A Redneck’s View on “Diet ObamaCare”

A Redneck’s View on “Diet ObamaCare”

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Trae Crowder has been reporting from occupied territory in California for quite some time.

In his latest report, he gives his unfiltered view on RyanCare (or he calls it “TrumpCare”) and for the first time in modern history, incorporates the word “verily” in a conversation.

Trae, while funny, gives up the gag and reveals he’s not a true redneck when he goes on a liberal rant about poor people and women toward the end of the video.

Watch above, and if you want to get a real redneck’s view of the world, check out “Upchurch the Redneck” but be forewarned, Ryan Upchurch is a real redneck and as such, doesn’t tend to use socially acceptable language.