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More Abortions
Abortion used to be understood a sad procedure that some had to go through, now it it celebrated from the rooftops... what happened?

Planned Parenthood sues the state of Iowa in yet another effort by them to be able to performing as many abortions as possible, rather than providing quality care to women in need.

Planned Parenthood’s latest argument is that the two laws in Iowa that requires women to wait at least 72-hours and undergo proper medical consultation before they can get an abortion done.

The agency argues that the wait time and the consultation should not be mandatory and should be something the women could decide to have on her own.

Jason Reynolds, manager at an abortion clinic stated that “A lot of patients were very angered on why someone could decide this type of thing for them,” and that “other patients were very upset because they had already made this decision.”

Agreeing, Daniel Grossman, a physician at the University of California, San Francisco, stated that, if the law remains in place, “women will be delayed in the process of seeking an abortion.”

The 72-hour wait time was made into the law by Gov. Terry Branstad (R) earlier this year and was later lifted. However, Planned Parenthood has their eyes set on getting the policy removed completely.

While, the abortion provider argues that they focus is on health care and not on politics, it is to be noted that the agency received a major blow when  governor Brandstad declined some 30 million in federal Medicaid funding for the agency.

Earlier this year a video concerning the agency strongly backed by the Democrats that featured a women expressing her experience with Planned Parenthood. She stated, “For me it was a struggle, because I felt like Planned Parenthood treated women like cattle.”

The video further highlighted Sue Thayer, a manager at one of Planned Parenthood’s clinic. Sue was noted saying that the nation’s leading abortion provider “kept pushing harder and harder and harder to see more and more clients.”

“I remember when it went to four an hour, everybody was like, ‘How are we supposed to see four an hour?’ And then it was five an hour. And it got so, when your clinician was there, it was this insane, crazy, chaotic time,” she continued.  “Women were just herded through there, really,” she says.

Trevino, another clinic manager expressed that she was very bothered when she was asked to spend less time on consulting patients. “It just seems unethical to not spend that time with your patient and provide the proper care and explanation,” she argued.

Abortion is a decision that needs to be well thought out. The state of Iowa argues that by implementing a three day wait time and the series of consultations give women enough time to be certain of their decision and to educate them about the processes involved in an abortion.

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Sure, America has no issue with Iowa and the residents of the Midwest state, but when it comes to electing presidents, the state is just plain whacky.

The caucus method of voting proved in 2016 to be a mess.

Hillary is accused of stealing the vote from Bernie Sanders while Ted Cruz is accused of stealing the vote from Ben Carson.

Validity to both arguments exist.

While supporters of both campaigns that were supposedly robbed are up in arms, they really shouldn’t be sweating it as Iowa has a poor record of picking winners.

Since the Iowa Caucuses were moved to an early start in 1972, only three non-incumbent winners of Iowa have gone on to move into the White House.

Bill Clinton, George H. W. Bush and Ronald Reagan have all lost the Iowa Caucus, while also-rans like Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee, Dick Gephardt and Tom Harkin have all won the informal Midwest event.

So if Iowa plays an insignificant role in the election of a president, what state does matter?

While Missouri has been called the Missouri bellwether, the state’s voters got it wrong in both 2008 and 2012, ruining their percentage of success in picking a presidential winner.

The new bellwether state is Nevada, which has only been wrong once since 1912.

Ohio, New Mexico, Florida and Delaware have all had two misses.

The only place that bests Nevada is the non-state of Guam. The territory has held a strawpoll since 1984 (as they get no electoral votes) and has had a perfect record.

But don’t discount Tuesday’s first primary in New Hampshire. The voters of the “live free or die” state have only been wrong three times since 1788.

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Rand Paul

For those not familiar with presidential primaries, the question always comes up, “why did they drop?”

To the layman, a single digit showing in the first vote of the season should be good enough reason for a candidate to pack it up and release his or her supporters to the rest of the field. It’s the logical and fair thing to do.

Looking at the 2016 race, if candidates were reasonable and fair, Jeb Bush and the crowd of “also rans” would have said “thanks for the fish” on the night of the Iowa Caucus and bowed out.

Mike Huckabee did just that with a touch of class after grabbing 1.8% of the vote.

Virginia’s Jim Gilmore, on the other hand, obtained only 12 votes (as in 0.0%) but remains in the race.

Rand Paul however came in a reasonable fifth place with 4.5% of the vote, coming close to doubling Jeb Bush’s vote total.

So why is it that Rand is dropping while Jeb Bush and even Jim Gilmore stay in?

