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Texas California
I distinctly remember being told, "This won't be pushed on you, or your family. It's just about consenting adults in private."

Pastors in Houston were quick to express their discontent with Houston Independent School District Superintendent Dr. Richard Carranza wanted to add LGBTQ studies to school coursework.

In a meeting hosted by the Houston Defender, Carranza said, “The LGBTQ movement in the U.S. has a history, and in many cases, many people would call it a civil rights history in terms of acceptance and in terms of who have been leaders of the movement.” He added, “I think its part of the American history. To include that as part of what kids study is just a bigger picture of who we are as America.”

To this, Rev. Dave Welch expressed his discontent with the proposal and stated that Carranza and all those supporting his idea are in fact trying to use classrooms “as a social experiment of a radical political agenda.”

“Carranza is an import from San Francisco, where this kind of propaganda that attempts to equate sexual lifestyles, gender confusion, and hostility toward the traditional family has become the norm,” Welch said in a statement. “The HISD Board of Trustees needs to remind Dr. Carranza that this is Texas, where the people of all ethnicities still believe that our children are to be protected, nurtured, and educated, not used as a social experiment of a radical political agenda.”

“Dr. Carranza, not in our city and not our children,” he continued. “The former mayor of Houston attempted to turn Houston into San Francisco with this same philosophy. Again, this is Houston, Texas, not San Francisco, California.”

Carranza, on the other hand, made it quite evident during his meeting that incorporating LGBTQ studies is only the beginning of the many changes that you would like to implement in the near future.

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Nice gloves

A huge protest against Texas’ new sanctuary city law interrupted the last day of the state Legislature’s regular session on Monday.

Several Democrats and Texas State Rep. Matt Rinaldi (R-Irving) had an exchange of strong, angry words on the floor of the state House.

A number of members reported that Rinaldi told several Hispanic lawmakers that he had called for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials to arrest the protestors.

“He came up to us and said, ‘I’m glad I just called ICE to have all these people deported,’” state Rep. Cesar Blanco (D-El Paso) told the Texas Tribune.

In Rinaldi’s defense, he said that he called ICE because he didn’t really know how to handle such a large protest.

“A lot of people had signs that said, ‘We are illegal and here to stay,'” he told the paper. “And we called law enforcement trying to incentivize them to leave the House. They were disrupting. They were breaking the law.”

He said he was “pushed, jostled and someone threatened to kill me. It was basically just bullying.”

Fort Worth Democratic Rep. Ramon Romero Jr. said that Rinaldi “gave the perfect example of why there’s a problem with SB 4,” which has been signed into law by Governor Greg Abbott. The law requires counties and cities to comply with federal immigration authorities’ requests that law enforcement agencies arrest and detain individuals that are suspected of being undocumented.

“Matt Rinaldi looked into the gallery and saw Hispanic people and automatically assumed they were undocumented. He racial profiled every single person that was in the gallery today. He created the scenario that so many of us fear,” Romero added.

He told The Austin American-Statesman that Rinaldi “felt like he needed to call ICE” even though officers from the Texas Department of Public Safety were removing protestors from House galleries.

Rinaldi however argued that Democrats had tried to incite a riot by encouraging protestors. He further added that Democrats threatened his life on the floor.

“Today Representative [Alfonso] “Poncho” Nevarez [D-Eagle Pass] threatened me on the House floor after I called ICE on several illegal immigrants who held signs in the gallery which said ‘I am illegal and here to stay,'” he wrote on Facebook. “Several Democrats encouraged the protesters to disobey law enforcement.”

“When I told the Democrats I called ICE, Representative Ramon Romero physically assaulted me, and other Democrats were held back by colleagues,” Rinaldi added.

“During that time Poncho told me that he would ‘get me on the way to my car.’ He later approached me and reiterated that ‘I had to leave at some point, and he would get me.'”

Rinaldi vowed to defend himself against Nevarez.

“I made it clear that if he attempted to, in his words, ‘get me,’ I would shoot him in self defense. I am currently under DPS protection. Several of my colleagues heard the threats made and witnessed Ramon assaulting me.”

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The state Senate’s recent bill is set to ban sanctuary cities throughout Texas. Under this bill, campus and local police shall be allowed to check the immigration status of any person that they hold for illegal activity. Thus, any person under arrest if found illegal in the United Sates could be denied a release on bail by the respective judge.

Ruben Navarrette Jr. a nationally syndicated Latino columnist and contributor to Fox News and Chris Salcedo engaged in a rather friendly debate to discuss the new Texas law on “The Chris Salcedo Show”.

Navarrette argued that this law would affect the lives of mixed status families to a great extent, since many immigrants are at a part of families that are in the U.S. legally.

He mentioned that the real problem is the lack of parenting America. Many of us are raising our kids to feel so entitled that they don’t just do any work and it is for these tasks that illegal immigrants are hired to perform. In his opinion it is none other than the Texans that are inviting immigrants to the U.S.

He claimed that the concept of sanctuary cities is giving some-what of an unrealistic idea to the people. He pointed out that if a person breaks a law in a so-called sanctuary city, they would be charged by the police and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) could then be able to come and collect the person.

