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2016 Elections

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John Podesta
Is it just me, or does he look like he's a little hungry... for some pizza, perhaps?

According to the latest report on Thursday, John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign manager, is expected to testify before the Congress regarding his role in Russia’s alleged interference in the 2016 US presidential elections.

The report regarding Podesta’s testimony comes as the House Intelligence Committee continues to investigate the Trump campaign’s alleged collusion with the Russian government in order to influence the elections.

Podesta is known to be central figure in the 2016 elections, not because of his performance as Clinton’s campaign manager, but because of his leaked emails that were handed over to WikiLeaks. The leaked emails, which amounted to thousands, were used to excoriate the candidate and are pointed at, as the main reason behind Clinton’s downfall.

The leak, which happened due to Podesta’s misunderstanding of another campaign official’s directive to change his password after receiving an email that looked like a phishing scam, also led to the Pizzagate conspiracy. The conspiracy, as peculiar as it sounds, alleged that Clinton and Podesta were at the center of a secret child-trafficking ring being run out of a Washington DC pizzeria.

In an interview back in February, Podesta himself suggested that FBI officials had conspired to bring down Clinton in the elections.

“There are at least forces within the FBI that wanted her to lose,” he told Bloomberg Politics editor John Heilemann “I’m not sure they really understood the alternative, but they wanted her to lose. I think that’s one possibility.”

Additionally, he blamed James Comey, the former FBI Director, for Clinton’s loss in the elections, as a result of his announcement that the FBI will be re-starting the investigation into Clinton’s emails, just a week before voting day.

“[Comey] made a bad judgment, and I think virtually anybody who has opined on the topic … have said it was a terrible mistake of judgment,” he told Heilemann. “And I think it did terrible damage to us. If you look at the polling at that period time, that’s when the race began to tighten in that week.”

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duck dynasty

The campaign for Ted Cruz came out with a commercial earlier in the week featuring Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame.

Phil and Ted sat in a hide as Phil spoke the camera.

The two even went as far as to slap on some face paint for the shoot in which the Duck Commander told the Texas Senator, “The reason we’re voting for you . . . is because we’re one of us.”

Ted Cruz remains 14 behinds frontrunner Donald J. Trump for the republican presidential nomination.

Here’s the video:

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It turns out that self-professed socialist Bernie Sanders is real competition to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

In a poll released by the De Moines Registers and Bloomberg, Sanders is within two points of taking the lead from Hillary Clinton.

In the same poll conducted last month, Hillary led by a comfortable nine points.

If social media is an indicator of political support, Sanders receives 856% more exposure on social networks than the former first lady.

This may be an indicator of Bernie Sanders’ younger support base or his catchy hashtag #feelthebern.

Clinton, who has been mired in controversy through her race, is still able to outraise Sanders with a war chest of $101 million– compared to Sander’s $41.5 million raised.

A significant chunk of Hillary’s dollars come from donors within the District of Columbia where she has raised $3.3 million. Bernie has raised only $79,362 from donors in the nation’s capital.

This is an indicator of establishment support for Hillary and typical for a front-runner as lobbying interests – even on the left – originate in D.C.

Hillary as also received $2 million from George Soros and millions more from typical liberal players including Jeff Katzenberg from movie studio Dreamworks.

Bernie on the other hand has no Super PAC.

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Ben Carson–once one of the top contenders for the Republican presidential nomination–has seen his poll numbers collapse over the past few weeks.

Now? He’s fallen all the way to a distant 3rd place–with just 9% of Republican voters supporting him, according to an Economist/YouGov poll.

That puts him 1 point behind Marco Rubio, and a whopping 17 points behind Donald Trump–who Carson used to be locked in a neck-and-neck race with.

As recently as November 12, Carson was polling at 24% in the RCP average, which averages all major polls. His numbers have been in freefall over the past two weeks.

The stunning reversal in fortune for the pediatric neurosurgeon likely comes after the terrorist attacks in Paris on the night of November 13–which brought national security and the war against ISIS back to the forefront of an election that had otherwise been about the economy and jobs.

Carson has a rocky history with foreign policy. As an outsider who has never held political office, Carson has no hands-on history with foreign affairs.

And, after a few rambling answers in the Republican debates, it became clear that it wasn’t his strong suit.

One of Carson’s key foreign policy advisors also went on the record to say that, basically, they had weekly meetings to “make [Carson] smart” on foreign policy–but, largely, they were failing.

While Carson’s favorability remains high–many Republicans, independents, and even Democrats have affection and respect for the doctor–it’s clear that many Republicans are starting to think he might not have the experience and knowledge necessary to lead the country.

