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The liberal left sees religion causing many of our problems and believe government is the solution. The government can’t have complete control until people turn to it to determine what is right and what is wrong. If government replaces the religious moral compass in this country, just watch the anti-Trump riots to see what this world will turn into.

Government is the solution to the left, but for Christians, the solution will never be to be ruled by men. Christians can’t be ruled, and thus the problem and why the liberal left is trying to do its best to discredit and marginalize Christians and religion in general: to lift up the power of the government.


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Christians and religions of all kinds have been attacked on screen and in entertainment for a long time. Hollywood seems to be part of the war on Christians, and wants to push the boundaries of what is right and what is wrong with entertainment.

While popular movies like Carrie, Footloose and Dogma seem to attack religion head on, most of the attacks are subtle and not as blatant. Although not as obvious, the attacks on Christians and religion are undeniable.


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Christians who want to live in peace in America are called racist if they speak out against Islamic terrorism and some groups of Christians are compared to ISIS.

Westboro Baptist Church is a moronic group of peaceful people that protest funerals. They are not out killing innocent women and children, yet the left love to compare the two.

The lefts comparison between ISIS and Christians is false and disgusting. The hate many on the left feel towards Christians is only rivaled by their hate for Donald Trump.


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In some places in America, regardless of why you are discussing the different genders or gay marriage, your words could be labeled hate speech by law.

If Christians are prosecuted for expressing and discussing their beliefs, then the religious freedom this country was founded on is ending.


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Transgenders make up only a third of a percent of the population in America, but now schools and universities are making exceptions for people who don’t just identify as a man or women, but one of 31 other genders.

God created us man and women, but somehow progressives are creating new genders that we all are going to be made to accept.


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Now it is acceptable for men to become women and for women to become men. Despite being born one gender, a growing number want to become the other sex.

Denying and changing one’s gender is basically defying God’s creation and the natural order. Popularizing transgenders encourages people to think that God got it wrong and humans know better.

The push to openly accept transgenders is a slap in the face of anyone who believes that God created us all perfect.


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Marriage was always considered to be between a man and women in the church. Marriage is a religious term and the law in America reflected that, until it was changed under Obama. Framing it as “marriage equality” makes it easy to call anyone who doesn’t agree a bigot.

The law that gay or lesbian individuals can marry not only broke with tradition, but also was in direct conflict with some Christian beliefs. Although it is widely held by many Christian denominations that people should have the right to love whomever they want to, the state telling the church what to believe crossed the line.


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At the most basic level, this is a pro-life and pro-choice argument. The law that allows the destruction of life was the beginning of the attack on the Christian church.

By claiming that abortion is about “women’s rights” makes it easy to call anyone against it a misogynist.

The church takes a pro life position, while the law gives women the ability to choose to kill the life inside them.


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Voting For Trump

Donald Trump eventually signed the pledge and after everything is said and done, Trump will honor his pledge and vote for the GOP nominee.

Honestly, other than Trump, who else thought he would be the one tied with Hillary less than a week away from the election?


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Voting For Trump

Mike Huckabee is on the Trump train and has become one of his biggest supporters. Huckabee can often be seen on Fox News defending Trump and could have a position if Trump wins.


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