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Voter Fraud

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Voter Fraud
For people that are so obsessed with "election integrity," the Left sure seems oppose to a simple investigation into that exact question...

Trump expresses his confidence in the voter fraud commission and states that they will continue to find the “full truth.”

President Trump met with the voter fraud commission this Wednesday and emphasized on the importance of the commission to fight the dangers of voter fraud.

“Every time voter fraud occurs, it cancels out the vote of a lawful citizen and undermines democracy,” Trump stated in his meeting. “Can’t let that happen. Any form of illegal or fraudulent voting, whether by noncitizens or the deceased, and any form of voter suppression or intimidation must be stopped,” he added.

The country is left with “no choice” but to investigate the election process in order to “make America great again.” He called out on stated that were refusing to hand over information of voters and argued that “If any state does not want to share this information, one has to wonder, what they are worried about?” And added, “there’s something, there always is.”

Last month Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach and vice chairman of the commission sent out a letter to all states requesting them to provide data such as Social Security numbers, party affiliations and voting records dating to ten years back, for each voter registered in each state. “It is crucial for the commission to consider your input as it collects data and identifies areas of opportunity to increase the integrity of our election systems,” Kobach wrote. However, the request was not well received by some of the states, as the state of Arizona and many other states refused to comply. Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan wrote back, “I share the concerns of many Arizona citizens that the Commission’s request implicates serious privacy concerns.”

“Since there is nothing in Executive Order 13799 (nor federal law) that gives the Commission authority to unilaterally acquire and disseminate such sensitive information, the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office is not in a position to fulfill your request,” she added.

Trump argued that the subject of voter fraud is something that is an “American issue” and that “We have to protect the integrity of the vote and our voters. This is not a Democrat or a Republican issue. It’s an American issue. It’s about the concern of so many Americans that improper voting has taken place and [is] cancelling out the votes of lawful American citizens,” Trump stated.

While, President Trump and his “election integrity” commission is looking into ways to better protect the ballot boxes and to protect the country from encountering voter fraud in the future, the Democrats argue back stating that Trump is only looking for proof to his claims that millions of votes very illegally casted in the 2016 presidential elections. They argued that although Trump won, but he did however lose popular vote his Democrat contestant Hillary Clinton.

Pence, who was also present in the meeting highlighted the bipatisian nature of the commission and stated, “This bipartisan group will perform a truly nonpartisan service to the American people.” he said.

“This commission has no preconceived notion or preordained results. We are fact finders,” he added.

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Donald Trump
Do you really want to test this guy? Do you really want to defy his orders?

Matthew Dunlap, Maine Secretary of State, has announced that he has decided against releasing any information of registered voters in Maine, to President Trump’s voter fraud commission, the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity. Maine has essentially joined a list of states denying compliance with the commission’s requests.

Dunlap said that he met Attorney General Janet Mills on Monday, who advised him against releasing Maine’s Central Voter Registration information to the commission since it would violate state laws.

In his letter to the vice chairman of Trump’s commission, Kris Kobach, who is also Kansas’ Secretary of State, Dunlap cited a statute in Maine’s law, which prevents the state from giving the information to the commission because “any documents that are submitted to the full Commission will also be made available to the public.”

“As a matter of law, that conflicts with state statute, what states that ‘information contained electronically in the central voter registration system and any information for reports generated by the system are confidential,” Dunlap wrote. “It is not possible for my office to comply with the request and also comply with the law.”

Dunlap, who is also a member of Trump’s voter fraud commission, is the most recent in the list of state officials to refuse compliance with the commission’s requests for voter information. The commission has asked all 50 states to provide voter information, which includes names, voting history, the last four digits of Social Security numbers of all eligible and registered voters, and their political affiliation.

Additionally, Maryland state officials also confirmed on Monday that they will not be providing any information to the commission. Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh went on to call the request by the commission “repugnant.”

“I find this request for the personal information of millions of Marylanders repugnant,” Brian E. Frosh said. “It appears designed only to intimidate voters and to indulge President Trump’s fantasy that he won the popular vote.”

