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Planned Parenthood

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More Abortions
Abortion used to be understood a sad procedure that some had to go through, now it it celebrated from the rooftops... what happened?

Planned Parenthood sues the state of Iowa in yet another effort by them to be able to performing as many abortions as possible, rather than providing quality care to women in need.

Planned Parenthood’s latest argument is that the two laws in Iowa that requires women to wait at least 72-hours and undergo proper medical consultation before they can get an abortion done.

The agency argues that the wait time and the consultation should not be mandatory and should be something the women could decide to have on her own.

Jason Reynolds, manager at an abortion clinic stated that “A lot of patients were very angered on why someone could decide this type of thing for them,” and that “other patients were very upset because they had already made this decision.”

Agreeing, Daniel Grossman, a physician at the University of California, San Francisco, stated that, if the law remains in place, “women will be delayed in the process of seeking an abortion.”

The 72-hour wait time was made into the law by Gov. Terry Branstad (R) earlier this year and was later lifted. However, Planned Parenthood has their eyes set on getting the policy removed completely.

While, the abortion provider argues that they focus is on health care and not on politics, it is to be noted that the agency received a major blow when  governor Brandstad declined some 30 million in federal Medicaid funding for the agency.

Earlier this year a video concerning the agency strongly backed by the Democrats that featured a women expressing her experience with Planned Parenthood. She stated, “For me it was a struggle, because I felt like Planned Parenthood treated women like cattle.”

The video further highlighted Sue Thayer, a manager at one of Planned Parenthood’s clinic. Sue was noted saying that the nation’s leading abortion provider “kept pushing harder and harder and harder to see more and more clients.”

“I remember when it went to four an hour, everybody was like, ‘How are we supposed to see four an hour?’ And then it was five an hour. And it got so, when your clinician was there, it was this insane, crazy, chaotic time,” she continued.  “Women were just herded through there, really,” she says.

Trevino, another clinic manager expressed that she was very bothered when she was asked to spend less time on consulting patients. “It just seems unethical to not spend that time with your patient and provide the proper care and explanation,” she argued.

Abortion is a decision that needs to be well thought out. The state of Iowa argues that by implementing a three day wait time and the series of consultations give women enough time to be certain of their decision and to educate them about the processes involved in an abortion.

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Statehouse Budget
"If we throw taxpayer money to this organization, I know their PAC will surely gives us millions for reelection"

Oregon State passed a bill that requires all insurance companies within the state to provide free abortion services to all, including illegal immigrants.

While, on one side we see President Trump imposing a travel ban, tightening immigration rules and building walls to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the United States, on the other hand the lawmakers in Oregon have pushed for a bill to allocate $10 million of taxpayer dollars on this reproductive health care bill.

The “Reproductive Health Equity Act”, was passed by a 33-23 votes most of which were by Democrats “Even while the Trump Administration and Republicans in Congress are trying to strip away reproductive rights, Oregon is ensuring access regardless of income, citizenship status, gender identity, or type of insurance,” stated the House Democrats.

The bill that was passed without a single vote from the Republic party is noted as “political gift card to Planned Parenthood.”

“This highly contentious bill isn’t about health care or about people, it is a political gift card to Planned Parenthood,” stated Jonathan Lockwood, communications director for the Senate Republican Caucus.

Gayle Atteberry, highlighted that this was perhaps another attempt by the Democrats to support “one of their primary campaign supporters, Planned Parenthood.”

“This terrible legislation is just another example of how Oregon’s largest abortion provider’s only real concern is for their financial bottom line,” Atteberry stated.

“The Oregon Health Authority testified [Thursday] that HB 3391-B will provide almost $500,000 more for abortions. Make no mistake: most of this money is going to Planned Parenthood,” she emphasized.

Furthermore, Republican state Rep. Jodi Hack talked of the passing of this bill as “the saddest day I have experienced in the Oregon Legislature.”

