Trump keeps up with his promise of “draining the swamp.” However, this is bad news for hundreds of Veteran Affairs officers that have either lost their job or have been suspended.

It has been noted that around 500 employees of the VA have been fired and 200 have been placed on suspension and around 30 have been demoted. It has been reported that “those disciplined include 22 senior leaders, more than 70 nurses, 14 police officers, and 25 physicians.”

Taking into account the scandal that took over the media, as several veterans died during the never ending waiting for their required treatment at the VHA, only nine employee were targeted out of a pool of 57 employees that were held responsible, and only three were removed from their position – President Trump and administration stood by the promise he made during his campaign; to “take care of our veterans like they’ve never been taken care of before.”

Trump argued that the previous laws had “…kept the government from holding those who failed our veterans accountable.”

It was in June that Veterans Affairs Chief David Shulkin announced that would be making some important changes under the new law that President Trump and his administration introduced to minimize the restrictions placed on terminating VA employees. Shulkin went on to call it as an action that was much needed to reform the organization.

VA is the very first government agency to take the initiative to make their employee disciplinary date public. It was this Friday that the VA announced that they shall make their actions transparent, going forward. They stated that shall allow the public to have complete access to view all and any disciplinary action they take against employees under the Trump administration. Veterans Affairs Chief David Shulkin stated, “Veterans and taxpayers have a right to know what we’re doing to hold our employees accountable and make our personnel actions transparent,” he continued. “Posting this information online for all to see, and updating it weekly, will do just that.”

This additional step will continue to shine a light on the actions we’re taking to reform the culture at VA.”

Following this announcement by Sulkin, the VA noted, “In addition to posting the adverse action information, Secretary Shulkin announced that he is requiring approval by a senior official of any monetary settlement with an employee over the amount of $5,000.”

And that, “Any settlement above this amount will require the personal approval of the undersecretary, assistant secretary or equivalent senior-level official within the organization in which the dispute occurs.”

It was shortly after that the VA’s official website, went under maintenance and was back up and running on Sunday with a new accountability page that and a copy of the Adverse Action Report, as of July 03.

As per CBS, “The Veterans of Foreign Wars praised this new VA decision and said the organization is ‘…very, very hopeful that the Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act will continue to heal the VA, which will definitely help restore the faith of veterans in their VA.”

Donald Trump Jr. also showed his support by tweeting, “A great start, need to get replace bureaucrats w thinkers: Hundreds of VA officials fired since Trump’s inauguration,” as he cited an article by CBS that talks about the firings.

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Wall Funding
Will these politicians keep their promises to support Trump's wall...

President Trump is sticking to his guns, in a recent sit-down with Mexican counterpart Enrique Nieto, he once again reiterated the administration’s desire to see the border wall between the two nations built. Going so far as to state Mexico would “absolutely” be paying for the ultimate construction costs incurred.

Regardless of who foots the final bill, it’s clear that Trump is keen to see the project underway sooner rather than later, but until now Congress hasn’t played ball.

Back in May when an estimated $1 Trillion bill was voted on and approved by the House and Senate, no provisions were pushed through for the security wall. Many at the time felt betrayed by a GOP dominated congress that had talked a big game, but when the time had come hadn’t been willing to risk political capital in the face of obstructionist Democrats.

This time around Democrats may have a tougher fight on their hands, already word coming from House representatives is that they won’t be so quick to make concessions on the hot button issue.

Speaking this past Monday, House Freedom Caucus chairman Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) said,

“There is nothing more critical that has to be funded than funding the border wall for two reasons… One is it is a commitment that the president made to the American people and one that he intends on keeping, but the second part of that is for our national security we must secure our borders. And the American people will accept no less.”

This comes on the heels of conversations the Chairman has held with President Trump which indeed confirm,

“Nothing less than a full and total commitment on his part to only sign into law a funding bill that actually allows for us to start construction of a border wall on our southern border”

So, the President is willing to veto any bill that doesn’t account for the wall, and it seems like he’s finally found a few party members that are willing to stand with him.

To this end a $1.6 Billion dollar bill has just been debuted in the House, which would allow a down payment on all of the provisions promised during Trump’s campaign. With the current budget only providing government funding until September a decision on Homeland Security spending has to be made soon.

