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Vaping Congressman
The proverbial "smoke-filled room" of the 21st century will be clouded by vape smoke, as politicians plot new ways to cheat taxpayers...

Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) is coming under pressure for his protest against the anti-vaping law, on one hand, and his democratic challenger on the other.  Democrat, Ammar Campa-Najjar beat Hunter in fundraising by pulling in $165,330 in the period between April and June. Hunter, an incumbent who is expected to have a commanding lead in fundraising, was only able to raise $155,625.

Hunter rose to national prominence through his opposition to restrictions on vaping. He has been strongly arguing that the restriction on e-cigarette needs to be seriously reconsidered. “Let me show you the problem I have with Ms. Norton’s amendment,” Hunter argued.

Duncan whipped out a small electronic cigarette that contained nicotine and took a puff from it. Then he pulled out a larger red vaporizer that contained no nicotine. “This is not covered … under Ms. Norton’s amendment,” and puffed from the second device to prove his point… “That doesn’t make sense to me. Either say that an e-cigarette is illegal whether it has nicotine or not in it.”

Although Hunter has $617,757 in campaign funds in the bank, putting him way ahead of Campa-Najjar, he is facing an ongoing FBI investigation that is looking into his use of $336,664 of the campaign funds for his own use, is an issue that has dogged Hunter for months. Hunter has denied his involvement “in any criminal action,” and stated that he “wasn’t attentive enough to my campaign.”

“..Hunter has a solid voter registration advantage and has cruised to re-election in the past, he is now contending with a federal criminal investigation into improper use of more than $60,000 in campaign funds. Past finance reports showed that contributions were used for video games, dance recitals, tuition at his children’s’ private school, a cross-country flight for a pet rabbit, and other expenses,” The San Diego Union Tribune reported.

As highlighted by The San Diego Union Tribune, “Hunter said the purchases were an honest mistake because of a credit card mix-up, and has repaid his campaign. Legal fees, however, have cost his campaign significant amounts. Records show that he’s spent about $153,000 in attorney’s fees in the second quarter of this year.”

The Hill on the other hand, notes, “Hunter has spent $152,859 in capital and $114,412 in debt to seven law firms in the San Diego and Washington, D.C., areas since March, according to his latest campaign finance report.” And that, “the lawmaker raised about $155,625 in the same time frame.”

Although, Hunter is allowed to spend his campaign funds on legal fees, he mentioned that he will continue to look into all of his campaigns spending and will be cooperating with the officials involved in the investigation. Hunter’s attorneys, Elliot S. Berke and Gregory A. Vega, further emphasized, “Congressman Hunter intends to cooperate fully with the government on this investigation, and maintains that to the extent any mistakes were made they were strictly inadvertent and unintentional.”

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Paris Climate Pullout
The Left's climate hysteria is reaching a fever pitch

Quite a number of states and municipalities have started to stand up against President Trump, on his decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement.

The non-federal governments are noted as willing to work with foreign bodies in efforts to reduce emissions. The Democrats, on the other hand, are seen introducing more aggressive climate action plans that weren’t even likely to be considered, had the president decided on staying with the Pairs agreement.

While, Nick Loris a member of the Heritage Foundation, who had in fact pushed for the president to exit the Paris agreement went on to argue, “States and cities committing to climate plans that regulate affordable, dependable power sources out of existence or subsidize uncompetitive energy technologies is a harmful to families, businesses and taxpayers in those respective areas.”

“States are laboratories of democracy. As expensive and ineffective as the regulations may be, it’s their right to do it,” he said. “Voters and businesses suffering the consequences of these policies will ultimately determine the fate of the politicians championing these policies.”

Bloomberg following his meeting with the French President Emmanuel Macron and Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, said “Americans don’t need Washington to meet our Paris commitments, and Americans are not going to let Washington stand in the way of fulfilling it,” “I want the world to know that the U.S. will meet its Paris commitments and that through partnerships among cities, states and businesses we will seek to remain part of the Paris agreement process,” Bloomberg stated.

