More Immigrants Means No Second Amendment?

More Immigrants Means No Second Amendment?

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The Washington Post is patting itself on the back for its recent pronouncement that the National Rifle Association and the Second Amendment are on their way to gracing the pages of history as obsolete.

The herald of the news is author and UCLA professor, Adam Winkler. He proposes that the influx of immigrants –legally and otherwise– will undermine the support of gun rights and ownership. Winkler has pigeonholed gun owners to be white, rural, uneducated voters that will not be influential in politics for much longer.

He believes that the influx of foreigners with no cultural connection to the United States will unravel support for the NRA and ultimately see and end to the Second Amendment.

In Winkler’s words, “While the decline of white, rural, less educated Americans is generally well known, less often recognized is what this means for gun legislation.”

How pleasant to know that he thinks so highly of those who own firearms.

Winkler employs the logic of statistics in his argument, claiming that the growth of an immigrant population is synonymous with the growth of a demographic that is anti-gun and anti-gun ownership. He believes that the voting power of immigrants will quickly outweigh the tiny demographic that he claims are the sole owners of guns.

The UCLA professor believes that the tide turning of minorities being the majority will not only cause stricter gun laws, but may disarm gun owners altogether. But is it really fair to postulate that only whites own guns?

He points to polls that say most Hispanics are for “gun safety” instead of gun rights. But the reports about that demographic being polled show that the reason Hillary Clinton ranks favorably is because she is the only democrat many of the poll-ees recognized. Isn’t it also possible that a misunderstanding about what constitutes gun rights could have affected the poll?

All of Winkler’s claims come from polls. All of Winkler’s claims also assume that each demographic will come out in full to vote on those issues.

Considering that more people vote on reality show outcomes from their smartphone on their couch, concerned gun rights activists should not have as many issues as Winkler would have us believe. Inflating numbers and skewing statistics is the bread and butter of most politicized arguments. Professor Winkler is engaging in the same tactics.

Show up to vote. Let your voice be heard. Stand up for gun rights and inform other voters. Donate to the NRA. We shouldn’t have any problems.