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Police Officer
If you can't laugh at yourself, you are taking yourself waaaay to seriously...

NYPD Police Commissioner James O’Neill shamed activist groups such as Black Life Matters for their blatant hypocrisy, and for promoting violence against the police.

In his eulogy for Officer Miosotis Familia, O’Neill stated, “Let me tell you something.” “Regular people sign up to be cops. They sign up for this job of protecting strangers, knowing there are inherent risks. But not one of us ever agreed to be murdered in an act of indefensible hate. Not one of us signed up to never return to our family or loved ones.”

O’Neill taunted the assembled activists, asking, “So, where are the demonstrations for this single mom, who cared for her elderly mother and her own three children?”

One of the activists, DeRay Mckesson had recently stirred racial controversy by denouncing the upcoming movie “War for the Planet of the Apes” for allegedly associating black people with apes. In his tweet, Mckesson stated, “Given the history of rendering black people as apes, I’m offended & appalled by the lack of consciousness in Hollywood. #PlanetOfTheApes. “In associating black people w/ apes, active work is being done to perpetuate the dehumanization of black ppl in mass media.” His tweet was able to attract several Twitter users that jumped in to voice their opinions against the creators of the movie.

Recently, Black Lives Matter activist group released a video criticizing news hosts that have called the Black Lives Matter movement “aggressive” and “fear-mongering.”

The narrator in the video states, “They use their guns to assassinate black people. They use their schools to funnel black students through a school-to-prison pipeline. They use their state institutions, bought politicians, business conglomerates and white-supremacist domestic terrorists to incite violence over and over again.” And then they use their new president to enact a law-and-order administration.”

The inflammatory video goes on to declare, “And then they use their new president to enact a law-and-order administration. All to make them shoot first, to make them ask questions later, make them scream, “I thought he had a gun in his hand” and ‘I feared for my life’ and ‘he matched the description of a suspect’ and ‘she was threatening us.’ To shoot and kill Philando Castile, Charleena Lyles, Kisha Michael, Keith Bursey and Wakiesha Wilson until the only option left is for black people to disrupt the systems that keep us oppressed and build the kinds of communities in which we want to live. And when that happens, they’ll use it as an excuse to kill more of us. The only way we stop this, the only way we save our communities and our struggle for freedom is to fight this violence with the raised, clenched, black fist of resistance. We are Black Lives Matter, and we are freedom’s future place.”

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Fallen Heroes
Mayor de Blasio's political posturing stops for no man - and certainly for no dead man!

Mayor de Blasio, yet again proves his support and concerns towards the NYPD, as he flies out to Germany while New York mourns the death of the police officer.

“No one in uniform is surprised by de Blasio’s show of disrespect,” stated Pat Lynch, president of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association.

As the New York City went on to mourn the death of Officer Miosotis Familia in an unprovoked attack,” Mayor de Blasio found it much more important to take a trip to Germany to praise the police force of Hamburg.

Nicole Malliotakis, a Republican who is set to run against de Blasio in the upcoming elections noted, “Unbelievable. Instead of jet-setting around the world, he should be here doing his job.”

“A police officer was murdered, street homelessness has skyrocketed and people continue to get delayed on the trains,” she added.

And that, “the mayor should be embarrassed by the way he has treated the men and women of our police department.”

Moreover, Greg Gutfeld and Eric Bolling at Fox News took turns to completely shatter de Blasio’s image as a mayor.

“You know who the worst is out of everything? Mayor Bill de Blasio,” Gutfeld said on Fox Thursday. “Without telling anybody, anybody in the city, he flew to Germany to protest. He claims the the cost was footed by Hamberg…what a horrible little man-child this is, to sneak out of the city. He leaves his city’s responsibilities to go protest. He’s such a dirtbag.”

“The city needs a leader on the issue of violence against police — not a mayor giving a speech in Europe in the wake of the murder of one of New York’s Finest.” Noted the NY Daily News.

De Blasio, on the other hand, tried to simmer down the criticism as he said during his speech at a G20 protest speech on Saturday, “My nation isn’t broken, but my nation is going through an identity crisis,” de Blasio he said to the crowd. And that “It’s on its way somewhere and I know it’s somewhere good because I see what happens in the neighborhoods in my city … I see the process of change underway.”

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Police Funeral
The Black Lives Matter crowd incite contempt and mistrust towards police, and then act surprised at the result of their campaigns of hatred.

Patrick J. Lynch, the head of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, a labor union set up for the city’s police officers, urges the public to be the “eyes and ears,” for the police officers.

“This kind of violence against police officers cannot stand,” he stated.  “We need the public’s help. When you see someone that’s making threats, doing something against police officers, you need to let us know. You need to be our eyes and ears. We also have to remember the hundreds of police officers that are here now with their heads bowed in sorrow,” Lynch added.

