Pittsburgh Removes Slogan Because It’s “Racist”–When Read Backwards!

Pittsburgh Removes Slogan Because It’s “Racist”–When Read Backwards!

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If you still don’t think people are going out of their way to find racism in everything, well, look no further than Pittsburgh–where some are up in arms over what they see as an unforgivably racist bus slogan.

The slogan, printed on the side of Pittsburgh’s city buses, is–trigger warning!–“Ziggin Zaggin.” The claim is that, when read backwards, the slogan has a secret racist message.

Of course, who in their right mind reads bus slogans *backwards* in an effort to find the secret racist message?

Plus, the claim of racism ignores that the fact that “Ziggin Zaggin” was only part of a larger campaign–one that also involved slogans like “Rockin Rollin,” “Movin Shakin,” and “Movin Groovin.” (Unless “nivoorg” is a racial slur, the other slogans are apparently racism-free when read backwards.)

What’s more, this slogan has been printed on the side of buses since 2003–a dozen years–and hasn’t received complaints until recently. Imagine: all those years, and no one thought to read it backwards!

A normal person would see “Ziggin Zaggin” (or one of the other slogans, like “Movin Grovin”) and assume it’s–as it was presumably intended–a jazzy slogan trying to put some fun back in bus transit.

Of course, if you’re on the liberal Left–and actively trying to unearth the inherent “racism” in everything you see–it needs to go.

After receiving several complaints, the Port Authority of Pittsburgh, cowtowing to the liberal cult of politically correct censorship, apologized profusely for their apparent racism.

“Port Authority certainly did not intend for this message to offend anyone,” Port Authority spokesman Jim Ritchie groveled. “However, due to recent complaints about how this message appears when read backward, we have decided to remove the message from our vehicles. We apologize to anyone who may have been offended.”

The offending slogans will be removed immediately, and the outline of the letters, if still visible, will be covered by additional advertising.