“It’s extremely disheartening that House Democrats have decided to move forward with this bill despite overwhelming concerns from employers and religious Oregonians,” Hack stated.

“Oregonians have a right to access reproductive care, but that does not mean Oregon employers should be forced to forfeit their right to hold true to their deeply held religious beliefs,” she urged.

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Planned Parenthood
"The most merciful thing that a family does to one of its infant members is to kill it." - Founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger

Several Republicans have hinted that they may be willing to give in to Democrats on funding for Planned Parenthood, if that could help the GOP repeal and replace Obamacare, according to a Fox News reporter.

The House of Representatives, dominated by Republicans, has already passed its version of the legislation known as the American Health Care Act, which will essentially repeal and replace Obamacare. It is now up to the Senate, also led by Republicans, to pass the legislation. However, that may not be as easy; getting both moderate and conservative Republicans on board the same bill could prove to be a tough challenge.

The House passed the AHCA by a narrow margin in May, with a vote of 217-213. While 20 Republicans joined the Democrats in opposing the house bill, it effectively pulled out federal funds from Planned Parenthood, however, the bill did go on to give states the authority to give the abortion services provider federally allocated money.

Nevertheless, it now appears that Senate Republicans may be more likely to directly fund Planned Parenthood in return for major health care reforms. Fox News reporter Chad Pergram says that some Senate Republicans have indicated that they are more “willing to ‘give’ on social issues like abortion if it meant they could pass health care.”

On Monday, Fox News also reported that Senate Republicans have sent various health care proposals to the Congressional Budget Office to determine the cost and impact it could have on the health insurance industry. Additionally, Fox News reported that the GOP has still not submitted its complete and final draft to the Congressional Budget Office; and it’s still unclear what the complete version contains since no Republican is ready to release it.

According to Axios, a Republican has said regarding the decision to release the final draft: “We’re not stupid.”

The Congressional Budget Office could take up to two weeks to release the score on the bill.

According to Business Insider, Senate Republican leaders expect that some form of health care legislation will move out of the upper chamber before the recess begins on July 4.

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Do they stand by Planned Parenthood because they have little chance of ever getting pregnant?

The Kansas City Star reported on Thursday that Planned Parenthood affiliates in Missouri will be expanding their abortion services to more clinics after a state law regulating the procedure was halted by a judge.

The law, according to the Star, required doctors who perform abortion procedures, to meet the same standards as outpatient surgical centers and have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals. Last year, in Texas, a similar was struck down by the United States Supreme Court.

Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri and Planned Parenthood Great Plains’ spokespersons announced that as a result of the court ruling, they will be performing abortions at four more clinics, which will be in Kansas City, Joplin, Columbia, and Springfield.

Spokespersons for the affiliates, Mary Kogut and Laura McQuade, announced in a joint statement that “we are excited to end Missouri’s shameful one-provider status, and soon be offering four more locations where women can access safe, legal abortion without facing geographical obstacles.”

“We are proud to say this is a step forward in ensuring abortion is more than a right in name only,” they said.

In a statement to the Star, Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley, who is a Republican, said that he will be looking to challenge the decision.

“Today a federal court struck down large portions of Missouri law that protect the health and safety of women who seek to obtain an abortion,” Hawley said. “This decision was wrong. I will appeal.”

“Missouri has an obligation to do everything possible to ensure the health and safety of women undergoing medical procedures in state licensed medical facilities,” he added.

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planned parenthood

The non-profit group, Family Research Council, applauded the U.S. House of Representatives for sending to the President’s desk a budget reconciliation bill dealing with funding for Planned Parenthood and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare.

The Restoring Americans’ Healthcare Freedom Reconciliation Act would remove, for one year, most funding under several mandatory programs such as Medicaid for abortion entities, including Planned Parenthood. The bill would also repeal key provisions of Obamacare, which encourages subsidies for abortion coverage and threatens conscience protections.