Meanwhile, in Arizona, Secretary of State Michele Reagan announced that the state shall not be releasing detailed information about all voters in state to the Trump administration. “I share the concerns of many Arizona citizens that the Commission’s request implicates serious privacy concerns,” she wrote in response to the request. “Since there is nothing in Executive Order 13799 (nor federal law) that gives the Commission authority to unilaterally acquire and disseminate such sensitive information, the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office is not in a position to fulfill your request,” she further wrote.

In addition to Arizona, a few other states have either the delayed the process or have completely refused to comply with Trump’s request to hand over information such as names, addresses, birth dates, last four digits of the Social Security numbers, party affiliations and voting records dating to ten years back, for each voter registered in each state.

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, and the vice chairman of the commission set up by the Trump administration to look into voter’s data, argued, “First of all, the commission is not to prove or disprove what the President speculated about in January,” Kobach said. “The purpose of the commission is to find facts and put them on the table. Importantly, it’s a bipartisan commission.”

On July 1st, President Trump tweeted, “Numerous states are refusing to give information to the very distinguished VOTER FRAUD PANEL. What are they trying to hide?”

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Grave Vote
You know those brainless, shuffling hordes, that destroy everything they touch... Zombies? No, I was talking about liberals!

Andrew Spieles, a student at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia and an employee of Harrisonburg Votes is sent off to prison for registering deceased voters in favor of the Democrats, in the 2016 presidential race.

It was in May that President Donald Trump signed an executive order to set up a commission to identify voter fraud.

“Some were in the names of deceased individuals while others bore incorrect middle names, birth dates, and social security numbers,” the spokesperson continued. “The registrar’s office learned that the individuals named in these forms had not, in fact, submitted the new voter registrations.”

A spokesperson for the U.S. attorney reported to local news, “In July 2016, Spieles’ job was to register as many voters as possible and report to Democratic campaign headquarters in Harrisonburg.”

“In August 2016, Spieles was directed to combine his registration numbers with those of another individual because their respective territories overlapped. After filling out a registration form for a voter,” the spokesperson continued, “Spieles entered the information into a computer system used by the Virginia Democratic Party to track information such as name, age, address, and political affiliation. Every Thursday an employee [or] volunteer hand-delivered the paper copies of the registration forms to the registrar’s office in Harrisonburg, “he added.

That discovery led the registrar’s office to unearth “multiple instances of similarly falsified forms when it reviewed additional registrations,” the U.S. attorney’s office spokesperson explained.

Spieles has plead guilty and has confessed to have stolen information from the Virginia Democratic Party’s “walk sheets,” to carry out his malicious actions.

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Rigged Election
"Remember, students, if Timmy wins this classroom elected, there will be no recess for a Week!"

Student elections were rigged by a faculty advisor who was supposedly against conservative candidates.

In an email that broadcasted to all parents, the Principal, Mick Wagner indicated how the school’s voting system had been under the influence of someone, as the company that was handling the school elections confirmed that fraudulent votes were cast in the race to choose the class presidents if 2018 & 2019.

“An audit conducted by the electronic voting service has verified that no other election outcomes were affected by the voting irregularities, “the principal wrote.

“This is a very unfortunate and disappointing situation, and I regret the impact it has had on the students involved and the student body as a whole,” he added.

A parent of Vista Murrieta, Wade Sine told a local paper, on Monday, that he had played a part in trying to identify the underlying evidence confirming that the voting was rigged.

“Many of the votes, he said, were made at 10:30 p.m. or later, in 40-second increments, by someone who appeared to be going down a list alphabetically and voting for certain candidates.

He grew suspicious after he started hearing from people about irregularities after the results were posted, which seemed to undercount support for a member of a group of conservative male students who had run in previous school elections, he said,” Sine told the paper.

Although, the identity of the advisor had not yet been revealed to the public, Karen Parris, a spokesperson for the Murrieta Valley Unified School District refused to answer as to whether the advisor has been fired, she did mention that the advisor has been asked to step down from their position.

“Obviously, it was a serious lapse in judgment, and the school is committed to righting the wrong,” Parris stated.

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Democrats getting out the vote.