So far, no other candidate has begun to take Carson’s lost support–but it’s only a matter of time before another candidate (or more) rises to the top of the polls, to go head-to-head with Donald Trump.

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dems laughing

The Democratic Party just released their latest “autopsy report” of the 2014 election—which left them in their weakest position in nearly a century—and put forward what they need to do to win in 2016.

Fortunately for Republicans, the theme of the 19-page report seems to be that Democrats are perfect just the way they are!

“We don’t believe that we need to change anything from a policy standpoint to win elections,” explained Maria Cardona, one of the task force members appointed by Democratic Party boss, Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

The report itself confirmed that sentiment—that they’d be doubling down on the unpopular policies and precedents that have gutted the Democratic Party’s bench in 2014.

“However, the 2014 midterms made it abundantly clear that while Americans overwhelmingly support the issues and values that the Democratic Party fights for every day,” explained the report, despite the catastrophic, historic losses.

Despite what the report claims, the American people overwhelmingly rejected the Obama agenda in 2014. Just like they did in 2010.

In fact, since Obama was elected in 2008—ushering in a huge tsunami of new Democrats and grand proclamations of a major shift in U.S. politics—the Democratic Party has lost 900 state legislative seats, 13 Senate seats, 69 U.S. House seats, and 12 governorships.

That was explained away too:

“We have not concentrated enough on state and local politics and state and local races,” said Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear, another member of the task force. “And we have to gear into that much more than we have in the past.”

Beshear, who is leaving office, will be replaced by a Republican—an unpopular candidate who just won a surprising victory over a “sure thing” Democrat.

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A new poll from ABC News and The Washington Post has Sen. Marco Rubio jumping into third place with 10% of the vote–behind Ben Carson’s 22% and Donald Trump’s 33%.

But, despite his numbers being substantially lower than the two political outsiders holding the top two spots, his sudden rise could show that the rest of the Republican Party is starting to coalesce behind one “establishment” pick: Rubio.

While Trump has been the distant frontrunner for months, he’s continued to hit a polling ceiling in the low-30s.

While that’s enough to vault him past the gigantic Republican field during the early stages of the primary season, where most contenders are polling in the single-digits, it nevertheless shows that about two-thirds of the Republican Party are still not in his corner–despite months of media attention and virtually universal name recognition.

Were Rubio to pick up support from other establishment candidates as they drop out of the race, he would be in a prime position to challenge Trump in a showdown of the Republican grassroots–who support Trump’s tough talk and resilience–versus the Republican establishment–who want to see a candidate with political experience and a proven ability to reach independent voters.

However, as this political season has shown, virtually anything can happen in a presidential race. Six months ago, no one predicted Trump would even enter the race, let alone lead it.

Were something damaging to come out about Trump or Carson, for example, their large bases support could quickly erode–and send many of their supporters to other candidates.

While the race continues to change day by day, it’s clear that, eventually, one establishment pick will go head-to-head with Trump–and, despite Trump’s big lead right now, he’ll need to continue to grow his base of support in order to beat the establishment’s eventual compromise pick.

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Donald Trump’s son, Eric, has nothing but high praise for his dad’s campaign.

During an interview with Fox Business host Neil Cavuto, Eric Trump, said that his father was being “very selfless” for running for President–and putting his red-hot business and television career on hold to do so.

“Honestly, we saw the frustration,” Eric explained. “He’d read the paper and he’d just sort of shake his head, you know, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me.'”

The elder Trump has been criticized for his shifting positions on issues like abortion and socialized medicine–but, according to Eric, his rationale for running for the Oval Office is 100% genuine.

Eric, one of Donald Trump’s three oldest children with his first wife, Ivana Trump–The Donald has five children altogether–is the Executive Vice President of Development and Acquisitions for Trump’s venerable Trump Organization. He also owns and operates the Trump Winery in southwestern Virginia, as well as the Eric Trump Foundation, which distributes millions to causes like St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

Eric also praised his father for bringing people together, rather than tearing them apart–considering that Donald Trump’s support seems to come across the ideological spectrum.

“I think the thing that’s really fascinating is how many groups from all different sides of the aisle have kind of come to support him,” Eric said.

“I mean, there’s not a day where my Twitter account doesn’t get another union group or this or that, which maybe traditionally wouldn’t be on the Republican side but also knows the person that he is. I think you’ll have a lot of that crossover.”

Eric also believes his dear old dad would be a fantastic president–and could definitely win both the Republican nomination and, ultimately, the presidency next November.

“You know, everything he’s ever done at life, he wins at,” Eric said. “There is no sugarcoating. It’s Trump talk, right? I mean, there is no sugarcoating.”

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