While the bill likely already has enough support in the House to guarantee passage even with a few deferrals. The real faceoff will likely come in the Senate where at least eight Democrats needed to sign off on the funding in order to push it forward into law, unfortunately prospects don’t look great so far,

With Senate Democratic Leaders penning this note to the GOP,

“We are once again concerned with the President’s Fiscal Year 2018 request for a very expensive, ineffective new wall along the southern border with Mexico and new funding for the Department of Homeland Security to hire a ‘deportation force’ and increase detention beds”

Senate hopefuls such as Rep. Mo Collins, running for the vacant Alabama seat left by Attorney General Jeff Sessions are keeping a watchful eye on the issue. In a fiery new campaign ad the he promises,

“I’ll fight every spending bill that doesn’t fund that wall. And if I have to filibuster on the Senate floor, I’ll even read the King James Bible until the wall is funded…
We’re going to build that wall, or you’ll know the name of every Republican who surrenders to the Democrats to break my filibuster. I give you my word, and I don’t give my word lightly”

For his part the President isn’t opposed in principle to a shutdown, tweeting earlier this year he wrote

So we’ve got the President and his base throwing their weight behind the people want. So what’s the hold up? If the Democrats want to continue holding up the rightful passage of Govt. then they deserve all the blame for the damage it causes to the American people. With billions in funds going to coastal sanctuary cities every year, the math is simple. Take money away from housing these immigrants and cementing their wrongful residence in this country, and start using it to keep them out.

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Immigration Victory
You know he isn't a politician because he actually gets things done!

The latest figures released by the Whitehouse paint a glowing appraisal for Donald Trump, as it shows that 30,000 criminal immigrants have been arrested by ICE officials in the past 5 months. Almost 90% of the detainees had prior convictions for arson, murder, sexual assault, and domestic violence. These are not the type of people you want coming into the United States, and it vindicates the decision of Donald Trump to tighten security on immigration.

Ever since he became president Trump has been very vocal about the need to step up vigilance on illegal immigration, and he is now carrying out everything he promised he would do. He has already signed up Executive Orders to give control to law enforcement officials about the need to clean up U.S. cities. The illegal immigrants already living in the U.S. are being identified and detained, and any new aliens trying to break into the country must try harder now.

Illegal Immigration Crackdown

Recent reports have revealed that the crackdown on illegal immigration has met with success, with reports showing a 60% fall in the number of aliens looing to cross the South West of the Border. This is indicative of the success Trump has had in only his first 6 months in office, and with stricter laws coming into place soon, the days when immigrants could take advantage of lax border patrol and control are all but over. The increase in security has greatly reduced the number of immigrants, and it has also had an impact on economic migrants and refugees.

Trumps travel ban is already being pushed through by the Supreme Court, and it is only a matter of time before the United States is going to be completely free from the refugee crisis that is threatening Europe. Countries all around the world like Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, Brazil, Pakistan, and China are also cracking down on illegal immigrants, and have tightened visa laws.

The War on Dangerous Immigration

Donald Trump has got a very clear agenda, which is in stark contrast with the previous administration. He has not been elected to try and please everyone, and make friends. He believes that he is making the right decision by declaring war on immigrants, and his hardline stance has already shown positive results. This is something that the mainstream media is finding hard to fathom, since they are pushing the national consensus on immigration.

However, a recent report released by Politico suggests that 60% Americans, and around 41% Democrats are in favor of his travel ban. Now, all Trump is left to deal with is his Wall, and plans have already been set in motion to see it to completion. Trump has already notified construction architects and firms, and instructed them to come up with a way to build this wall, with an estimated budget of $21.6 billion.

Building Walls

Trump sat next to his Mexican counterpart when he was at the G20 meeting in Hamburg, and he insisted once again that he will ‘absolutely’ see Mexico pay for the construction of the wall. The administration officials have already suggested that there has been massive progress made on illegal immigration, and the discussions surrounding the building of the wall is linked closely to NAFTA renegotiations taking place.

Trump now has momentum on his side, when it comes to immigration, and if it continues its course, then he will have public support and the Democratic Party will be forced to acknowledge he was right. This has placed the Democrats into a tricky situation, because the 2018 elections are just around the corner, and if they don’t get their act together, they will not be able to take back the House from Republicans.

However, they are not concerned about Trump getting his wish with the wall, and pushing through the transfer ban, since Democrats are still going to fight Trump till the end. It confounds belief that the Democratic Party is refusing to see sense, and realize that there is already a legal process in place for immigration in the country.

It is only a matter of time before all of them join the Trump Train, and quickly become united in their efforts to defeat illegal immigration in the United States.

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Fallen Heroes
Mayor de Blasio's political posturing stops for no man - and certainly for no dead man!

