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Paul Ryan

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Paul Ryan
If they can't even deliver tax reform - what exactly are they here for?

With the GOP failing to score a solid win on healthcare, Republicans now seem to be under increasing pressure to deliver a win on taxes for their party and the White House before the midterm elections.

Being two of the GOP’s top priorities at the beginning of the year, there were high expectations for success on ObamaCare repeal and tax reform, considering the fact that the party is in control of the House, Senate, and the White House.

With the Senate failing to pass the GOP’s healthcare legislation, the stakes seem to be even higher for the party on tax reform.

Tax reform is “now increasingly important to the economy, and increasingly important to Republicans’ political prospects in the future,” said Grover Norquist, President of the Americans for Tax Reform.

According to Norquist, GOP lawmakers, especially those up for reelection, need to deliver “spectacular” tax reforms, given the setback they received on healthcare.

He further explained that the GOP had made promises about how an Obamacare repeal and replace would boost economic growth, showing the true value of a Republican government. Hence, the GOP tax reform needs to give an even better upsurge to the economy.

On Tuesday, prominent Republicans also emphasized on the importance of tax reform that would augment economic growth.

“Important for Senate GOP to stay at table. #obamacare is collapsing. Regardless we are moving forward on bold #taxreform this year,” Kevin Brady (R-Texas) House Ways and Means Committee Chairman and the man in charge of the tax reform bill in the House, posted on Twitter on Tuesday.

Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) Senate Finance Committee Chairman, expressed concerns that the healthcare debacle could take up a lot of time lawmakers have for a tax reform effort. However, he said that he’s going to press the matter and push ahead.

“It’s always going to be difficult to do both,” Hatch said. “There’s nothing easy around here, and especially with the close numbers that we have.”

On the other hand, some are of the belief that the latest setback on healthcare could actually motivate lawmakers to get a win on taxes.

“I think probably it will make people even more determined to get tax reform,” Rep. Tom Cole (R-Okla.) said.

Former Finance Committee aide, Dean Zerbe, said he’s expecting a “more fervent effort” from the Republicans on tax reforms, following their failure on healthcare.

“People are going to be focused because they need a win on the board,” he said.

According to experts, a comprehensive tax reform bill will be very tough to draft if healthcare legislation isn’t ready.

For Congressional Republicans, it was important to get done and over with healthcare before they moved on to tax reform because they wanted to repeal certain ObamaCare taxes. Hence, if lawmakers plan on repealing any of the ObamaCare taxes as part of a tax reform, they’ll need to come up with something to pay for those tax cuts.

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On the campaign trail, Donald repeatedly stressed that he was going to repeal Obamacare, but the GOP can’t seem to get it done.

Just about every GOP candidate in the last six years have vowed to repeal Obamacare and now that the voters gave the Republicans the White House, Senate and House and they still can’t seem to get anything done.

Repealing Obamacare seemed to be the only thing that the Republicans agreed on, but now they are arguing over what parts to keep and what parts to replace.

Paul Ryan spoke on Tuesday to Senate Republicans saying that they were making more progress than what was being reported. He made it all seem like things were going great.

Rand Paul, Republican from Kentucky disagreed and got up and left before the meeting was finished. Later he spoke to reporters and said, “If they don’t seem to care what conservatives think about complete repeal of Obamacare, they’re going to be shocked when they count the votes.”

Rand Paul isn’t one to sit on the sidelines and complain. One day after leaving Paul Ryan’s meeting, Rand announced on Twitter that he and Mark Sanford from South Carolina are introducing a Obamacare replacement plan.

It is clear that many in the GOP want to fully replace the Affordable Care Act, while some of the establishment figures like Paul Ryan are more interested in just fixing parts of it. The only problem is, nobody can agree what parts.

Rand Paul is trying to take the lead and offer a solution for the members of Congress that want to fully replace Obamacare. Unfortunately, Donald Trump should be the one taking the lead here.

One of Trump’s first executive orders that told agencies to provide relief from Affordable Care Act, has seen some positive movement.

The IRS has decided to not require the Obamacare mandate to process taxes this year. Aside from the executive order, Trump has not taken any specific steps to repeal the ACA.

The Trump Administration is too busy putting out fires and dealing with leaks to effectively lead the charge on Affordable Care Act at this time. The White House isn’t providing the leadership on Obamacare, so Rand Paul seems to be taking over.

With the GOP divided on whether to repeal or repair the Affordable Care Act and with no real guidance from the White House, it doesn’t look like Obamacare is going anywhere, anytime soon.

What do you think? Comment below.

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Rheems, Pa, United States - October 6, 2016: US House Speaker Paul Ryan speaks at a campaign stop for Lloyd Smucker, Republican candidate for US Representative.

The Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan just made a move against Trump that proves why Republicans are so tired of the Republican Party.

Paul Ryan has no backbone.

After the 11-year-old video surfaced last week where Trump said some pretty awful things, Paul Ryan decided to try and distance himself from Trump.

Paul Ryan said that he would no longer defend Trump, because of his comments.

The comments were bad, but why abandon ship? Why try and rip the party apart as the election winds down these final weeks?

Believe it or not, Mike Huckabee has a pretty good theory.

Huckabee on Fox News said that Ryan “isn’t afraid that Trump will lose, he is afraid Trump will win.”

If Trump wins, he will change the dynamics in Washington. The establishment Republicans that fought with everything they had to stop the Donald will be the ones that will have to face him as president. Their power will be limited.

Trump will support the people that have supported him from the beginning.

Paul Ryan is trying to take the moral high road, but now he has painted himself into a corner.

If Hillary wins, the Democrats will do everything they can to limit Republican power and if they win the House too, then Ryan almost become irrelevant and will lose his speakership.

Ryan has a lot on the line with this election and the establishment Republicans are starting to panic now that they think Trump might actually win, but did he make the right move?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Boehner Endorses

The day after Donald Trump had another “HUGE” night of gaining delegates, former Speaker of the House John Boehner said that he would support a different candidate. Not Cruz or Kasich, but Paul Ryan.

Yes that Paul Ryan, the current Speaker of the House who reluctantly took the position when the GOP failed to find anyone else. It might all happen again.

“If we don’t have a nominee who can win on the first ballot, I’m for none of the above.” Boehner said.

So none of the 17 candidates who fought their way to convention and spent millions and millions of dollars are going to get your vote Mr. Boehner?

“They all had a chance to win. None of them won. So I’m for none of the above. I’m for Paul Ryan to be our nominee.”

As crazy as this scenario sounds, it may be a glimpse into what the GOP is really planning for convention.

Ironically Donald Trump has had some very nice things to say about Paul Ryan lately. After the two most recent primary election day speeches, Donald has mentioned his call with Paul Ryan and how he appreciates his support.

Could the establishment be organizing behind the scenes to make sure that Trump doesn’t get enough delegates to win outright in Cleveland this summer? Is their sleeper pick Paul Ryan.

Ryan took over the position of Speaker of the House with reluctance and didn’t even really want the job. Now it could all be happening again, but this time for President.

There is only one way that Donald Trump can make sure this or any other sneaky political tricks don’t happen. That is to make sure that he gets 1,237 delegates before convention. If he can’t, we could be looking at a Hillary vs Ryan this fall.

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Earlier this week, the House of Representatives voted to repeal provisions of Obamacare.

The vote, which was only symbolic, was an attempt by Paul Ryan and other House GOP members to play to the conservative base that have grown a voice backed by candidates like Donald Trump and to a degree, Ted Cruz.

The vote was 240-181, which is not strong enough to override the two-thirds majority to protect the legislation from a presidential veto by Obama.

The legislation, which comes fives years too late, has no chance of becoming law and only represents establishment Republicans playing to a base that has lost respect for their half-hearted leadership.

Speaker Paul Ryan took a break from his red hat and weight room to tell the press, “The people deserve a truly patient-centered health care system. And ultimately, this is going to require a Republican president. That’s why our top priority in 2016 is going to be offering the country a clear choice with a bold, pro-growth agenda.”

As Ryan’s quote shows, the bill is useless and was presented and injected with less sweat than Ryan puts into his daily P90X workout.

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paul ryan

The Hill recently floated the idea of House Speaker Paul Ryan becoming the GOP presidential nominee as a result of a brokered convention.

Before his assent to Speaker, Ryan was better remembered for his homoerotic photo spread in Time Magazine than his quiet stint as Mitt Romney’s running mate in 2012.

In the few months since his promotion to Speaker after the resignation of ineffective John Boehner, Ryan has continued Boehner’s track record of allowing every Obama initiative to fly through without opposition.

Ryan’s biggest gaffe to date was the approval of a two-year budget that handed out billions in pork-barrel spending.

The Hill’s speculation on a Ryan presidential candidacy relies on what is likely to be a brokered convention for the GOP in 2016.

In the event no candidate takes the majority of the delegate’s votes on the first round at convention, the convention turns into a literal free-for-all where anyone can take the nomination.

The Hill’s writer, Former Congressman Bill Owens, gives a strategic spin on the move writing, “The selection of Paul Ryan would require the Democratic nominee to pivot and focus on the surprise candidate — a truly Machiavellian opportunity with potentially great results for Republicans.”

Given Congress’ abysmal approval rating of 10% (70% disapprove), putting in Paul Ryan to oppose Hillary Clinton would be the laugh of a lifetime.

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