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Vaping Congressman
The proverbial "smoke-filled room" of the 21st century will be clouded by vape smoke, as politicians plot new ways to cheat taxpayers...

Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) is coming under pressure for his protest against the anti-vaping law, on one hand, and his democratic challenger on the other.  Democrat, Ammar Campa-Najjar beat Hunter in fundraising by pulling in $165,330 in the period between April and June. Hunter, an incumbent who is expected to have a commanding lead in fundraising, was only able to raise $155,625.

Hunter rose to national prominence through his opposition to restrictions on vaping. He has been strongly arguing that the restriction on e-cigarette needs to be seriously reconsidered. “Let me show you the problem I have with Ms. Norton’s amendment,” Hunter argued.

Duncan whipped out a small electronic cigarette that contained nicotine and took a puff from it. Then he pulled out a larger red vaporizer that contained no nicotine. “This is not covered … under Ms. Norton’s amendment,” and puffed from the second device to prove his point… “That doesn’t make sense to me. Either say that an e-cigarette is illegal whether it has nicotine or not in it.”

Although Hunter has $617,757 in campaign funds in the bank, putting him way ahead of Campa-Najjar, he is facing an ongoing FBI investigation that is looking into his use of $336,664 of the campaign funds for his own use, is an issue that has dogged Hunter for months. Hunter has denied his involvement “in any criminal action,” and stated that he “wasn’t attentive enough to my campaign.”

“..Hunter has a solid voter registration advantage and has cruised to re-election in the past, he is now contending with a federal criminal investigation into improper use of more than $60,000 in campaign funds. Past finance reports showed that contributions were used for video games, dance recitals, tuition at his children’s’ private school, a cross-country flight for a pet rabbit, and other expenses,” The San Diego Union Tribune reported.

As highlighted by The San Diego Union Tribune, “Hunter said the purchases were an honest mistake because of a credit card mix-up, and has repaid his campaign. Legal fees, however, have cost his campaign significant amounts. Records show that he’s spent about $153,000 in attorney’s fees in the second quarter of this year.”

The Hill on the other hand, notes, “Hunter has spent $152,859 in capital and $114,412 in debt to seven law firms in the San Diego and Washington, D.C., areas since March, according to his latest campaign finance report.” And that, “the lawmaker raised about $155,625 in the same time frame.”

Although, Hunter is allowed to spend his campaign funds on legal fees, he mentioned that he will continue to look into all of his campaigns spending and will be cooperating with the officials involved in the investigation. Hunter’s attorneys, Elliot S. Berke and Gregory A. Vega, further emphasized, “Congressman Hunter intends to cooperate fully with the government on this investigation, and maintains that to the extent any mistakes were made they were strictly inadvertent and unintentional.”

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Green Kickback
I'm beginning to realize why all these political environmental schemes are really called "Green."

An electric car company that folded after taking millions of taxpayer dollars was founded by Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, the chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign and former Democratic National Committee (DNC) chair, but the mainstream media is ignoring this pertinent fact. The Mississippi-based company, GreenTech, shut down in January but is back in the spotlight because this week the state’s auditor demanded the firm repay $6.4 million in public funds. Only a small Richmond, Virginia newspaper prominently reported McAuliffe’s ties to the scandal, stating in the headline that “Mississippi auditor demands $6.4M repayment from McAuliffe’s former electric car company.”

Most mainstream news outlets ignored the story altogether and a few kept McAuliffe’s name out the minimal coverage. Washington D.C.’s mainstream newspaper went with a lengthy wire service story that matter-of-factly mentions McAuliffe in the very last sentence. “Among former insiders is Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe,” the end of the article states. “He resigned as the firm’s chairman in December 2012 and said he divested his interest.” How convenient! The article omits that, as GreenTech founder, McAuliffe brokered the deal in which the company got millions in public funds by promising to invest $60 million locally and creating hundreds of new full-time jobs. That never happened and instead taxpayers got fleeced. Now Mississippi State Auditor Stacey Pickering is ordering that the money be repaid with interest and investigative costs. The exact figure is $6,360,019.60.

McAuliffe is a renowned Democratic fundraiser who made a fortune with shady investments in a telecommunications giant that went bankrupt. He started his fundraising career in Jimmy Carter’s 1979 reelection campaign and has raised big bucks for Democrats over the years, but not without controversy. McAuliffe was investigated for campaign-finance abuses during the 1996 presidential election and was deposed by the Senate committee investigating the matter. In 2002 the Virginia governor was investigated for his role in an unprecedented case of political profiteering for turning a $100,000 investment in telecommunications giant Global Crossings into an $18 million profit. The company later made the fourth-largest bankruptcy filing in history and McAuliffe insisted he only did “political work” for the company’s founder who, incidentally, donated $1 million to Bill Clinton’s Presidential Library.

