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Ben Carson

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Maxine Waters
"Listen, this chump is just one of the greatest neurosurgeons, and hospital managers to ever live - clearly, these are not transferrable skills"

Democratic Representative Maxine Waters spoke at a town hall rally, telling supporters and a small number of Trump supporters what she planned on doing with Ben Carson, President Trump’s Housing and Urban Development Secretary.

According to a reporter from Los Angeles Times, who was present at the rally on Saturday, in Gardena, California, the Democrat said that it would be better if Carson went back to being a surgeon. Being a ranking democrat on the House Committee for Financial Services, she reassured her supporters that she would not hesitate to “take him apart” when he appeared before the committee.

The vocal anti-Trump congresswoman also took aim at other members of Trump’s cabinet. She criticized Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Education Secretary Betsy Devos, and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, the LA Times reported.

The rally however, saw its share of protests too. Trump supporters, who weren’t allowed entry into the town hall, used their loudspeakers to hurl allegations at Waters. They also chanted “let us in” in unison, from outside where they could hear the congresswoman’s speech.

Waters’ staff made sure, through an online form, to identify people who lived in her congressional district. The staff ensured that only those from her district were allowed in, and used some help from the police to keep the others out.

Waters has been a controversial opponent of President Trump. She accused Trump of appointing “scumbags” to his cabinet and called for his impeachment too. She also called for former Fox News host Bill O’ Reilly’s imprisonment.

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ABC’s hit TV show; Designated Survivor plays out a scenario where the HUD Secretary becomes the President. In Trump’s administration, that would be Ben Carson.

Over the weekend, Trump named Ben Carson as the Housing and Urban Development Secretary.

Some in the press thought that Carson would be more involved in healthcare since that is where Dr. Carson’s entire career has been focused.

Nancy Pelosi said Dr. Carson is “disturbingly unqualified” for his cabinet position.

The soft spoken doctor with “gifted hands” will not only join Trump’s cabinet, he actually falls in the line of power in Washington.

If a major disaster happened, continuity of government would put the Secretary of Housing and Uban Development as the 13th person in line to become president.

In the hit ABC show, Designated Survivor created by David Guggenheim, the Capitol is attacked during the State of the Union address, and Secretary of HUD, Tom Kirkman (played by Kiefer Southerland) becomes president.

The show that airs on Wednesday nights on ABC has captured the imagination of Americans and highlights how important Trump’s cabinet’s nominations are.

Although a scenario that the Capitol is blown up during the State of the Union is extremely unlikely, the TV show shines a light on the importance of picking good leaders for a cabinet.

Do you think that Ben Carson is a good leader and ready to be the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development?

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Ben Carson

There is no doubt that Ben Carson has magical hands. For a brief moment during the primary season, his campaign seemed magical. Then Donald Trump happened. Donald started attacking Carson. It didn’t help that Ben Carson said that Joseph built the pyramids to store grain either.

Carson’s numbers fell and eventually he dropped out of the race two weeks ago. That brings us to today when Dr. Ben Carson, once a rival of Trump, now endorsing him.

To some this came as a huge surprise and the Twitter universe began attacking immmediatly.

The left continues to attack Trump on race, even though Dr. Ben Carson got on board the Trump Train.

Some of Dr. Carson’s most loyal supporters felt betrayed.

The truth of the matter is, this was a good move for Dr. Ben Carson and it shows that what is most important to the good doctor is America. He knows they have to rally around one candidate in order to beat Hillary in the fall.

Ben Carson thinks that Donald Trump is the person that can beat the establishment. The same establishment that Dr. Carson was fighting when he was in the race is the one he continues to fight by joining Trump.

When it comes to personalities, Trump and Carson couldn’t be different, but when it comes to politics, they are pretty close. They buried the hatchet for what is best for America, and now it is time that the GOP does the same thing.

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Carson To Drop

Since July of last year, Ben Carson went from frontrunner of the GOP nomination to clinging on the bottom of the pack.

Carson’s drop is closely tied to CNN’s attack on the truth of his past and the overall integrity of the candidate.

The candidate’s funds dried up late last year and even after a campaign shakeup, his new staff was quickly putting out feelers for new jobs.

Carson was determined to move forward despite his poor performance, but following Super Tuesday’s results the neurosurgeon announced that he sees “no path forward” to winning the GOP nomination.

While not officially dropping from the race just yet, he’ll make his big announcement at a gathering of conservatives, CPAC, this week.

It’s typical for candidates to negotiate deals with other campaigns before making their announcement to suspend their campaigns.

In 2008, Ron Paul refused to drop out until he negotiated stage time during the Republican National Convention.

Given the feud between Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Carson, it is unlikely that the outside-the-beltway candidate will be backing him.

Carson and Trump have maintained peace through the campaign season aside from one insult from the billionaire that he has since downplayed.

