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Pro Life

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More Abortions
Abortion used to be understood a sad procedure that some had to go through, now it it celebrated from the rooftops... what happened?

Planned Parenthood sues the state of Iowa in yet another effort by them to be able to performing as many abortions as possible, rather than providing quality care to women in need.

Planned Parenthood’s latest argument is that the two laws in Iowa that requires women to wait at least 72-hours and undergo proper medical consultation before they can get an abortion done.

The agency argues that the wait time and the consultation should not be mandatory and should be something the women could decide to have on her own.

Jason Reynolds, manager at an abortion clinic stated that “A lot of patients were very angered on why someone could decide this type of thing for them,” and that “other patients were very upset because they had already made this decision.”

Agreeing, Daniel Grossman, a physician at the University of California, San Francisco, stated that, if the law remains in place, “women will be delayed in the process of seeking an abortion.”

The 72-hour wait time was made into the law by Gov. Terry Branstad (R) earlier this year and was later lifted. However, Planned Parenthood has their eyes set on getting the policy removed completely.

While, the abortion provider argues that they focus is on health care and not on politics, it is to be noted that the agency received a major blow when  governor Brandstad declined some 30 million in federal Medicaid funding for the agency.

Earlier this year a video concerning the agency strongly backed by the Democrats that featured a women expressing her experience with Planned Parenthood. She stated, “For me it was a struggle, because I felt like Planned Parenthood treated women like cattle.”

The video further highlighted Sue Thayer, a manager at one of Planned Parenthood’s clinic. Sue was noted saying that the nation’s leading abortion provider “kept pushing harder and harder and harder to see more and more clients.”

“I remember when it went to four an hour, everybody was like, ‘How are we supposed to see four an hour?’ And then it was five an hour. And it got so, when your clinician was there, it was this insane, crazy, chaotic time,” she continued.  “Women were just herded through there, really,” she says.

Trevino, another clinic manager expressed that she was very bothered when she was asked to spend less time on consulting patients. “It just seems unethical to not spend that time with your patient and provide the proper care and explanation,” she argued.

Abortion is a decision that needs to be well thought out. The state of Iowa argues that by implementing a three day wait time and the series of consultations give women enough time to be certain of their decision and to educate them about the processes involved in an abortion.

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Pro-life Americans win important Federal Court victory against ObamaCare

A federal judge last week granted March for Life – which sponsors an annual rally attended by tens of thousands of abortion opponents each year – an exemption from the Obamacare birth control mandate citing the Religious Freedom Restoration Act as well as the Fifth Amendment.

Bill McMorris, reporting for the Washington Free Beacon, said the organization, with the assistance of the Alliance Defending Freedom, sued the Department of Health and Human Services after the agency refused to exempt March for Life from sponsoring insurance plans that featured contraception that can induce abortions after conception in some cases.

Judge Richard Leon of the powerful U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia said the religious employer exemption should apply to the organization. Judge Leon, appointed to the federal bench by President George W. Bush in 2002, wrote:

“If the purpose of the religious employer exemption is, as HHS states, to respect the anti-abortifacient tenets of an employment relationship, then it makes no rational sense-indeed, no sense whatsoever to deny March for Life that same respect.”

“Defendants are hereby permanently ENJOINED from enforcing against plaintiff March for Life, its health insurance issuer, and the insurance issuer(s) of employee plaintiffs … the statutes and regulations requiring a health insurance issuer to include contraceptive coverage in plaintiffs’ health insurance plans.”

In celebrating the legal victory, March for Life’s attorney Matt Bowman Matt Bowman issued a press release that said, in part, that:

“Pro-life organizations should not be forced into betraying the very values they were established to advance.”

“This is especially true of March for Life, which was founded to uphold life, not to assist in taking it. The government has no right to demand that organizations provide health insurance plan options that explicitly contradict their mission.”

As part of his ruling, Judge Leon dismissed claims from the Obama administration that granting a religious freedom exemption for March for Life would “all but lead to the end of group health coverage.” “Please!” the judge said in his response.

“Defendant’s parade of horribles necessarily looks beyond the employee plaintiffs in this particular case and purports to project what would happen if other individuals assert similar objections.”

“However, defendants seem to envisage a world in which the government would require third-party insurance companies to provide coverage in every possible form requested by an individual on religious grounds. That, most assuredly, is not the action the Court is taking here.”

The Department of Health and Human Services not return a request by McMorris for comment.
McMorris quoted Bowman’s co-counsel, Kevin Theriot, who said that the case came down to government coercion and whether the department could force a non-profit organization to act contrary to its mission.

“Americans should not be forced to choose between following their deepest convictions and submitting to unlawful and unnecessary government mandates. We hope other courts that consider similar cases will issue their own orders upholding the right of pro-life organizations to be free from this type of government coercion.”

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