To his credit, Rand Paul is a financial conservative even when it comes to his personal responsibilities.

As of his December 31st report with the Federal Election Commission, Paul was left with $1.2 million cash on hand and $250,000 in debt.

More than likely, the candidate burned through most of his reserve in Iowa and was left with the danger of going into the financial red.

While it’s common for presidential candidates to go into debt, it is not a common practice in the Paul family.

In 2012, Ron Paul closed his campaign with zero debt. The only other candidate to do so was Mitt Romney, who had an astounding $22 million left in the bank. All of the other candidates had significant debt, with Newt Gingrich topping out at $4.8 million (twice the debt of Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign).

Rand Paul dropped because it was the responsible thing to do . . . a rare and responsible action in politics.

As for Gilmore, he’s already $10k in the hole and will likely dip further into the red.

That brings us to Jeb Bush. This is the candidate who set the record on spending per vote with at least $2,800 doled out for every vote he received in Iowa. That’s an embarrassment.  Jeb finished with only 2.8% support of caucus goers.

But Jeb financially remains strong with $7.5 million cash on hand with his campaign and an astounding $97 million war chest through his super PACs.

While Jeb could drop over $100 million on television ads (and likely will), the money will finance several beach houses for his consultants, but won’t likely bring him into the double digits on Super Tuesday.

Kudos to Rand Paul for practicing what he preaches.

As for Jeb Bush, he and everyone around him should be ashamed of themselves and the money they have wasted.

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Real estate mogul, Donald Trump, lost the Iowa Caucus by four points after leading by seven percent in the latest polls. The candidate’s loss is due to a lack of a “ground game” and a formal campaign organization.

Within the next week, will Trump be able to reorganize his campaign and come out on top in New Hampshire?

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It turns out that self-professed socialist Bernie Sanders is real competition to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

In a poll released by the De Moines Registers and Bloomberg, Sanders is within two points of taking the lead from Hillary Clinton.

In the same poll conducted last month, Hillary led by a comfortable nine points.

If social media is an indicator of political support, Sanders receives 856% more exposure on social networks than the former first lady.

This may be an indicator of Bernie Sanders’ younger support base or his catchy hashtag #feelthebern.

Clinton, who has been mired in controversy through her race, is still able to outraise Sanders with a war chest of $101 million– compared to Sander’s $41.5 million raised.

A significant chunk of Hillary’s dollars come from donors within the District of Columbia where she has raised $3.3 million. Bernie has raised only $79,362 from donors in the nation’s capital.

This is an indicator of establishment support for Hillary and typical for a front-runner as lobbying interests – even on the left – originate in D.C.

Hillary as also received $2 million from George Soros and millions more from typical liberal players including Jeff Katzenberg from movie studio Dreamworks.

Bernie on the other hand has no Super PAC.

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Looks like Donald Trump isn’t happy being second fiddle in Iowa—and Iowans seem to be fuming at the response he gave.

The latest Quinnipiac poll has the Republican frontrunner slipping into second place, behind Dr. Ben Carson, who has been gaining steam nationwide.

Carson leads Trump 28 percent to 20 percent among likely Republican voters—and this is a surprising turn of events, because this is the first time Carson (or anyone) has led Trump in the Iowa polls in months.

Iowa hosts its first-in-the-nation caucus in February, setting the stage and the tone for the entire primary season—meaning that support in Iowa is critical.

Trump didn’t seem too thrilled with the polls—at least, according to his Twitter feed.

Retweeting another Twitter user’s status, Trump said:

“@mygreenhippo #BenCarson is now leading in the #polls in #Iowa. Too much #Monsanto in the #corn creates issues in the brain? #Trump #GOP”

The controversy was swift and overwhelmingly negative. Even for Donald Trump, who can get away with much more than an average candidate, might want to think twice before insulting the voters he needs to win the election.

Team Trump, for their part, was quick to respond and apologize—and place the blame on an intern, who apparently was managing Trump’s Twitter account.

A few hours after the controversy broke, the tweet was quickly pulled—and replaced with a simple message from Donald Trump: “The young intern who accidentally did a Retweet apologizes.”

However, in a Washington Post profile last month, they claimed that Trump famously manages is own Twitter account. That was echoed shortly after by The Wall Street Journal, who said that Trump doesn’t use a computer but has his smartphone by his side so he can send out tweets as they come into his mind.

It’s unclear whether or not Trump has actually relinquished some or all control of his Twitter to a social media team—which would certainly not be surprising or even unexpected considering the stresses of a top tier presidential campaign—or whether he retweeted the slam at Iowans himself.

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