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Officers with the University of Central Arkansas pulled over student Blayk Puckett on the suspicion of drinking – plus he had a tail light out.

You’ll have to watch to see what happens next. Skip to the three minute mark to get to this new test.

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If you missed it, you definitely heard about it. Sunday night’s Academy Awards would have gone down as the most boring awards show in history had it not been for a colossal gaffe that announced the incorrect winner for best picture.

It was an embarrassment that Hollywood deserved not because of their leftist political activism in 2016, but because Tinseltown has made horrible movies over the last twelve months.

The host of the Academy Awards, Jimmy Kimmel, explained the disaster the best, “Clyde threw Bonnie under the bus.”

What his explanation above.

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A young woman started her live Facebook stream while she drove in her car with her boyfriend and his toddler nephew.

They listened to music and seemed happy until shots rang out. Panic sets in and the woman races to a house to ask for help.

Her boyfriend and nephew were killed in the shooting. The bullet fire claimed the lives of a 2-year-old and a 25-year-old man in Chicago on Tuesday, but this isn’t the first time similar deaths were streamed live.

Facebook Live streamed four murders on Tuesday alone.

A Dominican Republic radio program host was shot and killed with another radio employee when an assailant entered the studio and started shooting. The broadcast was being streamed live through Facebook.

Here is the video capturing the last moments of the radio hosts life before the shooting.

Last month four people were arrested for beating up a Trump supporter using the live feature. Just another example of an incident that happened in Chicago.

With so many crimes being caught on Facebook Live, do you think the government needs to step in and restrict it in some way?

Let us know in the comments below.

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In Phoenix Arizona, a Mexican woman who has been living in the United States for two decades with no documentation was deported and some liberals are losing their minds.

Garcia de Rayos has lived here for 20 years illegally, but that isn’t why she was deported.

In 2008 she was arrested and convicted for using a fake Social Security number to work in the United States.

She was placed under deportation order and when she checked in with her immigration office on Wednesday, she was deported.

Within 24 hours she was back on Mexican soil for the first time in 20 years. Rayos’ deportation is possibly the first one in Arizona that is a direct result of Trump’s executive order on illegal immigration.

Anything that Trump does is met with resistance and protests. The deportation of Reyos is another example.

Protestors blocked the van that was carrying Rayos and taking her to the border. Seven were arrested.

The protestors think they are right in stopping the deportation of mother who also is an illegal immigrant and convicted criminal. Trump, ICE and law enforcement think that they are right in what they are doing to protect our borders.

America has found herself in quite the pickle.

Who do you think is right? Let us know in the comments.

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President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Thursday to put the most liberal city in America and their University on notice.

The previous night, a riot broke out over a speaking event featuring conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos who was invited to continue his tour on the Berkeley campus.

Berkeley has eternally defended tolerance and freedom of expression for its students, but when it comes to divergent views, no rights are allowed to exist and met with force and violence.

Trump’s response was clear:

For those who missed the mayhem, the video is posted above.

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Two Federal Express employees in Brooklyn New York had their tempers boil over leading to a street/truck brawl as mothers strolled by with their babies.

Onlookers tried to break up the tangle of black and purple but it’s not known how long the brawl lasted at the camera cut off a minute into the spat.

FedEx employees 300,000 people around the globe, and likely 299,998 after this video hit YouTube.

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Looking for a 45 second break from the day? Need a “did you see . . .” talking point for your next trip to the water cooler?

We’ve got you covered.

Watch this man video tape himself skiing off of cliff to his gruesome death . . . okay, he actually lives and is totally fine but for a second there he looked like toast.

Watch above.

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From Saturday Night to the deepest crevices of the interwebs, the Left in obsessed with Trump campaign manager and now, advisor, Kellyanne Conway.

Conway, who led the gender-centric polling company, The Polling Company/Woman Trend, has been beat up, bashed, and generally hounded for every stumble she has made, publically or otherwise.

Her “Alternative Facts” line is the latest rib the Left has latched on to, and it looks like at least YouTube viewers are laughing along.

See the video above for the latest video trending in the top 10 of all videos today on YouTube.

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Saturday Night Live just won’t let it go.

Leading their newest broadcast, comedian Beck Bennet, slicked back his hair, took off his shirt, and took on the role of Vladimir Putin to get in a few fresh jabs at the nation’s newest president.

The running gag has been the leading skit at the top of SNL’s current season.

While SNL loves to take shots at Donald Trump, they also can’t help themselves when it comes to Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway who wore an odd “Trump Revolutionary Wear” outfit on Inauguration Day.

Watch the clip above.

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There is an overwhelming amount of tweets that have been happening over the last few days that are calling for the assassination of Donald Trump.

Despite being against the rules of Twitter to threaten other people the liberal universe is going crazy.

Mark Dice put a video together highlighting many of the appalling tweets and pointing out the hypocrisy of banning someone like Milo Yiannopoulos for saying a Ghostbuster looked like a man.

Today is Trump’s first day in office and this is the welcome he is getting from the left. The worst part about all of the threats, Twitter won’t shut them down.

Twitter is the same platform that the homosexual killing group known as ISIS uses to recruit new members. Twitter is also the same social media that bans people for making a “gay” joke.

Something is clearly wrong with the biased way that Twitter and their CEO Jack Dorsey enforce the rules.

If it is ok to threaten the president, but not ok to Caitlin Jenner call a man, then something is terribly wrong in America.

Do you think Twitter should allow the assassination threats to be published through their service? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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