Less than a year after a federal appellate court sided with the Obama administration to strike down North Carolina’s election integrity reforms, a state audit reveals that hundreds of votes were illegally cast by felons and non-citizens in just one election. Voter impersonation, double voting and irregularities in absentee ballots sent via mail also tainted the election, according to the investigation conducted by the North Carolina State Board of Elections (NCSBE). The probe analyzed records from the 2016 general election.

State auditors found that about 500 ineligible people voted in 2016, more than 440 of them felons. Dozens of non-citizens from 28 different countries also cast ballots, the probe found. “A number of non-citizens said they were not aware that they were prohibited from voting,” the report states. “Interviews and evidence show that some non-citizens were misinformed about the law by individuals conducting voter registration drives or, in at least one document case, by a local precinct official.” North Carolina authorities are also investigating 24 substantiated cases of double voting in 2016. “Some violators appear to be ‘testers’ trying to find holes in the system,” according to the report. “Others claim property ownership in multiple jurisdictions should allow them to vote in each, and others brush past the law to support their candidate by any means necessary. Additionally, a case that initially appears to be a double voter—an individual who votes twice—may actually be a case of voter impersonation—an individual who casts a ballot using the identity of another person.”

The NCSBE concedes that there are probably many more cases of double voting but identifying them is difficult and there’s no reliable method to consistently find them and other types of election fraud. “While no audit exists to catch all possible cases of voter impersonation, double voter or deceased voter audits may detect such cases,” the report says. This brings up another alarming point; if duplicate registrations are voted, there’s no way to tell if that’s fraudulent voting by a single individual—which everyone assumes—or impersonation fraud. Even in the North Carolina probe, we’ll never know if that’s the whole number. “These kinds of stories are a feature of every election and that’s despite the fact that most states often don’t even track these crimes in a systematic way,” said Robert Popper, a former Deputy Chief of Justice Department Voting Section who heads Judicial Watch’s Election Integrity Project. “Some states admit they don’t track them at all,” Popper added.

Judicial Watch has been heavily involved in the North Carolina case and in 2015 filed an amicus curiae brief with the U.S. Supreme Court in opposition to a lower court ruling preventing the state from implementing its election integrity reform law. Passed by the legislature in 2013 the measure requires voters to present a photo identification, eliminates same-day registration, shortens the early voting period from 17 to 10 days and requires voters to cast ballots in their own precinct. The Obama administration joined a group of leftist organizations to challenge the law in federal court, alleging that it disparately and adversely affects minority voting rights. A federal judge, Thomas D. Schroeder, rejected the claims and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit ruled against North Carolina just prior to the November 2014 elections. State officials asked the Supreme Court for a temporary stay of the Fourth Circuit’s ruling and the high court granted it, allowing North Carolina’s election integrity rules to be used in 2014.

In its unanimous decision, the three-judge panel from the Fourth Circuit wrote that North Carolina’s voter integrity law harmed blacks, who overwhelmingly cast ballots for Democrats. “The new provisions target African Americans with almost surgical precision” and “impose cures for problems that did not exist,” the appellate ruling states. “Thus the asserted justifications cannot and do not conceal the State’s true motivation.” Under the racial “disparate impact” theory, which is at the heart of the controversial Fourth Circuit opinion, a defendant can be held liable for discrimination for a policy hat statistically disadvantages a minority group, even if that negative impact was neither foreseen nor intended. The more broadly accepted view by courts under Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act (VRA) says that a violation occurs only when voting practices are motivated by a discriminatory intent and that any incidental racially disparate impact of a voting law is not sufficient on its own to prove a violation of Section 2.

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North Cacalaci has some problems.

The post-election audit report, released by the North Carolina State Board of Elections (NCSBE), an independent and bipartisan agency that oversees elections in the state, revealed the reality of the elections.

This article arrives amidst President Donald Trump’s numerous claims that illegal immigrants cast votes nationwide.

The audit revealed some 441 cases, where votes were casted by felons & non-citizens and through means of voter impersonation & double voting.

These cases were spread around the state. Guilford County, which surrounds Greensboro, had the most at 63. In the Raleigh area, Wake County had 36, while neighboring Durham County had 34.