Morning after the 4th of July, a police officer was shot dead in an “unprovoked attack,” in Bronx, as she was sitting in her police vehicle, protecting the city from crime when she was shot in the head by a gunman. Her partner radioed for assistance, while the other officers chased the gunman, who then tried to draw a revolver, and caused the cops to shot and kill him on the spot.

“The officer, Miosotis Familia, 48, a 12-year veteran of the police force assigned to the anti-crime unit of the 46th Precinct, was taken to St. Barnabas Hospital, where she was pronounced dead,” as noted by NY Times.

The New York City police commissioner has called the attack as “unprovoked attack” and mentioned that the killer was killed, shortly after. “Based on what we know right now, this was an unprovoked attack against police officers who want to keep this great city safe,” Commissioner O’Neill stated in an interview.  It has been noted that the suspect has been identified as a black male, Alexander Bonds, 34, of New York City.

Whereas, a surveillance footage recovered from the scene highlights that the gunman had rather “purposefully” approached the car, and fired the shot, as Familia was engaged in writing something in a book.

Mayor Bill de Blasio, expressed his grief by stating, “She was on duty, serving this city, protecting people, doing what she believed in and doing the job she loved,” he said. “And after this shocking and sudden attack her fellow officers came to her aid immediately.”

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The New York Police Department (NYPD) is the latest of several law enforcement agencies—including the FBI—to succumb to the pressure of Islamic groups demanding changes in anti-terrorism investigations and training they claim discriminates against Muslims.

As part of a court settlement announced this month, the NYPD will purge a highly acclaimed report (Radicalization in the West: The Homegrown Threat) that’s proven to be a critical tool in terrorism investigations. The NYPD will also limit the use of undercover officers and informants in Muslim communities and create a policy that bans religious discrimination. The department will “provide additional guidance to police officers at part of a settlement of lawsuits accusing the NYPD of improperly investigating Muslim groups,” according to a statement issued by the law enforcement agency. The change comes on the heels of an increase in terrorism attacks by radicals associated with groups like the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

The settlement stems from a 2013 lawsuit filed by three New York Muslims, two mosques and a Muslim nonprofit accusing the NYPD of “discriminatory surveillance” after 9/11. Muslim communities and their institutions were singled out and officers and informants were deployed to mosques to surveil innocent religious leaders and followers, the lawsuit alleges. The department also employed invasive tactics to spy on area Muslims, according to the complaint. The now-censored report “stigmatizes an entire faith community and invites discrimination,” the Muslim plaintiffs claim in their suit. The 90-page NYPD report says that most Islamic terrorists in the West start as “unremarkable people” who become religious and radical in a four-stage process.

“Many of the terrorist attacks or thwarted plots against cities in Europe, Canada, Australia and the United States have been conceptualized and planned by local residents/citizens who sought to attack their country of residence,” the 2007 NYPD report says. “The majority of these individuals began as “unremarkable” – they had “unremarkable” jobs, had lived “unremarkable” lives and had little, if any criminal history.” After the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris, a New York newspaper published a story documenting how the brothers who carried out the attack fit the profile of homegrown terrorists outlined in the NYPD’s “prescient but controversial” document.

The now-banned report was created to provide law enforcement agencies and legislators with information related to the operations of domestic terrorists after the 9/11 attacks. It was put together by the NYPD Intelligence Division under former police Commissioner Ray Kelly. The city’s agreement to delete it from the NYPD’s website is a “blatant act of cowardliness,” according to Patrick Dunleavy, the former deputy inspector general of the New York State prisons’ criminal intelligence division. Dunleavy worked with the NYPD’s intelligence division for several years and assures there was no bias in the department’s anti-terrorism work. “Seeing the NYPD and city officials caving in to the demands of a few is most disheartening,” Dunleavy writes in a recently published piece.

This appears to be a frightening trend that Judicial Watch has reported on extensively in the last few years. Muslim rights groups, especially the terrorist front organization Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), have proven they wield tremendous power in the Obama administration. This is especially true when it comes to the way the nation’s law enforcement agencies conduct anti-terrorism training. In fact, it was CAIR that got the FBI to purge anti-terrorism material determined to be offensive to Muslims. Judicial Watch uncovered that scandal a few years ago and obtained hundreds of pages of FBI documents with details of the arrangement. JW also published a special in-depth report in 2015.

