Former ESPN Contributor: ESPN’s ‘Left-Wing Lurch’ is Turning Away Millions of Viewers

Former ESPN Contributor: ESPN’s ‘Left-Wing Lurch’ is Turning Away Millions of Viewers

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ESPN viewers are tuning out.

Writer Jason Whitlock and former ESPN commentator attacked the very evident left-wing lurch in the commentary at sports network ESPN.

On Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News, this Thursday, Carlson asked “ESPN is the most powerful and the most beloved brand in sports, people love ESPN, some people still do, some people hate ESPN because of pushing politics. Why are they doing that?”

“I think you’ve asked the right question,” Whitlock answered. “I think cord-cutting has a lot to do with their subscriber and the viewership loss. But the animosity and some of the viewership loss, I do think is a direct result of their lurch to the left, and injecting progressive victimology into the sports conversation.”

“If you really understand sports culture, and all the values taught in sports,” he explained, “from Little League, Pee Wee, on, you’re never a victim. There are never any excuses that are accepted. Every coach teaches every play from 5 years old to 45 years old, we don’t tolerate excuses, we don’t tolerate victimology, and now so much of the conversation by the sports media, ESPN being the leader of this, is just filled with so-and-so is a victim, Colin Kaepernick is a victim, and everybody’s a victim. It’s turning traditional sports fans off.”

“It doesn’t take a sports expert to predict something like that,” Carlson responded, “people go to sports as a refuge from things like politics. So why would you throw it in the face of viewers, what is the point of that?”

“I think, again, so much of the media has moved left,” Whitlock responded. “I’ve written about this and talked about this and it applies to ESPN but it also applies to all the media. Silicon Valley, Google, Facebook, Twitter, is now in control of the mainstream media. Everyone is catering all of their content to Silicon Valley and San Francisco values. That’s far different than the old media which catered everything to New York traditional liberal values. The values in San Francisco, a bit more revolutionary, a bit more progressive, than a traditional New York based media.”

While, Carlson praised Whitlock for his point, the Deep Root Analytics performed an analysis that clearly shows trends that made ESPN audience more liberal in response to what many saw as left-wing preaching on the network.