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A new “satire” column is viciously mocking a conservative student at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill–after he spoke at a First Amendment panel.
The piece, which was written anonymously and appeared on a UNC website dedicated to mocking conservatives, goes after UNC’s College Republican Chairman Frank Pray. The article asks, “Is It Libel to Say These 10 Things About Frank Pray?”
The article then goes on to pose questions like, “Would it be libel… to say Frank Pray killed five hookers while interning for the Koch brothers?”
“Really though, is it libelous to point out Frank Pray has a 1.5-inch dick?”
“Would you… call it libel if we said that Frank Pray’s incredibly homophobic stances on social issues were just compensation for his own repressed sexuality?”
Pray, who also edits the right-leaning campus newspaper Carolina Review, has been an advocate for conservative stances on campus.
But things really hit fever pitch after he participated in a “Symbols of the South and The First Amendment” panel, where a controversial, hundred-year-old statue on UNC’s campus was discussed.
After another student suggested Pray’s opinions on the century-old chunk of stone made students feel “unsafe,” Pray responded that “an opinion of a fellow classmate cannot make you unsafe. It can make you very uncomfortable. Even when there’s an opinion you disagree with, it doesn’t make you unsafe.”
Now, it’s clear that liberals are set on making students they disagree with feel both unsafe and uncomfortable on campus.
But, unfortunately, scare tactics may not work on Frank Pray. He’s reportedly taking the attack in stride, noting that he understands it’s satire and that, if liberals are willing to go to such lengths to destroy him, he must be doing something right.


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