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Ben Rhodes
"What is the latest secret intel you have on the Trump Administration Ben?"

Deputy assistant to President Trump is ready to go head to head with former White House staff member Ben Rhodes, to prove that President Trump’s administration is far stronger that Obama’s administration ever was.

In his interview with Sean Hannity on Friday, Gorka had expressed in the past that as “someone has to be the president’s pitbull,” I would gladly do the job. He highlighted that the Trump administration is fully equipped to deal with everything that comes their way. “We’ve got beautiful, intelligent women like Kellyanne [Conway],” Gorka stated. “We’ve got brave professionals like Sean Spicer. Somebody has to be the president’s pit bull and I’m ready.”

However, this wasn’t the only highlight to of the week that featured Gorka.

Gorka has issued a challenge to Obama’s aide Ben Rhodes, from his Twitter account in response to Jake Tapper who claimed that, Ben Rhodes “would put his ‘graduate degree’ against [Sebastian Gorka’s] PhD [sic] any day of the week.” “Okay Jake, host the debate then,” stated Gorka.

“I’d be delighted,” he tweeted. “What say you Mr. [Rhodes,] Mr. [Tapper]?”

The tweet contained a video of a very combative exchange between Jake Tapper and Gorka. Towards the end, the Trump aide mocks a former Trump aide’s graduate degree, and Tapper jabs back at him.

In a heated argument with Jake Tapper, Gorka criticized that “policies that were borne in the beltway by people who’ve never worn a uniform, people that were in the White House like Ben Rhodes.”

“They helped create the firestorm that is the Middle East that is ISIS today,” he further added. “So we are open to new ideas because the last sixteen years have failed American national interests, and the American taxpayer,” he stated.

Tapper responded with a challenge to Gorka, “There were plenty of people who wore the uniform who advised President Obama and President Bush.”

“Not people as influential as Ben Rhodes who had a Master’s degree in fictional writing,” Gorka argued. “That is disastrous.”

And then came the challenge where Tapper argued that people like Rhodes could “put his graduate degree against” Gorka’s PHD “any day of the week.

“Well, I’m sure he would put his graduate degree against yours any day of the week,” Tapper stated. “Sebastian Gorka, I appreciate your time,” he added.

Gorka, took on the challenge as he expressed, “Anytime, I’d be glad to debate him on your show.’

However, the discussion didn’t end with the show, but continued on Twitter as Gorka tweeted “I’d be delighted. What say you Mr. @brhodes?,” as he went on share a clip from the show.

During his interview with Tapper Gorka backed Trump and his administration by stating that America needs to give “collaboration, cooperation, a chance.”

He added, “The fact is we may not share the same philosophy. We may not share the same type of statesman view of the world. But the fact is there are some issues of common concern.”

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Charles Barnett had a big plan to bomb several Target stores and use the explosions to help him get rich.

Barnett, 48 lives in Ocala Florida and devised a plan to bomb several Target stores from Florida all the way to New York.

The bomber solicited the help of a man who turned out to be a law enforcement informant. The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Florida issued a statement about the suspected bomber.

“Barnett theorized that the company’s stock value would plunge after the explosions, allowing him to cheaply acquire shares of Target stock before an eventual rebound in prices.”

A report from Reuters said the bombs were disguised in the packaging for products and the informant was picked to place them on the shelves. According to Reuters, the bombs were placed in packages of pasta, stuffing mix and breakfast bars.

Barnett had the whole thing planned out and made the bombs and hid them well. He hired a convicted felon on probation to assist him in his deadly get-rich scheme, but the felon turned out to be an informant.

When it came time to place the bombs, Barnett gave them to the informant with gloves, a facemask and a cover to conceal his license plate. The Ocala Star Banner is reporting that Barnett also promised $10,000 for the help of the informant blowing up 10 different Targets.

Luckily the informant turned over all the bombs to police and on Monday, the authorities search Barnett’s home and found more bomb parts.

On top of being a bomb maker and horrible tax advisor, Barnett is also a registered sex offender and on probation himself for kidnapping, sexual battery and grand theft.

The bomb maker has been charged with possession of a destructive device and a charge of affect commerce and faces up to 10 years in prison.

Barnett isn’t linked to any formal terror group.

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