In 2013, McAuliffe appeared on Judicial Watch’s most corrupt politicians list and last year Judicial Watch sued the governor on behalf of Virginia voters for signing an executive order to restore voting rights to about 206,000 convicted felons. In court proceedings, Judicial Watch argued that the blanket restoration of rights to felons violates “provisions of the Virginia Constitution mandating that voting rights may only be restored on an individual basis, following a particular, individualized review and a finding of sufficient grounds for restoring such rights.” Plaintiffs alleged that their votes and the lawful votes of other Virginians will be cancelled out or diminished by felons who are not eligible to vote under Virginia’s laws and constitution.

Though his pals in the mainstream media are keeping his name out of the GreenTech scandal, McAuliffe could still be in serious trouble. The Virginia paper that reported his key role in the bankrupt electric car company points this out: “McAuliffe’s office has said the governor has had no involvement with the company since stepping down as its chairman and divesting his financial stake. But the escalating standoff in Mississippi raises the likelihood that the business deal McAuliffe brokered could be headed toward a bitter end in court. Ending his four-year term as governor with a higher national profile and record as an exuberant pitchman for Virginia, GreenTech’s unraveling could dog McAuliffe amid speculation about a 2020 presidential bid.”

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Inappropriate Picture
Hey Private, what do you have there?

A first sentence has been handed out in a widening scandal centered on Facebook page, “Marines United”. The 30,000 strong group with several active-duty marines claiming membership was apparently being used as a forum for circulating explicit pictures of female service members and other women.

The story first hit media attention back in March when a report published by investigative journalist and former Marine, Thomas Brennan, detailed the sophisticated and disturbing nature of the groups’ activities.

“What made this different was the volume of photographs and the details: names, ranks, duty stations.”

According to Brennan, the intelligence gathering methods employed here were similar to tactics at play in Afghanistan and Iraq. In other words, the group had evolved far past glorified locker room antics, and specific women were being targeted and exposed.

One such woman is former Marine Corporal, Ella Audra. Ella suspects that her pictures were leaked to the group as she began to receive messages through her social media profile a few years after leaving active duty. To Ella’s surprise, some of the messages she got even included specific details about her deployment and members she’d served with.

For their part, the Naval Criminal Investigative Service were quick to respond to the growing calls for justice, launching an investigation into the group and encouraging any victims to get in contact.

Marine Corps Representative Maj. Christian Devine had this to say,

“As a father of a young lady growing up in today’s digital information environment, I find this type of voyeurism disturbing and the subsequent justification of it to be repulsive.”

“People who do this to others, regardless of their proclaimed affiliation to military culture, are cowards. Their actions are inconsistent with the Marine Corps’ values and team building, and it impedes our collective ability to perform our mission and win.”

Further investigations in March revealed that the ring extended to a dedicated online image hosting site for military personnel known as AnonIB. Inside were rows of threads requesting “wins”, nude photos of specific female service members, often posted alongside images from their targets’ Instagram accounts with deployment details and full names also provided to aid identification.

Such threads often ran for several months with victims shutting down their social media accounts multiple times to avoid harassment, before nude photos would eventually be posted.

After posting one such image a member purporting to be an ex-boyfriend wrote,

“She knows how to end it all. If she does get in contact with me I won’t post anymore. So get it while it’s hot!”

Cadets from military academies seemed to be involved in the activities as well, one academy related thread started with the challenge,

“Bumping all 3 service academies’ threads to see who can post the best wins in the next 7 days.”

The anonymous nature of the hosting site and its user base posed several problems for investigative efforts. With the website hosted in the Bahamas, and no real names provided on the site itself, it was near impossible to identify any of the major culprits involved in the scandal. Getting the site itself shut down would also be an uphill task due to jurisdictional issues, so any images could be archived and moved elsewhere.

A culture of heroism and honor distinguishes the USMC from other branches of the military, the bonds of loyalty forged in the heat of battle are well known to those who have served. In light of this, the actions of this group seem to fly in the face of many of these values. With female integration in both combat and non-combat roles still moving forward, it remains to be seen if greater female participation can even be possible in such an atmosphere.

