FBI Says These Two States Have Hackers Inside Voting Systems

FBI Says These Two States Have Hackers Inside Voting Systems

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The FBI has found major breaches inside two states that affect the voter registration database and could affect the results of any election.

In order for our society to be free, we must be able to vote on the people and laws we want governing us, but what if you vote but it doesn’t matter?

The FBI has discovered that hackers have entered the voting systems for Illinois and Arizona. It is thought that these are not the only two states that have been affected, but just the ones that have been found so far.

The FBI is frantically searching for the people they think are responsible and they didn’t want the news to be broken.

On August 18th, the FBI sent an internal flash alert to the Cyber Division warning the agents not to disclose the identity of the hackers or the states that were hacked.

The story is now public thanks to an agent that wants to stay anonymous but leaked to Yahoo News. Reuters was able to get a copy of the internal document.

The scary thing to think about is that there are two states and probably more that have been hacked and we are just over two months away from one of the most politically divided elections in our history.

America has the right to know what states are affected and who is doing this. We also have the right to know what the FBI is planning on doing to make sure that hackers do not steal our elections.

There is more at stake here than just an election, the very essence of freedom is under attack and we have to find a way to stop it.

Do you think there are more states that have been hacked or is Illinois and Arizona the only two? Let us know in the comments below.