Will Carson jump behind Trump, Rubio or none of the above? Comment below.

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carson supporters

At the beginning of November, Ben Carson knew he was in trouble.

When the media turned the screws on his candidacy and finally put in some homework, the candidate’s past – or more accurately – the candidate’s retelling of his past came home to haunt him.

By mid-November 2015, Carson started his death spiral in the polls, going from nearly 25% support to an insignificant 9% in the latest polls.

No other candidate in the 2016 race has fallen so far, so fast.

Even Carly Fiorina, who polled briefly as high as 11.8% thanks to an insult by Trump, has only dropped two points from her average.

With Carson all but out of the race, where are the good doctor’s supporters headed?

From the looks of the numbers, they split nearly evenly for Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

Since November, both Cruz and Trump have gone up another 10 points each with Trump going from 24.8% to 34.5% and Cruz going from 8.8% to 19% in the latest polls.

The Cruz campaign was banking on peeling off much more support from Carson as the neurosurgeon appealed to an evangelical, anti-establishment base.

On paper, Cruz and Carson have much more in common from an ideological standpoint than Carson and Trump.

And that means trouble for the Cruz camp.

The anti-establishment/anti-politician vibe sweeping the nation appears to outrank traditional social scores that politicians use like pawns throughout their campaign.

If Senator Cruz was only able to rally 50% of Carson supporters to jump on his bandwagon, as more individuals are motivated to vote, he’ll have a tough time convincing them to ignore the “huuuge” personality of Donald Trump and vote instead for a one-term senator who walks, talks and acts like politician.

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T. Boone Pickens, a major Republican donor and oil billionaire from Texas, thinks that the Republican presidential candidates this year are no good—and has a controversial new idea to help ensure candidates are “qualified.”

“My big idea for 2016 is to put together a bipartisan screening committee that vets presidential candidates like we do anyone else applying for a job and recommends the best candidates possible,” Pickens said, via a LinkedIn message.

He added: “We have people running for president now who don’t even have experience running a lemonade stand.”

Pickens, who had been a Jeb Bush donor earlier in the cycle, is apparently not so happy that his favorite candidate didn’t gain very much traction. Jeb Bush, who was once considered the likeliest nominee, has fallen into the low single-digits.

Pickens thinks that this “committee” (which, presumably, would be unelected) would factor in leadership experience and policy plans, in order to deem a candidate “qualified.”

“Right now we have a process that emphasizes accusation and innuendo,” Pickens said. “Fact-checking is done … after the fact. And just like reality TV, there is too much of an emphasis on the inconsequential and the irrelevant. Such a vetting process could alleviate much of that.”

“We’ve turned our presidential selection process into a reality TV show,” he continued. “Hell, it’s worse than reality TV. Because this reality TV show is about the selecting the leader of the free world.”

While a committee vetting process could lead to more traditionally qualified candidates, it could also lead to a dramatic reduction of freedom.

A committee of oligarchs deciding which candidates the public can pick from is what countries like Cuba or China do: they make sure politicians are palatable to those in charge, so elections are only a nominal choice. It’s easy to imagine a world where this “bipartisan committee” can easily be stacked or bought.
There’s been much controversy over the Republican candidates this cycle: namely the fact that all of the outsider candidates have seen greater success than ever before. At one point of the race, in September, the top three candidates in the polls had zero elected experience: Donald Trump in first place, followed by Ben Carson, and then Carly Fiorina.

While both Fiorina and Carson have both seen their numbers drop in recent weeks, Trump remains on top—and instilling more fear than ever into establishment megadonors like T. Boone Pickens. To the point where they’d rather just do away with this whole “democracy” thing to begin with.

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ben carson

Larry Flynt, the flamboyant publisher of Hustler magazine, is going after Ben Carson—by offering a $1 million reward for evidence that links one of Carson’s key advisers to a gay relationship with his personal trainer.

Armstrong Williams, the Carson adviser, has been accused by his former personal trainer, Stephen Gregory, of sexual harassment.

“Armstrong Williams, your brother in faith and the person you say you trust more than anyone else outside of your immediate family,” Flynt wrote in his letter, “settled a lawsuit out of court after affidavits provided allegations that he initiated unwanted sexual advances toward other men.”

Gregory made the accusations in 1998, claiming that Williams had sexually assaulted him on more than 50 occasions. When Gregory refused the advances, Williams fired him.

Gregory’s lawsuit asked for $200,000 in damages. Williams and Gregory settled the lawsuit out of court, for an undisclosed amount of money.

Flynt, in his letter, turned his fire on Carson as well, for keeping Williams on his payroll: “You have partnered with an accused sexual predator. You, sir, are a hypocrite!” He demanded that Carson “disavow any and all relations” with Williams.

If Carson does not, Flynt’s prepared to offer $1 million to anyone who can provide legitimate evidence that Williams assaulted Gregory.

