Obama’s New Radical Gay Army Plan

Obama’s New Radical Gay Army Plan

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In another blow to military customs, morality and morale, President Obama is continuing his effort to force acceptance of the gay agenda on rank and file soldiers, officer ranks, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and now civilians who control the military by appointing an openly gay activist to lead the Army.

That activist is Eric Fanning.

Fanning’s nomination, which will not take effect unless and until the Senate confirms him, is the president’s latest assault on military traditions, good order and discipline among the troops and the ability of the uniformed services to recruit personnel into an all-volunteer military.

This decision comes hot on the heels of a decision by the president last month to allow transgendered Americans into the armed services without giving the military branches a chance to work out how to quarter troops, train them effectively and even develop protocols for providing medical treatment for transgendered members.

To his credit, Fanning has been a specialist on defense and national security issues for more than 25 years in Congress and the Pentagon. As Army secretary, he would be working with Gen. Mark Milley, who took over as the Army’s top general in August.

In a statement, President Obama – who has no military service and is clueless about the effect of imposing the gay agenda on the nation’s armed forces said:

“Eric brings many years of proven experience and exceptional leadership to this new role,” “I look forward to working with Eric to keep our Army the very best in the world.”

Fanning and General Milly will be working together to gut to Army even further than it already has.

Prior to General Milly’s assent to the status as the Army’s top military commander but before Fanning was nominated to the post of Secretary of the Army, the Obama Administration had already cut 80,0000 soldiers from its ranks in recent years with plans to cut 40,000 before Obama leaves office.

These cuts would shrink the service to its smallest size of the post-World War II era. Greg Jaffe, writing for The Washington Post said:

“…the Army’s outgoing top commander, Gen. Ray Odierno, said that tight budgets and the strain of 14 years of war had badly degraded the Army’s readiness to fight and that only one-third of its brigades were prepared to deploy to a war zone, the lowest readiness rate in decades.

Fanning’s role as Army secretary would give him influence over the generals the Army selects to rebuild the service after a long stretch of counterinsurgency wars in which soldiers dismounted from their tanks and armored vehicles and found themselves leading foot patrols through remote villages.”

Fanning is not without experience.

He served briefly as acting Air Force secretary and has been acting undersecretary of the Army since June 2015 – a status that does not require Senate confirmation. Jaffe writes that:

“Fanning would play a key role in helping the Army, which has struggled to field new combat systems amid the strain of fighting two wars, to upgrade aging tanks, armored personnel carriers and helicopters.

Since 2000, the Army has been forced to cancel virtually all of its major new weapons programs because they ran over budget or didn’t perform as expected.”

President Obama’s decision to nominate Fanning is the clearest indication yet that the president sees the military as a guinea pig for social experiments can be implemented by signing an order – an order issued without regard to the affect it will have on the nation’s ability to defend itself, recruit new troops and retain the best and brightest members of the officer corp.