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins made the following statement about this vote:

“Congress sent a clear message today to the President on behalf of unborn children, their mothers, and for taxpayers. Never before has Congress been able to send a bill to President Obama’s desk ending the forced partnership between taxpayers and Planned Parenthood. We owe a deep debt of gratitude to the many Members of Congress who made the protection of the unborn, and the repeal of pro-abortion, punitive mandates within Obamacare such a high priority.

“In their role as representatives of the people, Congress has spoken. It is now up to the President to decide whether to continue funding Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider which ended the lives of 323,999 innocent babies during their last reported fiscal year alone, or whether he will listen to the American people. If the President vetoes this bill, he alone will bear the moral responsibility for sending our tax dollars to a group that has allegedly engaged in the selling of baby body parts for profit.

“A critical precedent has now been set for moving a similar measure forward when America finally has a President who understands the value of every person, born and unborn. What has formerly been viewed as impossible has now been made much more possible, and we look forward to the day when a pro-life Congress sends a similar bill to a pro-life President to sign into law.

“We thank all of House Leadership, especially Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.), Budget Committee ChairmanTom Price (R-Ga.), as well as the co-chairs of the House Values Action Team, Representatives Joe Pitts (R-Pa.),John Fleming (R-La.), and Vicky Hartzler (R-Mo.), for their hard work and partnership with the Senate in making today’s vote possible. Indeed, without the unified efforts of House and Senate Republicans, this historic precedent and victory would have been impossible,” concluded Perkins.

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Lena Dunham, a liberal darling and the star and creator of the HBO comedy “Girls,” wins the award for the most terrifying Halloween costume.

She also wins the award for the most tasteless.

Dunham decided to dress up as a Planned Parenthood doctor for Halloween. She announced the costume in her new online newsletter, “The Lenny Letter.”

Planned Parenthood has been under attack for months after videos leaked that showed their top executives sold the body parts of aborted fetuses.

The controversy has swelled so much that even Congress voted (though unsuccessfully) to defund Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood president, Cecile Richards, was called to testify in front of Congress as well, as they launch an investigation.

A number of corporations, like Coca-Cola, have quietly asked Planned Parenthood to stop touting their support publicly, and remove them from their website.

But, on the other side of the aisle, the Left has doubled-down on their support for the beleaguered abortion powerhouse.

In the first Democratic debate, for example, Hillary Clinton declared that she was “proud” to stand with Planned Parenthood—and called the videos “misleading.”

Lena Dunham, who has trafficked in distasteful political statements before—like when she compared voting for Obama to sex in 2012—is clearly not afraid to offend. But only when it comes to support of liberal pet issues.

Sexy Donald Trump costume isn't this bad.

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On Saturday, Planned Parenthood supporters threw condoms at Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina–in response to her impassioned defense of pro-life values during the second debate two weeks ago.

But things weren’t all they seem: many of the protestors were, in fact, paid to be there by Planned Parenthood–ostensibly, to look like a “spontaneous” grassroots gathering of women.

Fact is, it’s one thing if a group of women chanting anti-Fiorina phrases, and ultimately throwing condoms at the candidate to disrupt her Iowa rally, are there by their own beliefs.

It’s another thing if they’re paid to be there–and that doesn’t look great for how Planned Parenthood is weathering under increased attacks from conservatives.

Fiorina’s comments at the debate sparked immediate controversy, when she referenced the graphic Planned Parenthood videos:

“As regards to Planned Parenthood, anyone who has watched this videotape, I dare Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama to watch these tapes. Watch a fully formed fetus on the table, its heart beating, its legs kicking while someone says we have to keep it alive to harvest its brain.”

Planned Parenthood has been under tremendous scrutiny in recent weeks due to their video controversy, and a fight in Congress to remove their federal funding.

But they’ve been attempting to regain the high ground of being a “women’s health clinic,” with feel-good social media projects like Tuesday’s “#PinkOut,” which urged supporters to turn their Facebook photos pink.