This isn’t the first time Flynt has offered his millions to help embarrass Republican politicians. When Bill Clinton was impeached for his inappropriate sexual relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, Flynt offered $1 million for evidence of affairs from Clinton’s Republican opponents.

Carson, who once was one of the top two Republican frontrunners, has seen his poll numbers collapse in recent weeks. However, the soft-spoken neurosurgeon remains a candidate with a unique ability to get under the Left’s skin.

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ben carson

Ben Carson might not have the foreign policy chops of other candidates—but he might’ve just (inadvertently) found a way to get under Hamas’s skin.

Speaking at the Republican Jewish Coalition meeting last week, Carson repeatedly pronounced the name of the Palestinian terror organization, Hamas, as “hummus”—which is actually a Middle Eastern chickpea spread.

For Hamas, who has been called every insult under the sun by American and European elected officials over the years, this was somehow the breaking point.

Here’s how they responded, in a statement to Breitbart London:

“Hummus is food and Hamas is a leading Palestinian movement, Mr. Carson. Historical experience shows that no one can surpass Hamas or eradicate Hamas… A person who wants to lead the U.S. and doesn’t know the name of a very important movement is not someone who can deal with serious challenges.”

You can call them “radicals” or “murderers,” but don’t you dare call them “chickpeas.”

Carson, who was neck-and-neck with Donald Trump for several weeks and very briefly on top of the polls himself, has seen his poll numbers plummet in recent weeks. He fell from 24.8% in the RCP Average poll aggregation to just 15%—and he’s quickly losing ground to other candidates like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.

Carson’s fall came immediately after the terrorist attacks on Paris, which suddenly made ISIS and foreign policy a major campaign issue. Carson’s drop was largely based on the perception that he’s weak on foreign policy.

In fact, even Carson’s own foreign policy advisor complained to the press that Carson required frequent briefings to “make him smart” on foreign policy, but he still wasn’t able to grasp the intricacies. On the debate stage, his often weakest answers were on foreign affairs as well.

But, whether or not Carson still has a chance at the White House, he can at least say he managed to cause Hamas to go ballistic.

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Ben Carson

The way that the media has been attacking Ben Carson, GOP presidential candidate, has been downright dirty. Lies and unfair attention have directed the millions of liberal Twitter users to attack Ben Carson online over some of his personal beliefs.

In this day of social media, attacks are often funny and used to discredit someone that has an almost impeccable professional career.

Here is just a sample of the lies and techniques used by the left to discredit and to attack Ben Carson.

Calling Ben Carson crazy is a way to tear him down and mock his supporters.

Even Donald Trump got dragged into this one.

The more outrageous, the more it was shared among liberals.

Some of them are less hateful and just try to be funny.

Then there are some people coming to the defense of Ben Carson with their own images.

There is even one brilliant depiction of the bias against Ben Carson in this incredible political cartoon.

Social media is a place where lies spread like a virus. Will Ben Carson be able to withstand the scrutiny or will his campaign suffer? Don’t worry. I am sure we will see tweets all about it.

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ben carson

In a commencement speech to Andrews University in 1998, Ben Carson said that he believes the pyramids were not built for pharaohs, but to store grain. He said the biblical Joseph built them. He may not be wrong.

People are equating his stance on the pyramids with the infamous Howard Dean holler in 2004 that ended his campaign. Remember that?

The Internet is already having fun with this one, and only time will tell if Dr. Carson falls into political obscurity like Howard Dean. But is it possible that Ben Carson is right? Could Joseph have built the pyramids? Did he do it to store grain?

It is just as logical as thinking that all the pyramids were built for the dying pharaohs of Egypt. The evidence that supports the pyramids were built by dragging large, 2-ton stones up ramps with ropes and then placing them into near perfect position is almost non-existent.

Scientists can’t agree on how many people it took and can’t come up with a definitive answer to how they were built. We have theories but nothing is proven.

In order to build the great pyramid in the 20 years most everyone believes it took, each large stone had to be placed every 2.5 minutes. Cut, polished, moved and placed. Scientists today can’t explain it.

Scientists also can’t explain why the sarcophagus in the Kings Chamber in the great pyramid is larger than the door that was created. It would have been impossible to use as a burial temple because there would have been no way to get through the door.

In fact, the great pyramid’s sarcophagus meets the exact dimensions of the Ark of the Covenant.

The “agreed” theory of the meaning behind the pyramids is not proven and is still a hypothesis. Some people believe the pyramids were power stations that connected with other pyramids found all over the world. Some people believe that aliens built them.

The truth is, nobody really knows what the pyramids were used for and who built them. Scientists can’t even age them appropriately.

So the questions that should be asked is “why don’t we know more about our ancient history?”

Ben Carson may be onto something with the grain, or he may be absolutely wrong. Nobody can prove him right or wrong because scientists can’t even prove who built the pyramids and why they did.

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