CAIR and its allies also got several police departments in President Obama’s home state of Illinois to cancel essential counterterrorism courses over accusations that the instructor was anti-Muslim. The course was called “Islamic Awareness as a Counter-Terrorist Strategy” and departments in Lombard, Elmhurst and Highland Park caved into CAIR’s demands. Just a few months ago Islamic activists got the FBI to suspend a new internet program aimed at preventing the radicalization of youth because Muslim and Arab rights groups determined that it discriminates against Muslims and will lead to bullying, bias and religious profiling of students.

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This past Labor Day, President Barack Obama traveled to Boston, Massachusetts to address Greater Boston Labor Council at their annual breakfast to thank organized labor – including public sector labor unions that represent police departments across the country – and to talk about everything he has done for organized labor.

Boston Police Department leaders and union officials ignored the president’s speech.

In fact, they held a highly publicized boycott of President Obama’s Labor Day address because of what police union leaders called the “horror show” of violence against police across the nation without a word of support for law enforcement by Obama.

Jerry Flynn, the executive director of the New England Police Benevolence Association, told the Boston Herald that:

“…association’s members “are enraged at his lack of support of law enforcement. It’s clear that he has an agenda, and unfortunately the police are not part of his agenda.”

Flynn added that it is unacceptable that President Obama, the nation’s top law enforcement officer, would leave police feeling unprotected by failing to even issue a statement denouncing the rash of killings rather than completely ignoring them. In his statement to the Herald, Flynn added:

“Let’s face it, (there have been) eight people killed in a nine-day period, eight police officers, and his silence up until recently has been deafening.”

Flynn also expressed his anger over the president’s decision to attend a “unity” breakfast rather than the memorial service for the slain police Deputy Darren Goforth in Houston – a police officer killed execution style while filling his patrol car with gas for one reason and one reason only – he was a cop.

Flynn noted that Goforth’s memorial was attended by nearly 7,000 and that Attorney General Loretta Lynch did not attend the service either calling into question her commitment to local police.

“He’s (Obama) got a new attorney general, what’s her agenda? What is her message going to be, that she’s actually putting forth? I don’t know the answer to that question,” Flynn said.

The boycott of Obama’s speech by Boston police parallels a demonstration by New York Police Department (NYPD) officers who turned their backs on New York Mayor Bill de Blasio during the mayor’s December 2014 eulogy of the slain NYPD officers after the mayor said he had to “train” his biracial son to fear police.

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A great way to improve police community relations, eliminate the backlog in outstanding criminal and civil warrants and ease congestion in the court system is blanket amnesty according to New York Police Department Commissioner Bill Bratton.

The other side says amnesty would cause crime to skyrocket. Why worry about punishment for small crimes like urinating in public, pot smoking or disorderly conduct if there is a chance that some future amnesty is granted to address future backlogs?

Either way, enforcement of outstanding warrants leading to further discord between cops and civilians in New York City or waving a magic wand to make the legal backlog go away, supporters of either approach need to ask themselves if this is any way to run a city.

Bratton argues that amnesty should be on the table for 1.2 million city residents wanted for low-level beefs like drinking in public, graffiti and disorderly conduct so police resources can be freed up to investigate major crimes and arrest criminals charged with felonies.

Reporting for CBS2 News, Marcia Kramer reported that of the hundreds of thousands of tickets written for low-level offenses, 40 percent of the accused skipped proceedings or didn’t bother showing up.

Several members of the City Council, concerned with police-community relations, quickly embraced amnesty as an idea worthy of consideration. Council Public Safety Chair Vanessa Gibson said she favors taking some action to eliminate the backlog starting with decades old summonses.

“I think it would be a very delicate conversation where we want to find the right balance,” said Gibson, D-Bronx. “We also want all New Yorkers to respect the laws we have on the books because laws are meant to be implemented. They’re meant to be enforced.”

Kramer reports that experts like former police officer Jon Shane, a professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, believe amnesty is a bad idea because it could lead to a spike in crime.

“You always have to be answerable for your behavior and unchecked behavior, we know, leads to larger things and those things manifest themselves in violent crime and property crime, like auto theft and burglary, and things like that,” said Shane.

City residents have reacted to the amnesty idea in various ways.

“I absolutely think they have to go through the justice system before we just boot people out and get rid of them for space,” said Upper West Side resident Elizabeth Miller. “I think it’s a pretty good idea as long as it’s not a felon,” added Upper West Side resident Nick Damacco. Louis Brown of Brownsville, Brooklyn said “They did a crime, right? So they should be punished.”

Bratton has said that he doesn’t know whether his amnesty idea is feasible. A spokesperson for Mayor Bill de Blasio said a lot of things need to be examined and that certain offenses including drug crimes should not be forgiven.

One question not addressed is the effect amnesty would have on police morale and law enforcement in general. If beat cops believe they are wasting their time enforcing minor crime laws, they probably won’t and the negative impact on the quality of life in the city could be incalculable.

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