California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) was noted visiting Chine, days after president Trump announced his decision. It was during this trip; Brown stressed upon California’s independence on climate change.

“President Trump’s announced withdrawal [from the accord] has heightened the focus on this fundamental existential threat called global warming, called habitat destruction, called species extinction,” Brown said in a speech. “We have to wake up our countrymen — in fact, the world,” he added.

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In a startling statement, billionaire social media tycoon, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, has said that the people of California should not think of themselves as the ones to decide the values of people the world over.

In a recent mission statement titled “Building a Global Community,” the billionaire entrepreneur elaborated on the mission for his company going forward. He said his mission focused on connecting individuals across the planet. His plan includes a voting system. Fast Company had a chat with Zuckerberg to get more details on the plan.

“At the very end of your letter you mention building a global voting system. You’re not talking about political voting. What is that about?”

Zuckerberg clarified that the voting system is in part, comprehending that cultures and lines exist from region to region, and a major part of developing a global community is to allow different communities to decide for themselves what is best for them, and not some people in a state that has its own principles and values.

“I was talking about collective decision making. One of the things that we have struggled with recently is how do we have a set of community standards that can apply across a community of almost two billion people. One example that has been quite controversial has been nudity. There are very different cultural norms ranging from country to country. In some places, the idea that showing a woman’s breasts would be controversial feels backwards. But there are other places where images that are at all sexually suggestive, even if they don’t show nudity, just because of a pose, that’s over the line. The question is, in a larger community, how do you build mechanisms so that the community can decide for itself and individuals can decide for themselves where they want the lines to be? This is a tricky part of running this company. In setting the nudity policy, for example, we are not trying to impose our values on folks, we’re trying to reflect what the community thinks. We have come to this realization that a bunch of people sitting in a room in California is not going to be the best way to reflect all the local values that people have around the world. So we need to evolve the systems for collective decision making. It’s an interesting problem. There are certainly going to be a lot more global infrastructure and global enterprises going forward, there just hasn’t been anything at this scale yet.”

Zuckerberg further explained that there will be guidelines in place. For example, Facebook will obviously not allow child pornography on the site, nor will the incitement of violence against any race or people be allowed. However, when it comes to the operation of Facebook’s policies in the future, it will be community driven.

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With the near failure of the Oroville dam in California last week, many residents are asking their representatives some hard questions.

Residents in California want to know why the state spends roughly $22 billion dollars a year on programs and policing illegal immigrants as reported by the LA Times, but the largest dam is allowed to go without needed repairs for years.

What do you think?

Should states spend more money on infrastructure or illegal immigrants?

Thoughts? Comments below.

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high school

We get it, some people are upset that Donald Trump won and they like to protest, but this display at several U.S. high schools is appalling.

It doesn’t matter that 95% of high school students are not old enough to vote, schools cross the country are letting students protest in masses.

Students from Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, Maryland left school, stopped traffic and protested the fair democratic election of Donald Trump.

What are we teaching our children? How do schools that are funded by tax payer dollars allow a protest that leaves campus without parent’s permission to protest the president-elect of the United States?

Last week we saw a High School in California do the same thing on the day after the election.

Americans have a right to protest, it is one of the things that makes America great, but allowing young students to protest the results of a fair election is just foolish.

What kind of example are we setting for our kids?

This isn’t just happening in Maryland and California, but Oregon as well.

Learning about protesting is important, but so is learning. These kids need to get back in school.

Do you agree that high schools shouldn’t let students protest during school hours? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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law enforcement

In a push to hire minority police officers, the Obama administration is asking the nation’s 18,000 law enforcement agencies to forgive drug use, disregard the criminal records of candidates from “underrepresented communities” and lower standards on written and physical exams.