Mayor de Blasio, yet again proves his support and concerns towards the NYPD, as he flies out to Germany while New York mourns the death of the police officer.

“No one in uniform is surprised by de Blasio’s show of disrespect,” stated Pat Lynch, president of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association.

As the New York City went on to mourn the death of Officer Miosotis Familia in an unprovoked attack,” Mayor de Blasio found it much more important to take a trip to Germany to praise the police force of Hamburg.

Nicole Malliotakis, a Republican who is set to run against de Blasio in the upcoming elections noted, “Unbelievable. Instead of jet-setting around the world, he should be here doing his job.”

“A police officer was murdered, street homelessness has skyrocketed and people continue to get delayed on the trains,” she added.

And that, “the mayor should be embarrassed by the way he has treated the men and women of our police department.”

Moreover, Greg Gutfeld and Eric Bolling at Fox News took turns to completely shatter de Blasio’s image as a mayor.

“You know who the worst is out of everything? Mayor Bill de Blasio,” Gutfeld said on Fox Thursday. “Without telling anybody, anybody in the city, he flew to Germany to protest. He claims the the cost was footed by Hamberg…what a horrible little man-child this is, to sneak out of the city. He leaves his city’s responsibilities to go protest. He’s such a dirtbag.”

“The city needs a leader on the issue of violence against police — not a mayor giving a speech in Europe in the wake of the murder of one of New York’s Finest.” Noted the NY Daily News.

De Blasio, on the other hand, tried to simmer down the criticism as he said during his speech at a G20 protest speech on Saturday, “My nation isn’t broken, but my nation is going through an identity crisis,” de Blasio he said to the crowd. And that “It’s on its way somewhere and I know it’s somewhere good because I see what happens in the neighborhoods in my city … I see the process of change underway.”

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Hospital Bonuses
The government exists to reward mediocrity- exactly what we need with our medical care!

A new report from the Government Accountability Office has revealed that under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), hospitals received thousands of dollars in bonuses even though they had significantly low quality scores.

The new report appears to be the latest in a series which have essentially exposed the flaws in the Obamacare program.

Initiated under Obamacare, the Hospital Value-Based Purchasing scheme was shaped in a way that it incentivized hospitals in order to effectively increase the quality of healthcare being offered and also increase efficiency.

While the scheme was supposed to reward hospitals that provided high quality medical care at lower costs, auditors at the agency discovered that hospitals that had high efficiency scores but offered drastically low quality continued to receive bonuses.

“While a majority of all hospitals received a bonus or a penalty of less than 0.5 percent each year, the percentage of hospitals receiving a bonus greater than 0.5 percent increased from 4 percent to 29 percent from fiscal year 2013 to 2017,” the report states.

It was found that in fiscal year 2017, hospitals that received a bonus even though their quality scores were well below the median, numbered 345. Additionally, auditors also found that from 2015 through 2017, almost 20 percent of all hospitals that received a bonus for maintaining high quality, had a below average quality score.

The report goes on to state that in fiscal year 2017, the average bonus awarded to all hospitals was $67,511. It should come as no surprise that this is more than double amount awarded to hospitals in 2013 when the average bonus hospitals received was $30,352.

Furthermore, it was also discovered that if a hospital did not have quality scores due to some reason, it would make their efficiency scores even higher, and because of how the agency calculated the score, such hospitals were more likely to be awarded a bonus.

“In fiscal year 2017, 68 percent of hospitals with missing domain scores received a bonus, compared to 50 percent of hospitals with all domain scores,” the report explains. “For example, in fiscal year 2017, 182 of the 345 lower quality hospitals that received a bonus (53 percent) were missing at least one quality domain score.”

“CMS signaled the importance of hospitals’ providing care at a lower cost to Medicare, and, in its weighting formula, the agency tried to find balanced consideration for quality and cost,” the report states. “Rather than achieving this balance—which would have allowed the agency to identify and reward higher quality and lower cost hospitals—CMS’s weighting formula has resulted in bonuses for some lower quality hospitals, solely due to their cost efficiency.”

Following the release of the report, the agency announced that it is considering changing the way it currently calculates the scores.

“HHS is committed to improving the quality of care across settings while also improving the efficiency of care and patient experience,” said Barbara Clark, acting assistant secretary for legislation at the agency. “HHS will examine alternatives and consider revising the formula for the calculation of hospitals’ [total performance score] consistent with relevant statutory guidance, and in a way to reduce the effect of the efficiency domain on the [total performance score].”