 “Currently, 441 files of suspected felon voters remain open after an initial screening and contacts or attempted contacts with the voters.”

The report states, “In late January 2017, NCSBE sent letters to suspected felon voters identified through data audits, notifying recipients that they may have illegally voted and their registrations would be canceled in 30 days unless they objected in writing and presented evidence that they are not active felons.”

The NCSBE stated that 41 voters that had received the letter, acknowledged that they were not U.S. citizens. These non-citizen voters came from 28 different countries.

“A number of non-citizens said they were not aware that they were prohibited from voting,” the report states. “Interviews and evidence show that some non-citizens were misinformed about the law by individuals conducting voter registration drives or, in at least one document case, by a local precinct official.”

While, 61 voters failed to respond to the NCSBE’s letter. The investigations in these cases remain ongoing.

An investigation was also made to identify cases of double voting. As per the board, there were quite a few dozen cases of double voting.

“Some violators appear to be ‘testers’ trying to find holes in the system,” the audit says. “Others claim property ownership in multiple jurisdictions should allow them to vote in each, and others brush past the law to support their candidate by any means necessary. Additionally, a case that initially appears to be a double voter—an individual who votes twice—may actually be a case of voter impersonation—an individual who casts a ballot using the identity of another person.”

Logan Churchwell, spokesman for the Public Interest Legal Foundation said, “This audit is a positive step in identifying weaknesses in the local election system. The State needs to be doing a better job tracking felon voters and freezing their records until sentences are complete.”

The NCSBE continues to look into the voting irregularities caused in the 2016 election.

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So who is corrupt here?

An update from Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton:

For many years we have fought to restore integrity to elections in the United States, fighting both the Obama Justice Department and its leftist allies, such as the well-funded ACLU. You can sample our efforts here.  Finally the issue of election integrity has new national prominence thanks to President Donald Trump’s call for an investigation into illegal voting.

I wrote about this for The Daily Caller:

Leftists and their media outlets have been all too eager to dismiss President Donald Trump’s charge that as many as 5 million illegal aliens voted in the 2016 presidential election, enough to easily swing the popular vote to Hillary Clinton.

Many of these pundits, backed by an army of so-called “fact-checkers,” would have you believe that the number of illegals who are registering to vote and voting is insignificant. Oh, there may be the occasional, misguided “undocumented worker” who inadvertently wanders into the election booth, they seem to suggest. But, surely, not enough to make any difference.

Anyone who thinks that needs to think again.

There are a total of 43 million noncitizens currently living within U.S. borders. Of these, approximately 12 million are illegal aliens. Not only are there well-documented reasons to believe that many of them may be violating election integrity, the fact is many on the left are more than happy to see them do so. A Rasmussen Reports poll last year found that 53 percent of the Democratic Party supports allowing illegal aliens to vote.

Part of the problem is that election laws in the United States are a complicated hodgepodge of federal, state, and local rules, regulations, and red tape. Generally speaking, it is illegal for any noncitizens to cast a vote in any election, and those who do are at least theoretically subject to criminal penalties if they are caught.

But many states do not have a voter ID requirement. Worse yet, many states do not even have a requirement to certify citizenship, other than saying out loud that you are a citizen. All too many of the systems that are in place to prevent unlawful voting are either nonexistent or are so weak that they are useless. We are naïve to think that the millions of people who are present in the United States illegally are all resisting the temptation to cast unlawful votes, especially when so much is at stake – including their being able to continue illegally residing within our borders.

As I point out in my book, Clean House, in 2014 a disturbing study by political scientists at Old Dominion found that 6.4 percent of foreign nationals residing in the United States voted in the 2008 presidential election. If the key Old Dominion study results on the 2008 election were applied to 2016 — 1.41 million aliens may have voted illegally, with probably 1.13 million voting for Democrats.

Add to that the 2012 Pew Research Center study noting that “approximately 2.75 million people have active registrations in more than one state.” On top of that, the study revealed, more than “1.8 million deceased individuals are listed as active voters.” Combine those figures with the number of aliens the Old Dominion study cites, and the Trump allegations may not be so far out of line.