It’s part of the administration’s Advancing Diversity in Law Enforcement initiative following a string of officer-involved shootings involving African Americans. Key to the mission is the racial diversification of local law enforcement agencies so that they “better reflect the diversity of the communities they serve.”

To accomplish this, several barriers must be removed and the details are outlined in a report issued jointly by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the federal agency that enforces the nation’s workplace discrimination laws. The document aims to help carry out the recommendations of President Obama’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing. Chief among them is identifying barriers that undermine diversity in law enforcement in three key areas; recruitment, hiring and retention.

To eliminate the largest barriers agencies are adopting a “holistic view” of applicants’ skills and strengths by, among other things, ignoring their criminal record. Here’s an excerpt from the report: “Certain barriers – including background investigations that treat all arrests and criminal convictions alike regardless of type of offense or how recent the occurrence, or even screen out those voluntarily admitting to drug use alone (without any conviction) – can prevent the agency from hiring the diverse officers it needs to connect with and serve the entire community.”

To further discourage law enforcement agencies from eliminating candidates with criminal pasts, the report states that “an employer’s use of criminal background information can violate either the intentional or disparate impact provisions of Title VII, depending on how that information is used.”

This refers to the section of the Civil Rights Act that prohibits employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex and national origin. The argument here is that a disproportionate number of minorities will be eliminated by criminal background checks. The administration concedes that legal challenges claiming that criminal background check policies have unlawful disparate impacts “have generally not been successful in court.” Credit history checks and psychological evaluations also present “discriminatory employment barriers to women and racial minority applicants,” the report states.

A police department in Daly City, California is listed as an example of a model law enforcement agency that overlooks the criminal past of job applicants in the name of racially diversifying its workforce. The city, which is located just south of San Francisco, has lots of low-income communities where gang activity, violence and drug trafficking are prevalent.

“The command staff understands that recruiting and hiring many residents means being open to individuals with complicated pasts,” according to the report. “From the chief’s perspective, these non-traditional hires have strong connections to the communities in Daly City and are able to move through them in a way that outsiders would find difficult, enhancing the department’s ability to do its work effectively.”

Besides discounting criminal records and drug use, the administration wants law enforcement agencies to lower standards on written tests because they have “been shown to have an adverse impact on racial minority candidates.” The president’s task force has determined that certain written tests used as part of entry-level hiring in state and local law enforcement agencies are likely to create an unlawful disparate impact and are not necessary for selecting the most qualified candidates. “Reliance on these tests can create an unnecessary barrier to the hiring of qualified racial minority applicants,” the report says.

Another factor keeping minorities out of policing is the emphasis that some law enforcement agencies have placed on the violent, dangerous nature of the profession, according to the report. The administration wants to change this to promote their role as “guardians of the community” even as cops get violently ambushed and brutally murdered around the country.

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non citizens

Is this the first step in flooding the electorate with millions of new voters that are illegal immigrants and heavily favor Democrats?

San Francisco is going to allow a vote on November 8th that will allow parents or legal guardians of any student in the public school system the ability to vote in local school board elections.

No they are not legally trying to get illegal immigrants to vote this year, but it could be coming.

Hillary Clinton admitted in an speech she was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for, that she wanted open borders.

Hillary and the Democrats want illegal immigrants to vote because they drastically favor Democrats traditionally.

The heavy influx of Hispanic voters in Texas is actually threatening the Republican held state like never before.

Texas was once a very solid red state, but now it is turning purple in this election.

Latino voters favored Obama over Romney in 2012 by 71%.

Allowing illegals to vote in school board elections seems like a great idea for the kids, but it still legitimizes people who are not here legally.

That doesn’t mean they should be kicked out if they are abiding residents, but they are not citizens and our constitution is very clear about that.

San Francisco isn’t the only city in the United States that is doing this.

In six voting jurisdictions in Maryland, non citizens are allowed to vote in local elections currently.

Non citizens are already voting, but should we allow that to continue? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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This is possibly the worst way to treat our Vets, and it is our government who is doing this. We can’t treat heroes like this.