The dominoes have fallen quickly as the story has gained prominence. In March Marines United was finally shut down and in May the House passed the PRIVATE act, criminalizing the sharing of sexually explicit photographs.

Now the first sentence has been handed down with one marine receiving 10 days of solitary confinement, a rank reduction and a month forfeiture of salary. 22 others have received administrative action to date with a further seven receiving non-judicial punishment.

It is obvious that the establishment is treating this issue with the seriousness it merits, with more sentences seemingly following – let’s hope that the message sent to the perpetrators of these cowardly acts is clear. The only people our Marines target are those that seek to harm the interests of the United States of America.

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Sanders Trial
Will Bernie have to take the stand to defend his wife? What will he say?

The investigation into Jane Sanders’ deal for loan during her time at the Burlington College has reached new heights, as matters are set to be taken up before a grand jury. Sources have reported that up to a dozen boxes of records from Sanders time at the college have been taken into consideration. Moreover, a state official has also been called to testify in front of the grand jury; in order to identify as to whether Sanders had falsified a loan for the school, as it was going bankrupt and eventually shut down in May of 2016.

“A Vermont-based blog, VTDigger, reported last year that Jane Sanders inflated how much the small Vermont College had secured in donations, noting two instances in which a person said the amount of their financial pledge had been exaggerated on the school’s loan application,” highlights The Hill.

In the light of the case, it was noted that in her efforts to relocate the college to a new campus and to keep it up and running, Mrs. Sanders had mentioned at the time of taking out the loan that the college shall be receiving up to a million dollars in donation, which shall be put towards paying off the loans. However, lenders and trustees later discovered that the a good many of the donors had neither agreed on the set time for the donation and nor the amount of the donation, as listed on the documents presented by Mrs. Sanders at the time of taking out the loan.

At the time of obtaining the loan, Sanders presented records that “confirmed” $2.6 million in donation. And that the board based their decision on these records, “The board made the decision based on the information Jane provided,” said Adam Dantzscher, chairman of the board at time.

Charly Dickerson, a member of the board expressed that, “My gut was, this is biting off more than you can chew.” He added, “Their balance sheet was not all that strong.”

Bernie Sanders dismissed these allegations against his wife and continued to blame this as one of the Republican Party’s efforts to take him down.

“Right in the middle of my presidential campaign, I know this will shock the viewers, the vice chairman of the Vermont Republican Party, who happened to be Donald Trump’s campaign manager, raised this issue and initiated this investigation,” Bernie Sanders told CNN.

Moreover, it has been noted that the couple has hired a D.C. based law firm to handler this case.

A spokesperson for the couple stated, “While the Obama administration was in office, I don’t think anyone thought that these baseless allegations warranted hiring a lawyer.” And that, with Trump and [Attorney General] Jeff Sessions at the helm, that’s a very different situation,” he added.

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How is this still news?

The alleged subject of a leaked audio tape featuring an impolite conversation between Donald Trump and Billy Bush, Nancy O’Dell, says she has received Bush’s apology and has pardoned him.

“Billy reached out to me just about three weeks ago by email,” O’Dell revealed on Monday’s airing of “Entertainment Tonight.”

According to her, her former co-worker “wrote a really nice apology,” which she “appreciated very much.”

“He and I worked together for so many years, for a long time, and I only wish him the best moving forward,” she said.

Bush and O’Dell worked together at “Access Hollywood” from 2001 to 2004. They also hosted the Miss America beauty pageant together in 2005.

Recorded during a 2005 interview of Trump by Bush, the recording on the tape contained crude talk about women, specifically O’Dell and how Trump tried to seduce this one time.

About O’Dell, Trump said, “I moved on her and I failed. I’ll admit it. I did try and f*** her. She was married.”

Despite the fact that O’Dell was married at the time, Trump admitted that he “moved on her very heavily.”

“I moved on her like a b**ch, but I couldn’t get there,” he said. “And she was married.”

During the 2016 presidential election, the tape was released and O’Dell issued a statement right after, in response to the audio clip.

“Everyone deserves respect no matter the setting or gender. As a woman who has worked very hard to establish her career, and as a mom, I feel I must speak out with the hope that as a society we will always strive to be better.”

Bush finally broke his slience this week regarding the leaked audio conversation and his following dismissal.

During an interview with co-host of “Good Morning America” Robin Roberts, Bush said he often thought about doing more than he did at the time.

“People also say, ‘You should have stopped it,’” he said. “I didn’t have the strength of character at the time to do that. I wish I did.”