But it’s clear that Planned Parenthood is struggling to get back in the good graces of the American public. Especially if they have to resort to paying protestors to attack a presidential candidate.

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The fight over Planned Parenthood funding that’s been being waged in the halls of Congress took an interesting turn–with Senate Democrats going all-in on late-term abortion.

The vote was on the so-called “fetal pain” bill–which would ban abortions after 20 weeks, allegedly the time when an unborn fetus can start to feel pain. There would be exceptions for rape, incest, or the life of the mother.

Due to substantial advances in neonatal care over the last few decades for babies born prematurely, babies can now routinely survive as young as 24 weeks–meaning that, without the fetal pain bill being passed, babies that could survive on their own are still legally allowed to be aborted at the mother’s discretion.

The bill needed 60 votes to move ahead, due to Senate procedures. It fell short by just six votes; it received 54 votes for, 42 against, with 4 absentations. Two Republicans–Sens. Susan Collins of Maine and Mark Kirk of Illinois–and three Democrats–Sens. Bob Casey of Illinois, Joe Manchin of West Virginia, and Joe Donnelly of Indiana–crossed party lines.

However, the fact that the bill even made it to the floor of Congress is something of a watershed moment for the pro-life movement, since it will help rally Republicans around the issue of abortion in a key election year.

Already, abortion has begun to emerge as one of the defining issues of 2016–largely due to the release of ten hidden-camera videos that displayed Planned Parenthood selling the body parts of aborted fetuses for “Lamborghini” prices to medical research firms. And one of the largest applause lines from last week’s Republican presidential debate was Carly Fiorina’s impassioned defense of pro-life values.

Further, a vote to scuttle the 20-week abortion ban puts Democrats firmly on the side of the minority when it comes to abortion rights. Repeatedly, Democrats have in large part refused to put any limits on when an abortion could happen–which could lead to situations where a fully-developed fetus that hasn’t been born yet could technically be aborted.

But while a narrow majority of the country identifies as “pro-choice,” many people who support legalized abortion also support restrictions on the age of the fetus: namely a 20-week ban like the ones the Democrats just struck down.

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In what some are calling a publicity stunt by one member of Congress to make “government shutdowns” hit lawmakers where it hurts in the pocketbook, Rep. Rick Nolan (D-MN) introduced a bill late last week that would prevent members of Congress from getting paid if government grinds to a halt because Congress and President Obama fail to agree on a budget deal.

According to Nolan, his bill, which goes by the name of ‘‘No Government No Pay Act of 2015” should be passed because:

“It’s time to put an end to government by crisis management.” “And it’s time for Congress to start living in the real world – where you either do your job – or you don’t get paid.

If hundreds of thousands of other federal employees are to go without their salaries – twisting slowly in the wind in a government shutdown – then the Congress should not be paid either.”

According to the bill’s language:

“…a government shutdown shall be considered to be in effect if there is a lapse in appropriations for any Federal agency or department as a result of a failure to enact a regular appropriations bill or continuing resolution.”

Nolan introduced similar legislation during a government shutdown in 2013 that sent 800,000 federal workers home without pay for 16 days. That bill, which gained little traction, led Nolan to donate the money he was paid during the shutdown to charities in his district.

This time around, Republican lawmakers have crafted legislation that would cut $500 million in taxpayer funding to Planned Parenthood – an organization that’s been rocked in recent months by a series of hidden camera videos released by the Center for Medical Progress, (CMP).

The CMP videos allegedly show senior Planned Parenthood executives bargaining with CMP undercover journalists posing a human tissue buyers over the sale of baby body parts for profit – which, if true, would be a clear violation of federal law.

Planned Parenthood says they use federal funding to conduct cancer screening, birth control and other women’s health services which do not violate the 1976 Hyde Amendment that says taxpayer dollars cannot be used for abortions.

But since money is fungible, everyone knows that federal tax dollars would free up other Planned Parenthood resources for abortions, and apparently, the sale of baby body parts for profit.