In California, almost 10,000 of our bravest men and women who served combat tours over seas are being told to pay up.

The government made a mistake, the local recruiting offices paid to much for re-enlistment bonuses and now they want their money back.

California Guard deputy commander Matthew Beevers even admits that the government made a mistake and it is the Veterans that are hurting the most.

“At the end of the day, the soldiers ended up paying the largest price. We’d be more than happy to absolve these people of their debts. We just can’t do it. We’d be breaking the law.”

Most of the cases happened a decade ago, but the soldiers that fought for our freedom have to pay back a bonus they were promised.

Many of the Veterans were paid $15,000 to sign back up for another tour. Only $15,000!!!

It would take a lot more than $15,000 to get most Americans to just visit some of the places our Veterans fought.

If the Vets don’t pay, interest charges, the government will add wage garnishments and tax liens until they get their money.

How is this even possible? Last year, Obama recorded a record amount of taxes collected and we can’t let 10,000 of our combat Veterans keep $15,000?

Susan Haley, a former Army master sergeant and mother is heartbroken. She is paying $650 a month to the government, which is a quarter of her family’s monthly income.

She wants to know if she will get her time back?

“They’ll get their money, but I want those years back.”

The real question is, would most of these soldiers signed back up for another tour if they were not promised $15,000 to enlist?

To the government, $15,000 is not a lot of money, but to retired Veterans who have families and mortgages and college tuitions, $15,000 is a lot of money.

Some of the Veterans are also forced to pay back some of their college loans.

This is tragic. We cannot treat our military like this.

If there government didn’t have oversight on the recruitment process, then that is on the military. They need to buy one less drone, not force combat Veterans to sell their homes to pay back a bonus they were promised.

How does this story make your feel? Let us know in the comments below.

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In this bizarre story from California, a woman with a skull on top of a stick led police to a horrific site.

Police were horrified when they responded to reports of a woman walking with a skull perched on top of a stick like something out of a Predator movie.

The unbelievable scene happened in Sacramento, California where a homeless woman carried the skull to try and get the attention of the police.

She got their attention for sure.

The homeless woman led the police to a homeless encampment where they discovered a decomposing corpse.

The police are now trying to figure out what caused the death of the deceased person who was found next to her stuff in a homeless camp.

A neighbor smelled something that made him sick to his stomach, but he thought it was a dead cat.

There is no word on of the transient woman and if she will be arrested for walking around with a skull on a stick.

The timing of this story seems fitting around Halloween, but the tragic truth about unknown deaths in homeless camps around America is a horror that we face every day.

Is this the craziest story you have heard this year? If not, what is? Let us know in the comments below.

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Something strange is going on in California and the Bernie fans are starting to really get upset.

The Bernie Sanders revolution grew because millions of people felt like their voices were not being heard and money in politics was silencing the little guy. Now that California still hasn’t counted 2 million votes, the Sanders fans are becoming restless.

The Democratic Party declared Hillary the winner without even counting a huge amount of votes, and in the process they divided their party and are disenfranchising their youth.

Hillary is going to have a difficult time winning in November unless a large number of Bernie supporters jump to her camp, but this is going to make it hard for people to join Hillary when they feel cheated.

There are counties all over California counting ballots and the Bernie camp is calling for a complete recount.

The amazing thing is, Bernie took the lead over Hillary in almost all the polls in California the day before the race but ended up losing by over 10 percentage points. How did that happen?

There are also reports of voting machines breaking, voters who were not on the appropriate lists to vote and hundreds of other complaints. To say the least, California’s primary is undecided.

To take it a step further: was there malicious wrongdoing? Is it possible all the chaos in the golden state is there just to hand Hillary the win and get her one step closer to the White House? Is Hillary involved somehow?

What we do know is that Bernie Sanders and the democratic process were cheated in California and it needs to be made right.

Do you think Bernie was cheated? Let us know in the comments below.

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