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The GOP let us down again. Why is Trump falling for it?

On the outset of the Trump Administration, the new president and his advisors moved at such a breakneck pace, that the media, and their liberal opponents could not keep up the pace.

After the failure of the first travel ban, President Trump was forced to pause to evaluate all aspects of his orders to ensure they survive.

After a month without any significant movement on immigration, taxes or health care, the Trump Administration unleashed on Monday morning with a new travel ban that eased up restrictions on Iraq, followed by a bombshell replacement for Obamacare.

The reaction to the plan from the conservative and libertarian movements is not good.

The new plan has been called “Obamacare Lite,” “Obamacare Heavy,” “RINOCare” and by others call it “Dumbshit Stupid.”

The plan, which maintains nearly all facets of Obamacare (just reshuffling how benefits are awarded), also grants $110 billion to states, bails out the health insurance industry, and falls down on every promise made by both Donald Trump and others who have campaigned to “repeal and replace” Obamacare.

Insurance will still be restricted within each state, limiting competition (the preference of health insurance providers) and coverage for preexisting conditions will still be the law resulting in even higher insurance premiums.

In pushing the GOP healthcare bill today, White House Spokesman Sean Spicer said the plan will allow tax breaks for employers, small business owners and sole proprietorships, “something that doesn’t happen now.”

Business owners are allowed under current IRS rules to write off all health insurance expenses for themselves and their families.

The administration and Congressional leaders are already grasping at straws to defend the disaster of a plan and they haven’t even hit the 24-hour mark since its release.

Let us know what you think of the new GOP plan by voting in in today’s poll.

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Children as young as 10 years old are receiving taxpayer-funded birth control in Washington State, according to public records obtained by Judicial Watch from the agency that provides medical coverage for the poor.

JW filed a public records request with the Washington Health Care Authority after reading a disturbing article in a pro-life news site over the summer about a Seattle high school that offers different forms of birth control without parental knowledge or consent. This includes implanting an intrauterine device (IUD) in a girl’s uterus free of cost. It’s part of an initiative offered by Medicaid, the joint federal and state insurance program for the poor. The article points out the irony that a teen in Seattle can’t get a sugary soft drink in high school but can have a device implanted into her uterus.

The data obtained by JW reflect increasing numbers of kids in all age groups receiving these birth control implants from 2013 to 2014. Figures can’t be compared for 2015 because the full year’s data is not yet available, but the records show that in 2014 and at least part of 2015, girls as young as 10 received the implants. The largest group of minors that got the birth control implants was 17 years old, according to the data, but girls much younger also received them. Four 11-year-olds got birth control from the state during the 2 ½- year period and so did more than 100 girls between the ages of 12 and 13. The numbers go up as the girls get older with 364 girls age 14 getting the implants and 744 15-year-olds. The records show that 2,336 girls ages 16 to 17 were given implants during this period.

JW also asked the Washington State agency for records involving the number of adverse health events reported for girls who had received the implants during those years, but no data was produced. Evidently, the state isn’t tracking the negative health consequences from administering the implants in young girls. As part of the investigation JW also requested a breakdown of girls that got parental consent and those who didn’t, but the state evidently doesn’t keep track and no records were produced.

This seems to be part of a trend among some states to offer children highly questionable medical care without getting permission from a parent. Last month a separate JW investigation found that Oregon offers minors taxpayer-funded sex change without parental consent. In a matter of months dozens of kids—some younger than 9—received sex-change therapy in Oregon, which earlier this year made it legal for minors to undergo radical treatment for “gender dysphoria” without permission from a parent or guardian.

The figures are unbelievable. Documents obtained by JW from the Oregon Health Authority that show 56 minors received assessments or therapy related to “gender dysphoria” under the state’s taxpayer-funded health plan since January. Seven of the children were aged 0-9, 22 were between the ages of 10 to 14 and 27 were 15-17 years old. The publicly-subsidized Oregon Health Plan delivers treatment that can include hormone-suppressing drugs and surgery for those who claim to have gender identity disorder. Seventeen of the minors received hormone treatments or other drugs. This is described in the state documents as “medications to suppress puberty in gender questioning youth.”

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Dr. Asad Qamar, a Florida cardiologist who received more than $18.2 million in Medicare reimbursements in 2012, is being investigated over “credible allegations of fraud” that includes reimbursements for procedures that were never done, were not needed or were done repeatedly without being medically necessary.

During the period under investigation, Dr. Qamar donated more than $450,000 to Democratic candidates and party organizations including President Barack Obama, Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) and more than a half dozen Democrat State Committees.

Dr. Qamar was suspended from receiving Medicare reimbursement payments after reimbursements as far back as 2012 came under scrutiny. The investigation began following whistleblower allegations that the doctor had defrauded the government.

According to the Department of Justice:

Qamar performed “excessive and medically unnecessary peripheral artery interventional services and affiliated procedures on Medicare patients.”

It is further alleged that the doctor “induced patients to undergo those unnecessary procedures by routinely waiving the 20 percent Medicare copayment, regardless of the patients’ financial need.”

Qamar’s practice, the Institute for Cardiovascular Excellence, was paid $18.2 million from Medicare in 2012, making him the second largest recipient of Medicare reimbursements in the nation that year and by far the largest recipient among cardiology practices in the United States.

In comparison, other healthcare providers received an average Medicare reimbursement of $87,883 in 2012.

A contractor who monitors potentially fraudulent claims for Medicare placed Qamar on prepayment review in 2012, before the official numbers were released for the year. Physicians under such review are required to show medical records for each billed service.

The case raises additional concerns in this respect. As the investigation into Qamar’s billing practices gained steam, the doctor increased his contributions to Democrats. Some of these donations were made in his teenage son’s and daughter’s names.

According to the New York Times, Greg Kehoe, a lawyer from Greenberg Traurig, sent a letter to members of Congress on behalf of Dr. Qamar in January 2013 seeking help with the Medicare audit his health practice was undergoing.

“Some members of Congress made calls on the doctor’s behalf,” the Times reported. “A lawyer for the doctor asked Representative André Carson, Democrat of Indiana, for help setting up a meeting with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to discuss the claims review, said Mr. Carson’s spokeswoman, Jennifer Wagner.”

Qamar donated $2,500 to Carson in 2012.

The investigation matured to the point of such serious concern that the DNC decided in May 2014 to return troublesome contributions received from Qamar’s family members.

The committee said they would return $32,400 donated in the name of Qamar’s son, who was only 16 years old at the time the donations were made and $75,340 donated in the name of Qamar’s daughter who was attending the University of Florida at the time.

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