Donald Trump Accused Of Rape?

Donald Trump Accused Of Rape?

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In a dazzling display of tap dancing around an accusation, The Daily Beast published a story Monday that insinuated, implied, suggested, hinted at, alluded to and intimated that Donald Trump raped the former Mrs. Trump, Ivana in 1989. The story never quite came out and said it, though, leaving just enough plausible deniability to avoid possible legal implications.

Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen laid out those implications in excruciating detail before the piece was published, telling the reporter “You write a story that has Mr. Trump’s name in it, with the word ‘rape,’ and I’m going to mess your life up… for as long as you’re on this frickin’ planet… you’re going to have judgments against you, so much money, you’ll never know how to get out from underneath it.”

Cohen went on at length about potential legal consequences, and also stated incorrectly that a man cannot rape his wife. Cohen and Trump have both attempted to distance themselves from that statement, with a Trump campaign spokesperson saying “Mr. Trump speaks for Mr. Trump and nobody but Mr. Trump speaks for him.”

The story itself is based entirely on one sentence from the Trumps’ highly public divorce case, which was resolved in 1991, in which Ivana told the court that Donald “violated” her in a 1989 encounter which she described as rape. Mrs. Trump recanted that description as early as 1993, when a book about Trump came out with a salacious account of the encounter. Mrs. Trump released a statement with the book that said “I referred to this as a ‘rape,’ but I do not want my words to be interpreted in a literal or criminal sense.”

In fact, less than 24 hours after the hit piece appeared on The Daily Beast, Ivana Trump released a statement to CNN to refute the entirety of the story.

“I have recently read some comments attributed to me from nearly 30 years ago at a time of very high tension during my divorce from Donald,” she said. “The story is totally without merit. Donald and I are the best of friends and together have raised three children that we love and are very proud of. I have nothing but fondness for Donald and wish him the best of luck on his campaign. Incidentally, I think he would make an incredible president.”

Donald Trump of course also denied the allegations, and mocked the Daily Beast for its high staff turnover and financial woes to several outlets, before pointing out on Geraldo Rivera’s radio show that “[a rape] certainly didn’t happen. You would’ve heard about that many years ago.”

While the left tries to make this incident all about Trump’s lawyer responding to an interview in an inappropriate fashion, they completely overlook the Daily Beast’s abysmal fact checking. They reported a story from 1989 as if it were headline news in 2015 without confirming the essence of the story with either of the principle subjects. Even left-wing organizations like CNN and the New York Daily News are forced to call out the duplicity and shoddy journalism.

Once again, the radical left media tried to bury Trump’s campaign with vile accusations and distortions. Once again, it appears The Donald will have the last laugh.