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More Abortions
Abortion used to be understood a sad procedure that some had to go through, now it it celebrated from the rooftops... what happened?

Planned Parenthood sues the state of Iowa in yet another effort by them to be able to performing as many abortions as possible, rather than providing quality care to women in need.

Planned Parenthood’s latest argument is that the two laws in Iowa that requires women to wait at least 72-hours and undergo proper medical consultation before they can get an abortion done.

The agency argues that the wait time and the consultation should not be mandatory and should be something the women could decide to have on her own.

Jason Reynolds, manager at an abortion clinic stated that “A lot of patients were very angered on why someone could decide this type of thing for them,” and that “other patients were very upset because they had already made this decision.”

Agreeing, Daniel Grossman, a physician at the University of California, San Francisco, stated that, if the law remains in place, “women will be delayed in the process of seeking an abortion.”

The 72-hour wait time was made into the law by Gov. Terry Branstad (R) earlier this year and was later lifted. However, Planned Parenthood has their eyes set on getting the policy removed completely.

While, the abortion provider argues that they focus is on health care and not on politics, it is to be noted that the agency received a major blow when  governor Brandstad declined some 30 million in federal Medicaid funding for the agency.

Earlier this year a video concerning the agency strongly backed by the Democrats that featured a women expressing her experience with Planned Parenthood. She stated, “For me it was a struggle, because I felt like Planned Parenthood treated women like cattle.”

The video further highlighted Sue Thayer, a manager at one of Planned Parenthood’s clinic. Sue was noted saying that the nation’s leading abortion provider “kept pushing harder and harder and harder to see more and more clients.”

“I remember when it went to four an hour, everybody was like, ‘How are we supposed to see four an hour?’ And then it was five an hour. And it got so, when your clinician was there, it was this insane, crazy, chaotic time,” she continued.  “Women were just herded through there, really,” she says.

Trevino, another clinic manager expressed that she was very bothered when she was asked to spend less time on consulting patients. “It just seems unethical to not spend that time with your patient and provide the proper care and explanation,” she argued.

Abortion is a decision that needs to be well thought out. The state of Iowa argues that by implementing a three day wait time and the series of consultations give women enough time to be certain of their decision and to educate them about the processes involved in an abortion.

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If there is one person that gets under the skin of the alt-left more than Donald Trump it is Milo Yiannopoulos.

HBO’s Bill Maher invited Milo to his show and things got a little wild.

Bill, unlike almost any other liberal commentators, has an open mind enough to invite Milo to his show, and they did find some common ground on Milo’s stances on free speech.

Milo is hated by the left and called a nazi a thousand times a day.

The claims of white supremacy and being a Nazi came up during the Overtime segment of Real Time with Bill Maher.

The man that once called the president the n-word said that Milo should go “F-himself”. Larry Wilmore goes off on Milo and shows his true colors.

The left clearly hate Milo, but the gay, British, Jewish man only getting started. Milo’s new book “Dangerous” is coming out in March and the young 32-year old editor at Breitbart is only getting started as a career political provocateur.

What are your thoughts on Milo? Let us know in comments below.

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Last year, an unnamed, short-haired feminist took to YouTube to say, “We need to kill all men. I am sick of being a baby factory . . . so the only answer to that is to kill male babies and just kill any man that you see in the street.”

It’s unlikely she was joking and her rant has gone viral with the hashtag #KillAllMen, especially among former Hillary supporters:

Watch above and comment below.

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Radical protest group, Femen, is getting sued by IslaEvent the company that sponsored a Muslim Conference on Women at which two topless protesters took the stage.

Femen is well known for using nudity to draw attention to their causes. The group says it believes in three -ism’s: Atheism, Feminism, and something called “Sextremism” where naked breasts are considered a way to oppose oppression. The group began in the Ukraine in 2008 and is now based out of France. The group is known for protesting a wide range of issues including, anti-homosexuality, pro-life groups, religions, gender, sexism, and international affairs. Their provocative displays of “liberation” have taken place in multiple countries. They have many active members and scores of support via social media.