A full-scale, non-partisan federal voter fraud investigation is long overdue.  I’m not aware of any systematic federal investigation of voter fraud – ever.  Initially, such an investigation would be a simple matter of analyzing voter registration databases against federal databases of aliens and deceased individuals. Judicial Watch’s Election Integrity team, headed up by Robert Popper, former Deputy Chief of the Voting Section in the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice, would be more than happy to help.

Of course we’ll keep you updated on our efforts and those of the Trump administration.

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After the media mocked President Donald Trump for saying he would have won the popular vote if it had not been for voter fraud, the newly minted Commander-In-Chief doubled down on his statement and announced an investigation into voter fraud.

The issue, has been largely ignored by the federal government, and during the last election Attorney General Loretta Lynch went so far as distributing a memo warning states to be on the lookout for groups looking to stop or catch voter fraud at the polls.

Her memo was clearly directed at the group Project Veritas and its founder, James O’Keefe.

Since 2012, the group has been investigating all types of voter fraud and has been offered the ballots of everyone from Attorney General Eric Holder to Rapper, Eminem.

The group could go further in its investigations if it were not for laws blocking their investigations and state and federal agencies chomping at the bit to put O’Keefe and his colleagues behind bars.

In 2012, the New Hampshire Attorney General’s office issued a subpoena for O’Keefe and threatened him with arrest for exposing voter fraud within the state.

Given Project Veritas is the organization with the most experience and confirmed results related to voter fraud, President Trump could provide testimonial immunity to O’Keefe and his investigators and allow them to operate without fear of prosecution.

The immunity may also result in the release of footage that may have been withheld from the public out of fear of prosecution by government actors looking for even the smallest of perceived violations.

If Donald Trump wants to get to the bottom of voter fraud and stop it, he has to prove it first, and that starts with the only group that has gone undercover, hundreds of times, to expose flaws within voting systems around the nation.

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project veritas

Project Veritas played a big role this year exposing voter fraud, and unfortunately one whistleblower got in big trouble.

Alan Schulkin was the NYC Democratic Commissioner of the Board of Elections until Mayor de Blasio demanded his resignation.

Schulkin was caught on a hidden camera talking about how the left busses voters around and how they commit voter fraud.

He was an unknowing whistleblower, but in the videos he expressed remorse and wants to change the laws, but nobody will join him.

Schulkin seems like an honest and faithful citizen, but his party wouldn’t allow him to change obvious corruption.

Now Mayor Bill de Blasio has forced him out and James O’Keefe responds.

Project Veritas is right up there with WikiLeaks in their effectiveness this year.

Several DNC officials have been let go or fired because of the undercover videos, and again they force out their own.

This time though, instead of honoring someone like Schulkin who pointed out all the faults in the system, the Democrats forced him out. Now he doesn’t have a job for telling the world the truth.

The DNC is having a lot of problems, and forcing out Alan Schulkin proves they are not really interested in fixing anything.

Do you think Mayor de Blasio should have honored or fired Alan Schulkin? Let us know in the comments below.

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voting machines

There is a lot of concern about voting machines this year and some is true and some is not, but this new revelation should scare you.

Our voting machines may not be safe in America.

Bev Harris, author of Black Box Voting has discovered how the machines can actually commit voter fraud.

She outlines her theory that the machines themselves are not manipulating the votes, but the master machine where all the data goes is the one that can spit out a fake winner.

The key is counting the votes by using a decimal system. The only reason to use a decimal system is to be able to give a percentage of the vote to a specific candidate regardless of how many votes are cast.

The decimal system allows the computer to rig the outcome of the election by giving that person a pre-set amount of the votes. It could be set to give a specific candidate 51% of the votes and with the decimal system, it is not a problem to calculate fractional votes.

See the interview here as she breaks it down with Alex Jones. Jones isn’t always the most trusted news source, but his guest is very trustworthy.

It is scary to think that this could be happening.

Here is an old video of a man testifying in court in Ohio to the same technique.

This election is important and we can’t allow voter fraud to happen.

Do you think our election results are going to be tampered with? Let us know in the comments below.

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