Congressional leaders on both sides say they want to avoid another shutdown but Congress has not yet passed appropriation bills containing Planned Parenthood funding and are unlikely to do so before October 1, 2015 – the beginning of the government’s new fiscal year.

For his part, President Obama has said he will veto appropriation bills that do not include Planned Parenthood funding.

With the news media on his side, President Obama’s veto of funding bills passed by Congress that include the spending cut would lead to a government shutdown – an event that will no doubt be blamed on congressional Republicans and not the president’s veto.

Rep. Nolan’s bill includes no language for halting President Obama’s pay in the event of a government shutdown.

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A Chicago area woman has accused Office Depot of discriminating against her religious faith after the company’s employees refused to let her print copies of an anti-abortion prayer critical of Planned Parenthood because it violated company policy.

The woman, Maria Goldstein, 42 of Rowling Meadows said she ordered 500 copies of “A Prayer for the Conversion of Planned Parenthood” at an Office Depot in Schaumburg to distribute at her church the following Sunday.

The flyer detailed abortion statistics in the U.S. that was critical of Planned Parenthood’s role in the abortion industry – an organization rocked recently by a series of hidden camera video stings of senior Planned Parenthood executives allegedly negotiating with undercover journalists posing as baby body part industry buyers in violation of federal law.

Quoting the Chicago Tribune:

“The prayer, composed by the Rev. Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life, an anti-abortion group, calls on God to “Bring an end to the killing of children in the womb, and bring an end to the sale of their body parts. Bring conversion to all who do this, and enlightenment to all who advocate it.””

The prayer also decries “the evil that has been exposed in Planned Parenthood and in the entire abortion industry.”

Karen Denning, speaking for Office Depot, said the company prohibits:

“…the copying of any type of material that advocates any form of racial or religious discrimination or the persecution of certain groups of people. It also prohibits copying any type of copyrighted material.” “The flier contained material that advocates the persecution of people who support abortion rights.”

Goldstein countered that the point of the weeklong prayer and fasting campaign planned by the church was to change hearts not persecute pro-abortion advocates. Goldstein added that the pro-life vigil was sparked by the series of videos produced by The Center for Medical Progress exposing alleged widespread efforts by Planned Parenthood to traffic in the harvested body parts of babies killed by abortion.

“The intention of the prayer is to ask for conversion,” Goldstein said. “The conversion of the staff, employees, everybody who is part of this at Planned Parenthood. It means they will recognize life has dignity and that it is valuable and not a commodity to be bought and sold.”

Office Depot employees said Goldstein could use self-serve copy machines but the cost and time it would take to make 500 copies was prohibitive. The flyers were printing by another shop in Des Plaines.

Goldstein said she felt discriminated against and secured the help of the Thomas More Society to press her case. Thomas Olp, a lawyer for the Chicago-based public interest law group that agreed to represent Goldstein said the situation fits into the public accommodation laws that date back to when businesses refused to serve African-Americans and Jews. Olp said:

“We’re a country of diversity. We don’t want to allow people to pick and choose based on their bigotry or hostility.” “You need to offer services to the public on a fair and equal basis. This is an example of religious expression. Therefore the law prohibits you from discriminating.”

“To accommodate religion you have to go out of your way to do something you wouldn’t normally do,” Olp said. “If it was simply negative comments about Planned Parenthood, it wouldn’t be as strong of an argument.”

Earlier this week, Olp sent a letter to Office Depot CEO Roland Smith asking the company to reconsider its policy and fill Goldstein’s copy order.

Because the Illinois Human Rights Act prohibits discrimination for a variety of reasons, including religion, Olp will file complaints with the Cook County Human Rights Commission and Illinois Department of Human Rights if the company doesn’t respond in five days.

“The best resolution would be that they would say ‘This was unjust. You were discriminated against because of your religion’ and then admit this was wrong,” Goldstein said. “I’d appreciate them printing the flier. The statistics are still valid and the prayer is still valid.”

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