On the other hand, Democratic Rep. Mary Gonzalez said, “We aren’t exaggerating when we say that the people who will be empowered by this amendment will be the criminals.” And that “We’re not exaggerating…when we say the people who will feel the biggest effects of this are the most vulnerable, the women, the children, the survivors of sexual assault, rape, human traffickers, the people who will feel the disconnect from law enforcement, the people who are supposed to make them safe.”

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After the governor of Texas announced that the state would stop accepting Syrian refugees, the Obama administration went behind his back secretly conferencing with a mayor that offers illegal immigrants sanctuary and Syrians a welcome mat. The plan, evidently, was to continue sending Syrian refugees to the Lone Star State, even as the governor initiated litigation to halt the flow. This week Judicial Watch obtained records of the administration’s behind-the-scenes efforts to keep sending Syrians to Texas despite fierce opposition from state officials over the security threats created by refugees from an Arab nation that’s a hotbed of terrorism.

The White House looked to Austin Mayor Steve Adler, going around the governor to confer with a city leader who espoused the controversial Syrian resettlements, the records show. Shortly after Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced that the state wouldn’t accept any more Syrian refugees, the administration responded by colluding with Adler, according to records of a conference call between the mayor’s office and the White House. The administration also furnished Adler with “talking points” involving the refugee resettlement and the parties discussed Abbott’s lawsuit. It seems bizarre that the feds would discuss legal action with a town mayor operating in the state suing them.

Texas and California resettled the overwhelming majority of refugees in 2016, according to federal data, and Texas has absorbed the most Syrians. More than half of the nation’s governors oppose letting Syrian refugees resettle in their state for security reasons. Among them are Michigan, Arizona, Illinois, Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, Georgia and New Hampshire. A recent national poll found that the overwhelming majority of Americans oppose accepting Syrian refugees. Just 36% said they were in favor of “accepting Syrian refugees into the United States,” the poll found. The figures show a big decline in support for accepting Syrian refugees in the last year and a half.

At least two of the terrorists who carried out the deadly attack in Paris last year entered Europe as Syrian refugees, according to French prosecutors, who say the jihadists came through Greece by posing as refugees fleeing from the Syrian conflict. The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) has confirmed that individuals with ties to terrorist groups in Syria have tried to infiltrate the United States through the Obama refugee program that has admitted more than 12,000 Syrians and counting. FBI Assistant Director Michael Steinbach has also conceded that the U.S. government has no system to properly screen Syrian refugees.

Texas Governor Abbott cited this in the lawsuit, which eventually got dismissed by a federal judge in Dallas who ruled that the state didn’t have grounds to sue the federal government. In the complaint, Texas accused the federal government of breaching its legal duty because the state was prevented “from receiving vital information to assess the security risk posed by the refugees in advance of their arrival” and that federal authorities refused “to consult with the state in advance on placement of refugees in Texas.” The state appealed the ruling to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals but quietly withdrew it a few days after a separate appellate court rejected a similar appeal from Indiana.

While the legal process was taking place, the Obama administration reached out to a friendly official to assure the Syrian refugees would have a place to land in Texas. Adler, Austin’s mayor since 2014, had publicly proclaimed that Syrian refugees would be received in his city of about 900,000 residents. He even wrote a piece in a local publication last year titled “Syrian Refugees are Welcome in Austin.” Adler assures his constituents in the state’s capital city that “any Syrian refugee coming to the United States faces the most stringent background checks of anyone entering the country.” He proceeds to write that the U.S. only considers refugees screened by the United Nations (the famously corrupt world body) who are then vigorously vetted by the FBI Terrorist Screening Center and other federal agencies. Last month Adler participated in an immigration rally outside City Hall to reiterate his commitment to protecting illegal aliens.

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child abuse

A mother in Texas is under investigation for child abuse when her she used her cell phone to record this haunting video.

This is what a mother in Texas did to her child after the 8-year-old son voted for Donald Trump in a mock election at school.

What kind of mother would tell her son to leave for voting in a mock election in 3rd grade?

The worst part about this story is that a detective on the case, Joe Luera of the Fort Bend Sheriff’s Office, told reporters that they don’t see any evidence of a crime.

No crime? If it isn’t a crime to destroy a child’s ability to have a different opinion and respect for a fair election, then no wonder our country is in so much trouble.

The mother told reporters and police that everything in the video was just a “joke”.

If that is the case, it isn’t funny and nobody else was in on the joke.

This election has seen an incredible amount of vote shaming and it has almost entirely come from the left.

Right now there are a lot people in America that feel that the “white people” that voted for Trump committed a hate crime.

The mother in this video sure treated her little boy like he committed a hate crime.

What do you think should happen to this mother? Let us know in the comments below.

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Mosquitos infected with the Zika virus have been found in Florida and the first Zika-related death of an infant has hit Texas. Are you nervous about Zika?

Zika has hit quick in Florida, and now local and state officials are starting to fight back.

Although Florida has gotten a lot of the attention, there are military members that have also been exposed and contracted the virus.