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Robot Workers
"Hey, look, the new guy is a human! These affirmative action quotas are getting out of control, who wants a human?"

When James Cameron made his Terminator films back in the 90s, few of us believed that AI could actually take over the world. As it turns out, it could!

Of course, the real version of events is much different – there are no terminators in leather jackets roaming around hunting down little kids, neither is there a nuclear holocaust around the corner.

But you could end up jobless and without a way to make a living. That’s like a disaster in itself.

“These (robots) are things that are superhuman, and we think this will be in every industry, will probably replace 50 percent of human jobs, create a huge amount of wealth for mankind and wipe out poverty.”

These words were spoken by Kai-Fu Lee, a Chinese businessman who has worked for industry giants like Apple, Microsoft, and Google before starting his own Capital Venture Company. Obviously he knows a thing or two about computers and AI.

Now, robots have been around for a few decades at least, and their role in certain industries has become increasingly important. For instance, in the manufacturing sector last year, a company by the name of Foxconn laid off 60,000 workers and replaced them with machines.

This is not an isolated incident by any means. In the US, every robot that enters the industry does end up taking on average 5.6 workers’ jobs.

So what do we do? On the one hand, you can’t discount the productivity that robots bring to the table. Would you prefer hiring 50 people, paying them monthly wages, dealing with their personal issues? Or just invest in a few robots and be done with it.

We live in a world where, even though unemployment is an issue, most of us get by. We don’t realize the severity of the future that is about to become the present. And when the inevitable does happen, the extreme transition required from us might be too tough to deal with.

The truth is that jobs in every single commercial sector are under threat. It’s just common sense. An entrepreneur will always prefer efficiency, the heartlessness of a robot over human workers and you can’t blame them for it.

Even the ever-popular fields of business and finance are not safe. Antony Jenkins, the ex-CEO of Barclays Bank, predicted that the number of people employed in the financial sector would drop by as much as 50 percent in the next decade.

You can argue that robots and AI are manmade and can’t survive without human intervention. That’s true. Yet, this only deals with a handful of highly specialized people. What about the working class? The working class may well disappear.

We have to accept that robots and AI will have a devastating impact on unskilled and lower-level workers in the near future. Rather than thinking about putting a stop to this through restrictions on technology or stopgap solutions, we need to adapt, retrain, and repurpose ourselves.

Advancement in robotics should never stop. You always go forwards not backwards. There are plenty of ways to diminish the social and financial turmoil that we may be thrust into. One of these, as suggested by Bill Gates, is to tax robotics and use that money to support people being replaced. Of course, it falls on the Government and employers involved to take that step.

But how far can this go? If you look at the stakes, we are talking about millions and billions of people losing their jobs all over the world. It would require a complete rethink of the way the economy works.

On a positive note, human beings are a tough bunch. Plus we can’t survive without personal connections and interactions, so the human element won’t ever be written off in its entirety. Maybe AI will make the world a safer place by removing all the hazardous, dangerous jobs that we have to do. Maybe new jobs will be created, jobs that we cannot even imagine right now.

Things might be different, our roles too, but hopefully we’ll be fine!

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Chris Christie
Yo' governor is sooo fat, when he want to the beach - he was the only one that got a tan!

On July 1st, a New Jersey budgetary bill over state health insurer Blue Cross, had caused a budgetary stand-off which had reached such a boiling point that governor Chris Christie had declared a state emergency.

Shutting down all non-essential state services, Christie had thrown a shot at key opponents of the bill, stating,

“If they send me a budget today the shutdown would be over. The legislature is deciding not to send me either budget.”

With a massive infrastructure of state employees, public parks, beaches and historical sites now out of commission, assembly speaker Vincent Prieto had stated that governor Christie had shut off communication channels and was only willing to deal if the bill he wanted was put back on the table.

The frustrated democratic representative went on to state, “This is almost like extortion.”

So, in the midst of a full blown constitutional crisis with a vita health care bill on the table to negotiate, governor Christie decided to do what any committed politician would in the circumstance: Visit one of New Jersey’s fine public beaches, and enjoy a relaxing day with his friends and family. Never mind that the safety and well-being of his constituents was at stake. Or that he himself had decided the budgetary crisis to be too vital to allow such frivolous services to remain open to the rest of the state on a beautiful fourth of July weekend. The governor had decided that the shutdown didn’t apply to him or his family.

It just so happens that veteran photo journalist Andrew Mills, more used to catching snapshots of criminals and fugitives, had decided to set his long lens on the Christie private residence.