The 3rd Muslim Salon conference was being held in a suburb near Paris. Two half naked protesters stormed the stage while two imams discussed whether wives should or should not be beaten. The women shouted protest slogans in Arabic and French and bore expressions on their bodies like, “No one subjugates me” and “I am my own prophet”. They seemed to have snuck in under the guise of being participants and prior to overtaking the stage threw off traditional Muslim garb in favor of jeans, shoes, and nakedness.

15 men saw the Femen members off stage. Video footage shows the women being kicked and slapped. Other reports claim the crowd shouted that they were, “dirty whores” that should be killed. The backlash has been universal. Muslim Twitter users called for them to be collectively raped and murdered.

The two protestors are filing a suit against the organizers of the conference for violence encountered during their removal from the stage.

Femen has made a statement that the women were protesting against “Womanophobia” and violence against women that is prolific in Muslim culture. IslaEvents is countering saying that the women’s protest was “irresponsible” and “It is a denial of the freedom of expression.”

The activist group has been widely criticized for their methods and for not having clear goals. It would seem that showing up bare chested and screaming is not exactly getting their point across. Meanwhile, one of the imams scheduled to speak at the conference has been outspoken in the past about women who do not veil their faces being doomed to hellfire and damnation as well as sexual assault in the afterlife. There would seem to be no side in this worthy of agreeing with.

While one day of the event was disrupted the organizers encouraged the participants to attend the last day of the conference. They claimed they were in the middle of an “anti-Muslim media frenzy” and that the Muslim community needed to stand together.

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Washington, D.C. Councilwoman Anita Bonds proposed legislation Tuesday that would mark permanently the transcripts of any student found guilty of sexual assault. The proposal also calls for a mark on the transcripts of students who transfer before a finding is made.

A move that even the far left Washington Post is deriding as the “scarlet letter” could tarnish the reputation of innocent students forever. Simply getting away from all the negative attention to get on with one’s life would be the same as being found guilty, in Bonds’ proposal.

To justify her stance, Bonds cited the frequently debunked Justice Department’s National Institute of Justice study that found that 20% of college females experienced unwanted sexual contact. “I hear these statistics, and I am outraged as many in the community are,” said Bonds. Bonds and other politicians, including President Obama and Vice President Biden, have said that one in five campus women are sexually assaulted.

Unfortunately for those who live in a rational world, the study included such inane “unwanted contacts” as “attempted kissing.” The study was a “self-selected” online survey, meaning that only people who chose to respond were part of the statistics. Men who responded were discarded from the statistics. Furthermore, the alleged ‘study’ only covered two colleges, and got less than 5,500 responses.

The study itself goes out of its way to repeatedly characterize its data is inconclusive. The liberals, though, just don’t care. They have continued to bandy about this patently false statistic since the study was released all the way back in 2007.

Christina Hoff Sommers pointed out other problems in the methodology. “No one interviewed was asked if they’d been raped or sexually assaulted,” she said. “Instead of such straightforward questions, the CDC determined whether the responses indicated sexual violation.”

Now, Anita Bonds wants to use these statistically meaningless results to brand men for life.

Professor K.C. Johnson of Brooklyn College thankfully brings a shred of sanity to the debate. “If the student is guilty, that’s not anywhere near sufficient punishment,” Johnson said. “But if the student is innocent, this is a life-altering thing. If they’re going to put it on a student’s permanent record, they need to do a lot more than they do now to be sure they get it right.”

Johnson’s comments point to another problem – Bonds’ proposal relies on the colleges’ investigation, not a legal one. The burden of proof in these cases has frequently been on the accused.

Remember the Rolling Stone rape story? How about the Duke Lacrosse case? Or the University of North Dakota claim? The last one is notable because the accused did indeed drop out before the findings of “innocent” came out, meaning that his case would clearly bear the Scarlet Letter under Chairman… er, Councilwoman Bonds’ plan.

In related news, the We-Consent app recently debuted. The app allows couples on the verge of intimacy to record their mutual consent to the proceeding acts. Surely, this seems like a rational course of action to everyone, right? Right?