In an earlier interview, Bush did admit that he didn’t take Trump’s remarks very seriously. “If I had ever thought … that there was a grown man sitting in front of me detailing his sexual assault strategy, I would have called the FBI,” he said.

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Fox News host Sean Hannity showed more than just anger and frustration in the opening statement of his show on Wednesday, announcing that he and his team of lawyers are now looking forward to taking legal action against “liberal fascist” media outlets that smeared him all week. The issue at hand is the series of accusations made last Friday, by a blogger who alleges that he behaved inappropriately with her over a decade ago.

“In all seriousness, we are at a turning point,” Hannity began, “a huge turning point when it comes to freedom of speech in the United States of America. I, for one, I refuse to sit back and let conservatives be silenced by these liberal fascists, it’s time to take a stand.

“And as I have explained, I also have become a target of these slanderous attacks,” he continued. “And in my opinion, what happened last Friday, this was designed to be a ‘kill shot.’ In other words, to ruin my career, shut me down once and for all. Literally, I think they had the crosshairs at my head, and my heart, they wanted to destroy me, ruin my career, get me off the air, once and for all.

“Now on Friday, just two days after Bill O’Reilly parted ways with the Fox News channel,” Hannity added, “an individual with serious and glaring credibility issues fabricated completely untrue, ridiculous claims about me, I think going back to 2003, ’04 and ’05, which this person quickly recanted.

“Now instead of doing their job and fact-checking the accusations by this individual,” he said angrily, “by the way, easily proven to be false, liberal fascist journalists, lazy as they are, they saw an opportunity. ‘Oh, let’s get Hannity next, let’s silence his voice.’

“Now these are just two of the headlines of the many,” he continued, “that were used to try to take me down: NBC News, ‘Sean Hannity denies right-wing blogger’s sex harassment claim.’ By the way, none of them mentioned it was way back in the early 2000s. Raw Story, ‘Is Hannity next to fall? Fox Guest says anchor tried to pressure her into hotel room sex.’ By the way, she didn’t even say that, just as a sidebar issue.

“Now do these headlines represent the truth?” he asked rhetorically. “No. And so far, none of these outlets, interestingly, have updated their headlines to correct the story and tell their viewers, or their readers the truth. That this is a highly questionable individual who recanted these completely false claims.

“Now, I have hired a killer team of lawyers and investigators,” Hannity explained, “and we are laying out a war strategy that’s going to hold every media outlet that lies and smears me responsible. My lawyers are saying that these media outlets have a basic, fundamental obligation to do rudimentary fact-checking, instead of just taking the word of one individual, in my case they went for the cheap headline without even doing a simple, even a simple Google search which would have shown that this has gone on with this woman, false charges for years, that were proven false.

“Here’s the question,” he summed up, “is this reckless disregard for the truth? Do these media outlets, do they have a responsibility to do any fact-checking before they repeat such hurtful allegations?”

“Now in the end,” he concluded, “I may end up suing some of these outlets because at this point, enough is enough. These attempts to destroy and silence conservative voices it needs to stop or Fox News channel goes away, your favorite talk show hosts go away.”

In his defiant monologue, Hannity was referring to lawyer and blogger Debbie Schlussel who accused Hannity of asking her to join him at his hotel and following her refusal, he started blackballing her from his show. She justified her claims, saying that she wasn’t really accusing Hannity of any kind of sexual harassment but just that she found it quite “creepy.” She further said that she will be looking into countersuing Hannity for defamation.

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The first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump saw some fireworks and Trump looked a little frazzled.

Hillary on the other hand looked confident and well rehearsed. Almost too prepared and too rehearsed.

After looking into the debate more carefully, we found nine reasons that this debate was rigged for Hillary.


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When Hillary was called in front of the House Committee on Benghazi, newly released emails prove she planted questions.

Citizen’s United has uncovered an email from Hillary’s camp to Chelsea Clinton that basically says they gave a Democratic Senator the questions that would help Hillary’s cause.

“We wired it that Menendez would provide an opportunity to address two topics we needed to debunk (her actions/whereabouts on 9/11, and these email from Chris Stevens about moving locations,)”

Menendez is Democrat Senator, Robert Menendez and at the time of the hearing was the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee.

Guess who went first during the hearing? If you guessed Robert Menendez then you are right.

Menendez’s first question asked for “insights on the decision-making process regarding the location of the Mission. Can you also in your response, you touched upon it in your opening statement, but what actions were you and your staff taking the night of September 11 and into September 12?”