There are reports that at least 15 service men and women have contracted the virus during deployments.

With Congress weighing funding options, how nervous should we be about Zika?

Are you nervous about Zika?

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Kill White People

Two Baton Rouge police officers killed Alton Sterling on Tuesday, a Minnesota cop killed Philandro Catile on Wednesday, and last night a few armed men got their revenge on the police.

Five police officers were killed and at least seven more were injured as several armed men shot at police from a sniper position during a peaceful protest in Dallas Texas.

Just blocks away from the site where John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, police officers where gunned down protecting citizens of all colors who were protesting police violence and brutality.

There is no doubt that the killings were racially motivated and the shooters wanted white people, specifically white police officers, to be killed.

Three men were taken into custody in the hours after the shooting, but one of the suspects didn’t give up so easily.

Pinned down in a parking garage, the police detonated an explosive device that the suspect was carrying. After negotiations failed and the cops and the suspect got into another shoot out, detonating the device was the safest way to neutralize the shooter.

Police Chief David Brown told America in a press conference about the final exchange between the police and the shooter, and he wanted to “kill white people”, “kill white officers”.

The shootings all started as the Black Lives Matter protest march was winding down. Everything was peaceful until the shooting happened, then chaos erupted.

The “Black Power Political Organization” claimed credit for the shootings on Facebook, but the post and the page have since been taken down. When the group claimed responsibility, they also warned of more attacks.

Nobody has confirmed the affiliation of the shooters and they may not have one, but we know they wanted to kill police officers.

The shootings in Dallas show the level of division we have in America, and this will only make it worse.

With the weekend approaching, and some people feeling empowered by the carnage of just a few shooters, we could see more violence. Last night 10 were arrested in a similar protest in New York. In Oakland, over 1,000 protestors blocked one of the largest highways in the area for many hours.

This is a sad day in America and it looks like things are just heating up. Stay safe out there.

What are your thoughts on the Dallas shooting? Let us know in the comments below.

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If you’re on or near the campus of the University of Texas, mind your “p’s” and “q’s” as according to cops in the area, it’s now illegal to “offend” someone.

A local preacher learned the hard way when he was issued a citation for disorderly conduct because he . . . wait for it . . . “offended students” with his speech.

When the preacher asked the law enforcement officer if freedom of speech protects offensive speech, the university cop responded, “It doesn’t matter.”

Clearly, the man wearing the gun and badge on campus missed many of his classes on the Constitution.

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fantasy sports

If you live in Texas . . . there goes your office pool.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton made an Obama-like executive action on Tuesday and declared Daily Fantasy Sports (known as DFS) illegal in the state.

Paxton played the “duty” card by saying, “It’s my duty as Attorney General to look to the law, as passed by the people’s representatives, to answer the questions put to this office. Paid daily ‘fantasy sports’ operators claim they can legally operate as an unregulated house, but none of their arguments square with existing Texas law. Simply put, it is prohibited gambling in Texas if you bet on the performance of a participant in a sporting event and the house takes a cut.”

The real target of the Texas AG’s action was online betting site, which takes away from Vegas money in a way that has brick-and-mortar casino owners throwing money at lobbyists to shut them down.

The biggest spender to stop online gambling has been Sheldon Adelson who said he’s “willing to spend whatever it takes” to stop people from placing bets from the comfort of their armchairs.

For those who don’t know who Adelson is, he’s the CEO of the Las Vegas Sands. He also owns the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Adelson, a Democrat turned Republican, has used the force of government to shut down a competitor – rather than choosing to compete in the free market.

The billionaire’s tactics are straight out of Atlas Shrugged.

And in the Lone Star State, Adelson and his lobbyists won.

If you’re a fan of Fantasy Sports, don’t think that Texas is an anomaly. A dozen more states are being targeted by opponents of online gaming, and there’s a strong likelihood that your state is next.

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voter fraud

A Texas woman has just been indicted by the Tarrant County Grand Jury—for voting illegally in regional elections.

While Mexican national, Rosa Maria Ortega, 35, of Grand Prairie, Texas is here in the United States as a legal immigrant, she’s still not eligible to vote since she’s not an American citizen. Immigrants, regardless of legal status, are not allowed to vote anywhere in the nation.

But Ortega tried multiple times to register to vote—even though she knew that was against the law.

She twice attempted to register in her home county of Tarrant County. Both attempts were rejected by the Tarrant County Elections Office.

But she was, apparently, able to vote in nearby Dallas County in the November 2012 general election, and then again in the May 2014 Republican primary runoff election.

“This is a big deal,” said Tarrant County District Attorney Sharen Wilson, in a statement. “People insist this kind of thing doesn’t happen, but it’s happening right here at home. The principle of one citizen, one vote is one of our most fundamental rights as U.S. citizens, and must be protected.”

For years, conservatives have tried to pass laws, making it harder for people to commit voter fraud. Liberals have, instead, argued that such policies are racist—and that voter fraud doesn’t actually happen in the real world.

Except it did, in multiple elections, in Texas.

Ortega faces between 2 and 20 years in prison if convicted. She’s since been released on a $10,000 bond.

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