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In a bow to radical feminists and a tip-of-the-hat to identity politics everywhere all the time, Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew announced this week that the Treasury Department will redesign the $10 bill to feature a woman on the nation’s paper money – the first in more than a century.

While the selection of which woman will appear on the $10 bill will be decided later this summer, Secretary Lew is asking the public for their input on potential candidates along with which symbols of our representative democracy it should be featured on both sides.

Those wishing to chime in can do so by visiting “” website. According to Fox News:

“Various groups have campaigned to get a woman honored on the nation’s paper currency, which has been dominated by males for more than 100 years.

The last woman featured on paper money was Martha Washington, who was on a dollar silver certificate from 1891 to 1896.

The only other woman ever featured on U.S. paper money was Pocahontas, from 1865 to 1869. Susan B. Anthony and Sacagawea are on dollar coins.”

Senator Jeanne Shaheen, (D-NH) has sponsored legislation to put a woman on the $20 bill as well and praised Lew for making a decision to use the $10 bill, which is the next denomination of U.S paper currency inline for redesign.

Sen. Shaheen, who received a 4% conservative rating by the American Conservative Union in 2014 said in a statement:

“While it may not be the twenty dollar bill, make no mistake, this is a historic announcement.” “Young girls across this country will soon be able to see an inspiring woman on the ten dollar bill.”

Again, according to Fox News:

“A grassroots group “Women on 20s” had been pushing to get a woman’s portrait on the $20, which currently features Andrew Jackson. They had conducted an online poll that gathered over 600,000 votes. African-American abolitionist Harriett Tubman was the top choice in that poll.

As with all redesigns, the new bill will have added state-of-the-art security features to make it harder to counterfeit. The bill will be unveiled in 2020, the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment giving the women the right to vote. The date it will be put into circulation will be announced later.

Lew said that Hamilton, the nation’s first Treasury secretary, would still be honored in “some way” with one possibility that Hamilton’s portrait be kept on some of the redesigned $10 bills. Citing Wikipedia:

Alexander Hamilton, who lived from 1755 to 1804, was a Founding Father of the United States who served as chief staff aide to General George Washington during the American Revolution. He had an intellectual impact on the Declaration of Independent and fiercely promoted adoption of the U.S. Constitution by the 13 colonies.

Hamilton was also the founder of the nation’s financial system, founded the Federalist Party (the world’s first voter-based political party) and served as the nation’s first Secretary of the Treasury.

In this capacity, he authored the economic policies adopted by the George Washington administration… established the country’s national bank and established a system of tariffs on trade to fund federal government functions.

Who will take Hamilton’s place on the $10 bill is anyone’s guess but some fear if small thinking feminists have their way it will be somewhere between Margaret Sanger – the founding mother of American eugenics and abortion on demand – and Geraldine Ferraro – the first woman to run for vice president on a major party ticket.

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So-called “gender equality” activists at Georgetown University have taken their fight to a new, incredibly ridiculous height: they’ve declared war on the urinal.

Yes. The urinal. The stand-up toilet for men is now seen as a symbol of “gender inequality.”

A number of students have joined the fight to make every bathroom gender-neutral–by banning the urinal. They’ve rallied under the banner: #EndUrinalPrivilege.

This, from the so-called “party of science.”

We can all agree that women can do anything men can do–but standing up while peeing is just, physically, not one of them. That’s not discrimination: that’s just science

Unfortunately for the swollen heads at Georgetown, they didn’t know that Campus Reform, a conservative news site, was the architect behind #EndUrinalPrivilege.

Yes. While students thought they were pledging their support for the next fight for gender equality, they were actually falling prey to a spoof campaign–designed to point out just how ridiculous some of their claims, in the name of “social justice” and “gender equality,” were in practice.

Because the whole point of #EndUrinalPrivilege was to prove just how far off the rails feminism has gone.

Unfortunately for our nation’s best and brightest, they couldn’t find the line between real equality and absolute farce. Which says a great deal about America’s next generation of leadership.

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