“It wasn’t difficult to find him. There Christie was, with family and friends, on a long and empty stretch of beach near the governor’s shore residence, nobody else within a country mile.” States Mills in an article for

From Mills’ account, it seems that governor Christie was well aware of the situation. Mills says, “In one photo, Christie looks me dead in the eye.”

Yet at no point does he seem to betray even the slightest bit of worry, at being caught in such a position.

Once the photos started to take off on the internet, the reaction was swift and merciless.


Chris Tierney, a New Jersey native who had made her way down to the beach as she does every fourth of July said, “I’ve never seen this beach this quiet.”

With the governor already experiencing record-low approval ratings of 15%, with scandals such as Bridgegate still plaguing his administration, the horrible optics of this fiasco were impossible to ignore. The governor just didn’t seem to care how he was being presented to the people of New Jersey.

He arrived back in Trenton on a helicopter paid for by the taxpayers, the same helicopter he had been using to shuttle himself back and forth to his private residence all through the shutdown. The first thing he was met with, after getting back, were questions regarding his day at the beach.

He responded to one reporter by stating, “I didn’t get any sun today.”

Maybe you could forgive that statement as a snap reply to a gotcha question, but later on Christie’s spokesman Brian Murray doubled down by joking, “Yes, the governor was on the beach briefly today talking to his wife and family before heading into the office. He did not get any sun – he had a baseball hat on.”

In case you had any doubts about an apology being on its way, Christie further stated regarding the incident, “That’s the way it goes. Run for governor, and you can have the residence.”

“I don’t apologize for it. I don’t back away from it.”

So as we celebrate this great nation’s ideals of justice and freedom, equality for all. Do remember that it may not apply to you unless you are the governor.


At least the bill got signed.

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Donald Trump
Do you really want to test this guy? Do you really want to defy his orders?

Matthew Dunlap, Maine Secretary of State, has announced that he has decided against releasing any information of registered voters in Maine, to President Trump’s voter fraud commission, the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity. Maine has essentially joined a list of states denying compliance with the commission’s requests.

Dunlap said that he met Attorney General Janet Mills on Monday, who advised him against releasing Maine’s Central Voter Registration information to the commission since it would violate state laws.

In his letter to the vice chairman of Trump’s commission, Kris Kobach, who is also Kansas’ Secretary of State, Dunlap cited a statute in Maine’s law, which prevents the state from giving the information to the commission because “any documents that are submitted to the full Commission will also be made available to the public.”

“As a matter of law, that conflicts with state statute, what states that ‘information contained electronically in the central voter registration system and any information for reports generated by the system are confidential,” Dunlap wrote. “It is not possible for my office to comply with the request and also comply with the law.”

Dunlap, who is also a member of Trump’s voter fraud commission, is the most recent in the list of state officials to refuse compliance with the commission’s requests for voter information. The commission has asked all 50 states to provide voter information, which includes names, voting history, the last four digits of Social Security numbers of all eligible and registered voters, and their political affiliation.

Additionally, Maryland state officials also confirmed on Monday that they will not be providing any information to the commission. Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh went on to call the request by the commission “repugnant.”

“I find this request for the personal information of millions of Marylanders repugnant,” Brian E. Frosh said. “It appears designed only to intimidate voters and to indulge President Trump’s fantasy that he won the popular vote.”

Meanwhile, in Arizona, Secretary of State Michele Reagan announced that the state shall not be releasing detailed information about all voters in state to the Trump administration. “I share the concerns of many Arizona citizens that the Commission’s request implicates serious privacy concerns,” she wrote in response to the request. “Since there is nothing in Executive Order 13799 (nor federal law) that gives the Commission authority to unilaterally acquire and disseminate such sensitive information, the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office is not in a position to fulfill your request,” she further wrote.

In addition to Arizona, a few other states have either the delayed the process or have completely refused to comply with Trump’s request to hand over information such as names, addresses, birth dates, last four digits of the Social Security numbers, party affiliations and voting records dating to ten years back, for each voter registered in each state.

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, and the vice chairman of the commission set up by the Trump administration to look into voter’s data, argued, “First of all, the commission is not to prove or disprove what the President speculated about in January,” Kobach said. “The purpose of the commission is to find facts and put them on the table. Importantly, it’s a bipartisan commission.”

On July 1st, President Trump tweeted, “Numerous states are refusing to give information to the very distinguished VOTER FRAUD PANEL. What are they trying to hide?”

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