To open the hearing, Hillary’s team planted the question and set the pace for the entire hearing.

Hillary, already knowing the question, answered very confidently with a well thought out response.

On a side note, Democratic Senator Robert Menendez is the same senator who was indicted on corruption charges from accepting almost a million dollars for his campaign from a shady friend.

Not to mention that there were reports that Robert Menendez also hired underage hookers according to federal prosecutors.

Menendez was a good pick to help out Hillary out during the Benghazi hearings, he doesn’t mind doing things that are unethical.

For Hillary, this is just another example of her corruption and how far she will go to cover up the truth and make sure that her side of the story is the side of the story the news reports on.

With this news and other recent reports that the FBI found almost 15,000 emails that were previously thought to be deleted, Republicans and the Trump campaign are calling for the State Department to re-open the investigation on Hillary’s use of her private email server.

Rudy Giuliani said that the new emails prove “she acted with criminal intent”.

Everyday it seems there is some new revelation into the corruption in Hillary’s campaign, but is it enough to keep her from winning the White House?

Also don’t forget she has this problem waiting in the wings.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Fox News

Roger Ailes leaving under sexual harassment charges was just the first scandal to drop; now Andrea Tantaros just dropped another bombshell.

Andrea Tantaros was a frequent guest and was one of the members of the “Outnumbered” couch commentators, but not anymore.

Andreal no longer works at Fox and she has filed a law suit against Roger Ailes and the network, alleging that the sexual conduct at the Manhattan headquarters was highly inappropriate and resembled a “Playboy Mansion-like cult”.

The suit that Andrea put out makes some damaging claims against Fox and others including former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown.

Tantaros claims that Scot Brown made many “sexually inappropriate comments”. Scott Brown has since denied the allegations.

Dean Cane, the former Superman actor “inappropriately hugged” Tantaros according to the lawsuit she filed.

She even said that Bill O’Reilly asked for some private time with Andrea.

“asking her to come to stay with him on Long Island where it would be ‘very private’ and telling her on more than one occasion that he could ‘see [her] as a wild girl,’ and that he believed she had a ‘wild side.’”

The news gets worse for Roger Ailes as Andrea paints him in a horrible light. She outlined many instances where Ailes said something inappropriate to her or said inappropriate things about other employees.

Tantaros said that Ailes called Maria Bartiromo fat, asked if Greg Gutfeld is gay, wondered out loud if Dana Perino is a lesbian, said that Kimberly Guilfoyle is a “Puerto Rican whore”, claimed Gretchen Carlson was nuts and said that Harris Faulkner had a tendency to look like the angry black woman.

What is going on at Fox News?

The law suit is most likely going to be settled out of court and Andrea wants to receive $50 million in damages.

Why shouldn’t she get it? Roger Ailes got $40 million when he was asked to leave because of allegations like these.

Do you think all the scandals will hurt Fox News’ ratings? Let us know in the comments below.

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Hillary’s top aide, Huma Abedin is married to Anthony Weiner who just got in trouble again for embarrassing textual relations.

Anthony Weiner got busted again for “flirting” online with a person Anthony thought was a woman named Nikki.

Nikki turned out to be a guy from a school’s Republican club who borrowed a friends Twitter account to fool Weiner.

He fell for it too. Weiner sent on message that described him getting in trouble for being naked and upsetting the neighbors.

“I moved the tv so I could hear/see it while in the shower. I dropped it. Neighbor complained. Me Towel. Tv. Floor. And now concierge on the way.”

Anthony Weiner is the same man that was a US Congressman, and who won his seven terms with no less than 59% of the vote, but watched it all come crashing down amid a similar scandal.

In 2011 Weiner sent pictures of his male anatomy over Twitter to several women.

His wife stayed by his side despite the scandals. Much like Hillary stood by her man when she learned about all of his sexual partners.

Huma isn’t just an aide for Hillary, she is the top aide. She worked for the State Department, Clinton Foundation and handles many of the most important issues in the Clinton campaign. Huma is a key cog in the Clinton machine.

Not only does Huma have to worry about her husband’s infidelity and moronic behavior, she is also caught up in the middle of the Clinton Foundation pay-to-play scandal that is now being investigated by the FBI.

Huma can’t do much about her investigation with the FBI, but she can do something about Anthony Weiner. It is time to move on.

What do you think about Anthony Weiner? Let us know in the comments below.

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